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學生對 伊利诺伊大学香槟分校 提供的 Lactation Biology 的評價和反饋

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Lactation and especially milk, which is the product of that unique mammalian process, are routinely encountered within our daily lives. Nevertheless, they often are poorly understood by many, even including many who are engaged in the business of producing milk. The overall course goal is to introduce fundamental concepts that form the basis for understanding the biology of lactation, the biology of the mammary gland, and the products of that important physiological process. As a learner in this course, you will be provided with a series of easily understood presentations that collectively will help you build a foundation for greater understanding of lactation. You will be able to engage with other learners so that you can extend your learning beyond the video presentations. Ultimately, you will be able to construct your own mental model for understanding the wide range of topics that relate to the biology of lactation. Upon completion of the course, you will be prepared to expand your knowledge and understanding of lactation from other sources and experiences as you pursue your individual interests. Before you start the course, I suggest that you identify a question or several questions about lactation that you already have on your mind. This could be from your own experiences, something you read about or saw, or something you have wondered about. Write down your question(s) and use that to help you decide how to engage with the content of this course. You might engage with the modules in the order they are presented, or start with a module that is of particular interest to you, or pick and choose modules in any order. I encourage you to engage in all of the types of learning activities that this course has to offer, including but not limited to, the discussion forums, quizzes, peer-review assignments, and concept maps and other learning aids....



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創建者 Vinay P S


This course is very well design with pictures and videos which are easy to follow. Though I am not good to pick quickly the medical terminologies but this course has encouraged to learn by doing little efforts. There are many good aspects like summarize the discussion in each end of video, the screen used in each videos, easy language, using screen as white board etc. I am not able to pay for this course but benefiting by learning it so that I can do some research on breastfeeding. Congratulations and thanks!!

創建者 Mechell T


was great course would love to see a little more of human lactation in here to compare with. i enjoyed the corse just getting grading was slow.

創建者 Angela C


A very well done and complete course with good extent of interactive activities

創建者 Shannon H


Learned so much, enjoyed the course. Well done.

創建者 Maryam A A


It was very very very excited and useful