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學生對 俄罗斯国家研究型高等经济大学 提供的 自然语言处理 的評價和反饋

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This online course covers a wide range of tasks in Natural Language Processing from basic to advanced: sentiment analysis, summarization, dialogue state tracking, to name a few. Upon completing, you will be able to recognize NLP tasks in your day-to-day work, propose approaches, and judge what techniques are likely to work well. The final project is devoted to one of the most hot topics in today’s NLP. You will build your own conversational chat-bot that will assist with search on StackOverflow website. The project will be based on practical assignments of the course, that will give you hands-on experience with such tasks as text classification, named entities recognition, and duplicates detection. Throughout the lectures, we will aim at finding a balance between traditional and deep learning techniques in NLP and cover them in parallel. For example, we will discuss word alignment models in machine translation and see how similar it is to the attention mechanism in encoder-decoder neural networks. Core techniques are not treated as black boxes. On the contrary, you will get in-depth understanding of what’s happening inside. To succeed in that, we expect your familiarity with the basics of linear algebra and probability theory, machine learning setup, and deep neural networks. Some materials are based on one-month-old papers and introduce you to the very state-of-the-art in NLP research. Do you have technical problems? Write to us:



Great thanks to this amazing course! I learned a lot on state-to-art natural language processing techniques! Really like your awesome programming assignments! See you HSE guys in next class!


It's a comprehensive course on NLP. The instructors clearly explain both the traditional/classical approaches and modern approaches such as neural networks in NLP.


26 - 自然语言处理 的 50 個評論(共 204 個)

創建者 Narsimha N R P


This course is very good for intermediate to an expert audience. The course starts with requiring to build small models and finally using all the built small models for the project to build a chatbot. You also get to learn docker containers, learn to host your work in public cloud platforms. The peer-review process is very good and also helps in learning from other author's work.

創建者 Thomas Z


NLP ist very interesting.

BUT this course is a pain.

Material is from 2017, partly in Russian,

sometimes not working or need enormous time invest to make it running.

創建者 Raiymbek A


The course was way worse than my expectations after the first course in the series- Introduction to Deep Learning. I really liked the NLP week at the first course and the lecturer there was saying that in the actual nlp course there will be way more details and explanations like for skip gram model. However, the course almost does not offer any explanation. It mentions algorithms rather than explaining them. Like they do not explain forward backward algorithm for Baum Welch just mention it and I had to search and read about it myself. I am just writing it after I watched the doc2vec video and there were like only one or two slides of how we go from word2vec to doc2vec. Absolutely no explanation she just mentioned that those algorithms exists. Maybe I am too stupid to take this course, and everything is obvious, but for me I took this course after I finished introduction to Deep Learning because I really liked NLP explanation int he first course. Also I ask a question in the forum and nobody answers for weeks

創建者 Marthala N R


Really really bad teaching. period. word usage. they introduce a term to you now, and use a different term meaning the same term, which has been introduced earlier, but the student will have no idea of it.

2.the way these teachers approach teaching a concept is worst I have ever seen my whole life. These teachers just read from the slides and just a sentence or two more from what is in the slide. Slides should serve only as a compliment to what a teacher talk about, not read from the slides itself.

創建者 Israel L


In my opinion too many concepts and mathematics in a short course. Difficult to follow. Not very useful for introducing NLP in the companies.

創建者 Deepak C


Full of Mathematical explanation..Nothing from code perspective

創建者 Qalb E A


They aren't teaching codes. Just theory!

創建者 刘禹杰


The quality of this course is good, but I still feel that the algorithm introduced is basic. It is better to combine the leading edge algorithms. Actually, I finished it very early, but I stuck in the fifth week of the dialogue robot job for a long time. I feel that this part of the time is not very worthwhile, because time is spent on the more cumbersome model deployment instead of focusing on Algorithm optimization, of course, model deployment is also very important, this is also a test for me, so I give 4 stars.

創建者 Mike D


Deadline passed, no review. I submitted my Honors assignment 8 hours before the submission deadline, exactly when I was supposed to in order to ensure a peer review. I performed reviews on a number of other students' works, as required. Yet my work remained unreviewed for months, until a student from one of the next classes felt charitable.

創建者 Seongeun S


Great introduction to NLP. But NLP is too huge topic so need to study more about this when really want to work at company.

創建者 Patrick R


Very interesting, qquite advanced and you need to invest time for the assignments, but worth it in my opinion

創建者 Mikhail V


1. This course requires very large math background which I miss. It did not work for me at all.

2. I expected deep and complex explanation of the meaning, pros and cons, applicability of various natural language processing techniques to the real life problems.

In this course it goes like: few seconds of explanation for a model/algorithm/technique. Next long juggling with math formulas. Next a quiz requiring some calculation on a paper. And finally a practical task in jupyter (which were great).

I understood the first week quite good because I did a lot of it on an NLP-related project.

Second week - I caught myself that it is easier for me to fast-rewind the video with all the math and next find some guy from India at YouTube who explains the same topic in details. I solved the practical assignment on Tensorflow mostly without understanding what I am doing by Googling/reading articles/using the hints of the authors of the course and it worked. The same I did for the Quizes.

On the third week I decided to leave it and find something more suitable.

So: If this is intended for science people who are going to do researches in NLP - then this course is too broad, too fast and lacks of details on the topics explained.

If this is for practitioners like me - then there is too much of math while the provided approaches are already implemented in libs and the python assignments confirm this. And at the same time - too little time spent on each topic to not require learning somewhere else.

And there is almost no research on the applicability of this to the complex real world problems and new ideas while the provided examples are the few very known ones.

創建者 Rishabh G


The course started off well but I think it was not structured well. The later weeks tried to deliver extremely advanced concepts but they rushed into it

創建者 Angela B


Good information, but I am struggling understanding the presenter. The course feels a bit forced.

創建者 Udaya B S


There was a lot of emphasis on mugging up formulae instead of visually explaining how they work. Even the Tensorflow exercises felt pretty convoluted. Circa 2020, there are many better ways to write the same TF code in a very legible and easy to understand way. This course needs a major refresh.

創建者 Zoi K


Really having trouble understanding the course because of the weird Russian accent. No hate, I have a weird Greek accent as well.

創建者 Oshrat K


very technical but there is not motivation regarding the reason behind it

創建者 MHD K M


I didn't like the teaching way!

創建者 Timo J


absolutely lame grader. colab destroyed yesterday work. unclear instructions.

創建者 Vladislav G


Pronunciation is terrible.

創建者 Martin t H


Excellent course. It is clearly advanced and the student is expected to know about many concepts/technologies before starting.

The lectures treat state-of-the-art methods for NLP using (deep) ML in a high-level fashion without going too far into the details. For this reason the course is good for learning about the availability of methods and how they work in the broad sense, but if the student wants to know more he/she should read the accompanying papers. I enjoyed listening to both lecturers since they were speaking clearly and with good structure. However, sometimes I lost them because they went over some of the mathematical topics quite quickly.

The assignments are great as well. Their level matches the expected level of an advanced ML course. Through the assignments I got a good idea of how to perform NLP in practise with the latest tools. An improvement could be giving the student more freedom in how he/she tackles the assignment (though I understand it makes reviewing more difficult).

In addition I think it would be good if there are multiple tests that check the same theory over the whole course. After each week I could make the quiz quite easily because the knowledge was fresh in my head, but if I had to make them again now it would be much more difficult.

創建者 Jakub B


This course is truly awesome. I tried to find a MOOC that would cover both deep learning and prior methods for NLP, but this one is the first that did. It does that very well, too - it is really comprehensive about topics that it touches - even if you know something about DL in NLP you can find something new, and the coverage of advanced techniques is outstanding.

One thing could be better though - I think that programming exercises are too easy (some parts are easily solved by plugging couple lines of code). On the other hand the last assignment is probably one of the most interesting programming tasks I've seen on courses (you need to implement a chatbot so that reviewers can actually talk with it). Also the last assignment can be expanded using more advanced methods in second task, which belongs to honors track, so you can, but you don't have to make it more challenging.

創建者 Leblanc M


Great course ! It is a good introduction to NLP, from the basics to elaborate models. It also provides contents to further explore the topcis and other models. The assignements and quiz are challenging, but with if you have time you will pass them with the help of the staff and the forum.

The last assignement is quite hard, because it involves a lot of setup (AWS Linux instance, Docker, etc.), and more explanation materials could be useful. But it also force you to understand deeper the construction of the chatbot, making you learn more than just the NLP part.

創建者 Sifundo M


This is a super excellent course, it does not only introduce you to natural language processing but takes all the way to be advance, in such a way that you can curate a bot straight from your mind, having no hardship thinking about the concept, i love the fact that this course does not spoon feed but gives enough information, to spark curiosity, in a way that you find yourself studying to master, through external sources, different views i loved it

創建者 Xia H


This course might be one of the most challenging courses I've attended in Coursera. I've got so much practical experience. I always want to learn docker, AWS. This course 'forced' me to get to know them. I am very happy to build my first chatting bot with a lot of effort. It is worth with my time, I think. In the assignment tensorflow 1. is used which is a bit outdated. This is the only downside. Thank you teaching teams for such a great course!