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學生對 巴黎高等商学院 提供的 毕业项目:领导力挑战 的評價和反饋

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Welcome to the capstone project course in the Coursera Inspirational Leadership Specialization! In the next 6 weeks you'll apply the skills you learned in the Specialization to tackle a real world leadership challenge. To better meet your own goals of taking this Specialization, we will provide one capstone project: -Personal leadership challenge; You'll select one project to implement and will receive assessments from your Capstone peers. No matter which option you choose, the capstone project will examine your skills, including self-awareness, developing quality relationships and trust, resilience, and how making decisions entails a strong sense of responsibility. For the personal challenge, you will work on your own question addressing your capacity to grow as a leader. A challenge can be a target objective (starting a company, running a project, designing a product, winning a competition, running a marathon…) you have for yourself which puts into question what you want to achieve and how. The Capstone will help you measure the challenge, establish a process and build the steps to meet your goals. Whatever personal challenge you choose, specific questions will attest to your capacity to analyze and criticize the the problem which is faced by by yourself. The process that will drive the Business plan will follow step by step the relational circuit model developed in MOOC2 “Giving Sense to your Leadership Experience” and MOOC3 “Leading Organizations” with its two phases of Exploration and Projection. In the EXPLORATION, you will engage in a first step of holistic perception of the problem using your sensible skills to give a sense of perspective and give voice to you subjective apprehension of the situation as a whole. The second stage of exploration will involve your analytical skills to understand each and every component (elements of data relevant to the challenge) that plays a role in defining the situation. And the third stage of exploration will apply your relational skills where you will make sense and connect your subjective perception with your analysis. You will share the exploration results with peers to receive feedback before your can move on. The second phase, the PROJECTION part of your business plan leading to recommendations for the personal challenge at stake. In the projection phase you will first look at what the situation might be when you decenter the problem in time and space. Using benchmark and competitive analysis, you will work on different scenarios for the projected outcomes. Finally, with a view to build sense out of the challenge you will come up with recommendations arguing for a preferred scenario....




Thank you Professor Valerie and the team.\n\nTo my Saviour Relier peers thank you for sharing your experiences and allowing me to grow in my own Savoir Relier journey.\n\nMuch success\n\nCatherine



Un vrai plus pour pulvériser le plafond de verre et apprendre une nouvelle façon de manager, d'accompagner et de faire monter en compétence son équipes et ses collaborateurs.


1 - 毕业项目:领导力挑战 的 25 個評論(共 25 個)

創建者 Arshid B


It was a wonderful and life changing experience for me. Gratitude to Dr. Valerie Gauthier and the team. Thanks

創建者 Gavin P


Teaches self awareness and good emotionally intelligent leadership

創建者 dorothea h


no Feedback provided and waiting for approval of submitted work

創建者 César A


This course is the last part of the Inspirational Leadership specialization. It is very well structured and it allow you to put your learning in leadership into practice to get the specialization. For this reason this course is very transformative and is absolutely required for anyone who wants to get the most out of the Inspirational Leadership specialization and the savoir-relier approach.

創建者 Wouter S


Great course again. Although I hated the video that we had to do, it really made me realise how much I did grow in three months time with Savoir Relier. Also application of the relational circuit is really practical not only as a problem solving tool but also as a mindset in approaching challenges in life. What a great ride Savoir-Relier has been for me!

創建者 Bernard D V


Really good end for a very good class.

You will work more for this class (it's a capstone) and it will be less theoretical and more practical.

It's an awesome class and it will deliver the tools that you need to improve yourself and be genuine, generous and generative :)

創建者 catherine h


Thank you Professor Valerie and the team.

To my Saviour Relier peers thank you for sharing your experiences and allowing me to grow in my own Savoir Relier journey.

Much success


創建者 François C


Un vrai plus pour pulvériser le plafond de verre et apprendre une nouvelle façon de manager, d'accompagner et de faire monter en compétence son équipes et ses collaborateurs.

創建者 Pore J


Your Leadership Challenge is one of the most useful course as it significantly increase my leadership skill for professional as well as personal life.

創建者 Edson G d S


Curso excepcional. Ampliou todos os meus horizontes em gestão de pessoas e equipes

創建者 Olivier D P


Les MOOC sont d excellente qualité. Une expérience à vivre et à partager.

創建者 Mansoor A


​It was a wonderful Journey full of practice and informations.

創建者 Geoffroy D L


very useful, especially if you're planning a career change!

創建者 Lydia S


This was hard work but reflective and great learning

創建者 Jesus J S G


Excelente curso. Muy educativo y enriquesedor.

創建者 Alicante, R F


Very helpful in my Leadership Management.

創建者 chadi n


Unique , Engaging and Inspirational

創建者 Bertrand K


Brilliant Captstone course.

創建者 Winston A W


Excellent, thank you.

創建者 Bhalchandra B


Keep up the good work

創建者 Hetal S


Amazing journey



Great course!

創建者 Ravendra K M


Great course!

創建者 Kashif R


It had been an amazing experience to be the part of this CAPSTONE project. It is not a meager learning experience but a practical experience of applying whatever has been learned. Keep the good work going.

創建者 Andres V


Great opportunity to put into action the SR protocol.

There are some quizzes that should be reviewed due to their lack of accuracy & some of the answers are not correctly displayed.