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Data visualization is a critical skill for anyone that routinely using quantitative data in his or her work - which is to say that data visualization is a tool that almost every worker needs today. One of the critical tools for data visualization today is the R statistical programming language. Especially in conjunction with the tidyverse software packages, R has become an extremely powerful and flexible platform for making figures, tables, and reproducible reports. However, R can be intimidating for first time users, and there are so many resources online that it can be difficult to sort through without guidance. This course is the second in a specialization in Data Visualization offered by Johns Hopkins. It is intended for learners who have either have some experience with R and data wrangling in the tidyverse or have taken the previous course in the specialization. The focus in this course learning to use ggplot2 to make a variety of visualizations and to polish those visualizations using tools within ggplot as well as vector graphics editing software. The course will not go into detail about how the data management works behind the scenes....



The best course that I took on Coursera. Thanks Prof. Collin Paschall very much for the entire course set up.


The course is very interesting. It helped me improve my skills with different graphs and charts


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創建者 Rj F


I really enjoyed the course. There are many links to additional material so you can explore as far as you want. All R code used in the videos is downloadable and can be run side-by-side in R Studio. Instructor is very knowledgeable and material is organized well.

創建者 Anthony T


The course is very interesting. It helped me improve my skills with different graphs and charts

創建者 Zsolt T


The explanations were clear, all the downloadable codes worked properly, the given links contained a lot of information (I won't continue with the next part of specialization until I could go through and practice them).

I am a veterinarian and based on the course was able to create visualizations on my own working fields (poultry production and epidemiology) as well.

In summary I found the course really practical and useful, thank you for it.

創建者 Peter B


I really liked this course; Colin takes you through things step by step but also refers back to skills (data wrangling in this case) that were covered in the previous course. I found this reinforcement very useful as there is normally a bit of a gap between courses in my case. The course is well organised and all the links to the supporting materials worked and they added to the course, in my opinion. I would definetely recommend it.

創建者 YL W


so useful and practical for reseachers in social sciences!

the course helps me quickly grab the idea of ggplot and review the skills of data visualization :)

great tutorials, thanks a lot!

創建者 Lehyton A


Es un curso excelente. Te brinda todas las herramientas para comprender la creación de gráficos con ggplot2. Sin duda alguna mis reportes académicos y laborales mejorarán completamente.

創建者 Bruno R S


E​xcellent introduction to ggplot capabilites and grammar of graphics. Usually the tutorials and ggplot documentation are not enough to reveal it's true potential.

創建者 Du P


The best course that I took on Coursera. Thanks Prof. Collin Paschall very much for the entire course set up.

創建者 Samuel V


buen curso, aunque me gustaría que metieran más fuentes, ya que serviría para aprender mejor

創建者 Mahdiyeh Z


My best thanks to Coursera and Johns Hopkins University for holding this valuable course.

創建者 amoulay


Excellent course, learned a lot; looking forward to the next one in the series.

創建者 Ichiro P


Very nice course. I love how simple and straightforwad is the learning process

創建者 Madelin G J S


Extremely useful, clear, and easy to follow course of ggplot2



I really like the course

創建者 German N Z G



創建者 anil g


Course should have been more elaborated. However, I immensely enjoyed this.

創建者 María I H D


Dificultad alta