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學生對 宾夕法尼亚大学 提供的 Leading the Life You Want 的評價和反饋

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Pursue a meaningful life and improve your performance as a leader. Taught by acclaimed Wharton professor, best-selling author, and former Ford Motor Company executive and head of its Leadership Development Center, Stew Friedman, Leading the Life You Want provides you with the skills you need to lead in all four domains of your life: at work, at home, in the community, and in your private self (mind, body, and spirit). You'll explore the core principles of leadership and learn the skills you need to bring them to life. You learn how to find a greater sense of purpose, see how to convey values with stories, learn how to manage attention, feel less stressed, lead through serving others, and more. You'll see these skills illustrated in the inspiring yet imperfect lives of six remarkable leaders: Tom Tierney (former CEO of Bain), Sheryl Sandberg (COO of Facebook), Michelle Obama (former First Lady), Eric Greitens (Republican Governor of Missouri), Julie Foudy (world champion soccer star and three-time Olympic medalist), and Bruce Springsteen (world-famous rock musician). You'll have the opportunity to assess your own leadership skills, and learn simple, proven exercises to practice them. By the end of this course, you'll have the tools you need to develop your skills so you can grow as a leader in all areas of your life and create greater harmony among them....




My second favorite course in the Achieving Professional and Personal Success. Everyone can benefit from this course. I really liked having to identify my strengths in leadership!



One of the best courses I've ever learnt. I will definitely need to review many more times and recommend to people around me. It's must-watch for anyone who wants to truly live.


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創建者 Liza


I audited this course. It was fantastic although at times, the presenter spoke at too slow a pace. I purchased several of the books written by persons included in his case studies. In general, a VERY valuable experience. Thank You!!!!

創建者 Jorge S


A great course. He certainly has very groundbreaking ideas that really made you feel and weigh yourself about your values, what really matters to you in life and if there is actually a duality of life at work versus personal life.

創建者 Salma N A M A


This course is absolutely incredible i'm so honorable to take such an amazing course from an amazing teacher . Literally there's no words can describe how smooth the course and the way of teaching are ,Thank you so much

創建者 Bernard D V


Great course. You will learn through the life of 6 more or less famous people but they all done great things. The teacher will use them as examples as he teaches his course. My favorite of the specialisation.

創建者 Seleem B


I really liked the structure of the course of how it analyzed case studies and then provided exercises to achieve the stand out traits. This was very helpful and contributed to making this a great course.

創建者 Tahere G


in this wonderful course, by knowing exemplary life of some distinguished people, I found my inspiration to do many things in better way. thank you so much Professor!

創建者 Shubham S S


This course helped me gain maiy Valuable Insights about life and skills. THANKS for this wonderfully created course and blessing from INDIA

創建者 Patricia M


Excellent course! I would highly recommend this to everyone. It really makes you reflect on who you are as a person and your impact..

創建者 Lorraine T


Excellent - clear, relevant, great framework, will easily retain the information given but also be able to refer easily later on

創建者 Marirose A


Great course, very inspirational and informational. Really gets you to self-reflect and think about what you need to improve on.

創建者 Francisco V


This helped me see myself in a different way. It made me dig deep to see what matters most to me making me a better individual.

創建者 Paulo


Excellent course, with lessons from the lives of celebrities, on how to develop skills to lead the life we want for ourselves.

創建者 Pavitheran A R


Great course and really got a very deep insight. Many skills I have learned here. Hope this helps effectively in coming days.

創建者 Karen P


Amzing examples of actual leaders in real life. Loved the course as it spoke about every leader in detail that mattered.

創建者 selcuk g


I read the book and took the course. I can easly say that everyone should have this course for better and balanced life.

創建者 Darren D


Great course with some awesome tools to translate the concepts into execution. I really enjoyed the course. Thank you!

創建者 Debora M


If the student completes the valuable exercises, this course provides life-long direction to reach individual goals.

創建者 Jubelee A L


Thank you. Hopefully my one peer-assignment will be check. So, I can completely done with the course.

創建者 Alex P


Helpful and insightful course. Recommended. Thank you for producing such an excellent course.

創建者 Tonka S L


Eye opening about the specific actions to take to improve the important leadership skills

創建者 S. S B


This course is a must for people in all walks of life to lead the life that they want to

創建者 Thuy N


fantastic delivery of excellent course content. highly engaging and information, thanks!

創建者 Tina H


Very useful and interesting. I will definitely be using this information in the future.

創建者 Ha D


Great class. Very valuable and insightful. one of the best for self development



Very good course for developing your skills. Good examples to show the skills.