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學生對 哥本哈根商学院 提供的 领导21世纪的组织机构 的評價和反饋

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Meet Jim Barton, the new CEO of Santa Monica Aerospace. Jim's job won't be easy: the company's hemorrhaging cash, struggling to regain investors' trust after an accounting scandal, and striving to transform its culture to become a more global competitor. In this course, you’ll travel with Jim as he takes on leadership challenges ranging from strategy execution, to inspiring people, to maintaining an ethical approach. Experts agree that twentieth-century leadership practices are inadequate for the stormy twenty-first-century present. This provocative course equips you with the insights you'll need to rise with the occasion of a rapidly shifting business landscape. The course is based on a book, Harder Than I Thought: Adventures of a 21st Century Leader, by Robert D. Austin, Richard L. Nolan, and Shannon O'Donnell, published by Harvard Business Review Press. Purchase of the book is optional. If you want more information about the book or wish to buy it, see or After taking the course, you'll be able to: o Enact your own personal leadership approach, derived from your ongoing evaluation of how Jim Barton has handled his leadership situation, as well as from established leadership concepts and frameworks; o Avoid leadership actions that might have worked in the past, but are not suited to a newly challenging 21st century world; o Navigate treacherous new 21st century leadership challenges, such as greater reliance on specialized workers or the need to respond to external scrutiny in an increasingly transparent world (and many more); o Avoid "slippery slope" ethical failures, and think more clearly about the separation between public and private life for a 21st century leader....



This course will certainly help you know each stepping stone during your leadership journey.\n\nKnow the crisis and how we can sail through it, and kind of Leadership traits.\n\nKudos to the team.


Extremely insightfull and practical course,\n\nTouches on a number of aspects of leadership in today's world. I found the reading material very useful, sometimes voluminous but extremely relevant.


201 - 领导21世纪的组织机构 的 225 個評論(共 304 個)

創建者 Lars B


Good Examples also the films were esp. the film shown with the CEO from Boeing who has given great insights. Very helpful.

創建者 Aristides C


Even if you are not the CEO of a US public company, this course has many teaching that can be applied in any situation.

創建者 Aditya S K


Really Nice course with very relevant and interesting case studies and videos for 21st century leadership challenges

創建者 Emily P


Really enjoying the course. Lots of great content and I like the variety of ways the material is presented.

創建者 Kelly-Ann B


I found this course extremely informative, the interaction and structure of the course, held my attention

創建者 Sarah J


wish you could talk to a teacher... or someone if you had questions about the material



That's very good course for training and sharing the useful idea with the varied s

創建者 Kumar M


Thought provoking course on Leadership in 21st Century Organizations.

創建者 Bistra P


Sections on managing talent and corporate culture could be better

創建者 Sumit T


Course was so informative and comprehended.

創建者 Jacob R


Great content and a very innovative

創建者 Aamir H K


Case study was not very catchy



exellent course

創建者 Kleithem M A


good to study

創建者 Manojkumar P


Nice Course

創建者 Yusuf A


Not good as expected.

First of all WSJ articles are paid. You can not read without paid subscription and there are questions in quizzes from these articles.

Some of youtube videos are not reachable due to account is removed from youtube.

Also there are some websites or blogs that are not reachable too.

You should review the content health and I think you should host course content on your own site.

創建者 Miguel C


I liked the content of the course as well as the structure. What should be corrected or improved:

Links to webpages that don't exist anymore

Links to articles that you have to pay

Very old multimedia material. Although the content is valid, videos from twenty years ago look like food beyong expiry date.

創建者 Stephen R


I would rate this course a 5/5 if not for the final assignment which I don't believe adds much to the course particularly with regards to reviewing the work of other students and being reviewed by other students.

創建者 Nadiia P


Не понравился данный курс. Очень все непонятно и скучно, только временами была какая-то полезная информация для самостоятельного изучения.

創建者 Eshaan G


This course is boring. I want to unenroll this.

創建者 Richard S


I really enjoyed how the course was built. The videos of the Jim Barton story made the topics, themes and frameworks discussed in the course much easier to understand and really brought the topics to life! Also filling in some frameworks with more real-life stories from various countries made the course very practical. The aim of the course to make you reconsider leadership styles, find your own and start the journey to becoming a better leader is 100% achieved. There are, of course, some topics that could be expanded or discussed in more detail, but I think that's all of our jobs to dive into the topics we found interesting and that resonated with each one of us. Thank you for an amazing course!

創建者 Rajsingh R


Very intensive and informative course, that was supplemented by the expert opinions on the diverse nuances of 21st centuries leadership. Every module was organized professionally with its unique content, tests and discussion topics! Evidently it can be said, that 10 weeks of training have been much more interesting. I believe each participant received not only the knowledge but also a lot of practical information about how leader has to manage different situation efficiently and effectively without compromising desired outcome. I would like to emphasize the enormous efforts of the course mentors for preparing the materials and very clear answers.

創建者 Yong C K


1) The role play video about Jim Burton took up the assignment and eventually helped the company transformed from military airline to commercial airline was a fantastic way of teaching.

2) Reading materials provided are highly relevant to the course, and had enlightening me about leadership requirements, apart from that, moral and image are more important in Asia culture than western culture.

3) Ethical was not mentioned in the course, however, I am of the opinion that it is getting more serious now than the past, many corporate corruption resulting from personal interest and without observing ethical issue.

創建者 Athena S


Great insights and examples shared during the course which are relevant to the current scenario. I appreciate the perspective shared on diversity and inclusion. The dandelion metaphor was an eye opener besides the example of IT companies in Denmark embracing autism has a quality of strength. The course provided a strong progression of learning from one module to the other.

Some of the videos in certain modules were not accessible. This is important as content from these links were asked about. You may want to ensure that all course material is available for participants on a global platform.

創建者 Henry G


I have found the course to be relevant especially in this era. The COVID-19 pandemic has proven that Leadership in the 21st Century is not only needed by established leaders, but necessary for aspiring leaders now and in the future.

I have been impressed with use of videos and cases to reinforce the instructional contents and this augurs well for the future of online, self-paced courses. Some links for the Wall Street Journal were not accessible, but this did not impact negatively on the lessons learned.

I enjoyed the course and would recommend it to other colleagues.

Henry Gray