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學生對 西北大学 提供的 社会影响团队管理 的評價和反饋

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This course will provide learners with a systematic general framework for analyzing persuasive influence situations. Learners will be able to identify different challenges faced by persuaders and to fashion appropriate strategies for addressing those challenges. The broad goal is to provide learners with not only an extensive persuasion tool kit, but also with an understanding of how different tools are useful in different situations. Specifically, the course will address four broad topics: strategies for influencing people’s personal attitudes; strategies for affecting social factors influencing behavior; strategies for affecting people’s perceived ability to undertake the desired behavior; and strategies for inducing people to act on their existing intentions....



Jul 30, 2018

I found Professor O’Keefe's insights and his storytelling to be highly engaging. His videos helped me see new ways I can help my colleagues seize new opportunities to help our team. Thank you.


Apr 17, 2019

Amazing course! The teacher is great and highly skilled. There is a lot of example from studies to help you understand course concepts. The course is crystal clear and really easy to follow.


101 - 社会影响团队管理 的 125 個評論(共 138 個)

創建者 Steven Z

Feb 13, 2017

Overall, the course provides useful information and a great framework through which to consider the topic of persuasion and influence. I wish the course came with direct references throughout the video that linked to specific studies and evidence. However, the professor did reference those studies even if he didn't provide the links, so that's a good start.

創建者 Joffrey W

Mar 18, 2016

The course is very short and can easily be finished in a few hours. That said, the information contained is golden and opened up a new way of looking at persuasion.

Still, the course would benefit greatly from more real world examples and case studies.

創建者 Jakub S

Mar 19, 2020

Useful knowledge on how to effectively influence people in various kind of situations. Especially, how to work on their attitude, prescriptive and descriptive norms as well as how to convert their good intentions into real actions.

創建者 Utku K

Oct 31, 2018

Little brief but with full of insights. The only thing that is missing I think is tools that could be useful when we are dealing with ego and trying to convince people when we want somebody to stop a certain behavior.

創建者 Sultan S

Sep 25, 2017

I really loved it. It would be great to have some good hands-out that explains the process between the different level of influence.

創建者 jordan s

Oct 13, 2017

Quick and simple course. Good explanation of concepts and great examples of how to apply the ideas in real life.

創建者 Ewerson S

Mar 15, 2016

The course provides a good framework to deal with business problems. It is very simple, but effective.

創建者 Kevion D

Jan 27, 2016

Brief but worthwhile experience. I gotta say: I'm developing an interest in Northwestern University.

創建者 Mohamed A T K

Jan 12, 2016

A short yet informational course. Good informational density for such a short course.

創建者 Himanshu

Jun 06, 2016

Could have included some assignments. The explanations and examples were very clear.

創建者 Yogesh S

Feb 26, 2017

The course contents and arrangement of topics are easy to understand.

創建者 Antoine C

Dec 17, 2015

Good course, very well structured and understable materials

創建者 Laura D

Apr 02, 2016

Interesting course! Simple but useful material.

創建者 Haoming H

Jan 14, 2016

Short course with some good ideas and examples.

創建者 MB

Dec 01, 2016

How can you not learn AND love Dr. O'Keefe!

創建者 Derek S

Mar 13, 2019

Would like to see peer reviewed sections.

創建者 Jason d

Jul 11, 2018

Good insight but content was a bit short.

創建者 Lim K B J

Mar 23, 2020

Good strategies on influence

創建者 María d C O R

Jun 08, 2017

Preciso y accesible.


創建者 Anand K H

Nov 06, 2019

Very good. enjoyed it..

創建者 Sasank D

Mar 05, 2020

Extremely productive

創建者 Byron J G

Aug 30, 2019

very good material

創建者 Romain F

Jan 22, 2016

Clear and useful.

創建者 Gregory B

Oct 15, 2017

Very informative

創建者 Felicia H

Jul 17, 2019