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When John F. Kennedy entered the presidential limousine at Love Field in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963, he began his ride into history. That journey continues even today and we call it the Kennedy legacy. This course will explore the Presidency, assassination, and lasting legacy of President John F. Kennedy. Students will learn how JFK’s life, administration, and tragic death have influenced the general public, the media, and each of the nine U.S. presidents who followed. Understanding the Kennedy legacy and being able to identify elements of his legacy within the context of modern politics helps understand many of the vexing problems that developed over the last half century as well as many of the challenges that confront us today. November 22, 1963 was so powerful a moment that in the fifty years since the assassination, every U.S. President that followed JFK has used Kennedy’s words and actions in an effort to craft their own political image. Why does Kennedy’s influence persist, and will it continue? What are the effects? We’ll address these questions and more as we explore The Kennedy Half Century. Follow on Twitter: @JFKclass....




Larry Sabato is a true genius in political thought. Great realizing that he is fascinated by John Kennedy as I am. There was technical difficulty in Coursera realizing that I had finished the course.



I really loved this class! Professor Sabato taught this class so eloquently and so well. I have studied the JFK Presidency and Assassination for years, and I loved learning more from this course.


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創建者 Hugh G


The course spent too much time on the details of the assassination; the discussion of the following half century was weak, with a peculiar emphasis on tax cuts and military action -- did terrorism 'restore purpose' to America's foreign policy? The frequent exhortations to consult the professor's book for important details were particularly vexing.

創建者 Gary B


I would rate it only 2.5 stars.

This started out as an interesting course on Kennedy during weeks 1 & 2 but then turned into a glorified infomercial on the book written by the instructor.

創建者 Jim C


I wish there was more about his life and career, less on following presidents. Half the course focused on the assassination, which is misleading

創建者 Donald B


None of the videos would download.

創建者 kjj2015109044



創建者 Hanno H


Why pay for a course, when every video has the lecturer displaying his book, telling you to "go check out the book", suggest and recommend you "get the app" and over and over again state that "this course cannot go into the details, but go buy the book". Which book you ask? The one with the same title as the course, written by the lecturer.

The course is well done, and fun to listen to, but the constant pushing of the book is kinda ruining it for me. I got so annoyed that I stopped half way through.

創建者 Marin V


I enjoyed it at first but then there was too much about professor`s book in which I had actually been interested at first. Sometimes almost nothing was said about the subject - not enough time here, read the book. Instead of this course I recommend a book about two Kennedy brothers by David Talbot.

創建者 Paul J L


Between the book plugs,and the seemingly partisan descriptions of later Presidents,the course goes from a factual overview,to a meandering book pitch