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Israel State and Society , Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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Israel is a country that draws a lot of public attention around the globe. Nevertheless, both those who support Israel and those who are critical of its geopolitical standing and policies, usually have a very limited knowledge about the Israeli society and its political system. This course presents Israel from multiple perspectives - political, social, economic and cultural - in an attempt to expose the learners to a cutting edge academic research on the country. Each of the 13 sessions is focused on one aspect of the Israeli society. Every session starts with a general introduction of the issue at hand, hosting one expert or more, who share their most recent studies and insights on that specific field. Every 15 minutes, or so, the students are asked to answer an informative quiz of comprised of a single question. Upon the completion of each class, an online chat will be opened. Students studying for credit are expected to participate in it, ask relevant questions and answer questions about the required readings for this class. Students will graduate from this course with a better understanding of the Israeli society, better knowledge of the Israeli history, politics and economy, and better acquaintance with the varying groups of which the Israeli society is comprised....


創建者 BD

Jan 19, 2017

Very informative, and engaging, videos. There are however no links to useable reading texts, which is a shame. But the content of the videos are of incredible value.

創建者 SS

Sep 23, 2017

Really good over view of the demographics of Israeli society. As a diaspora Jew it's given me a greater understanding of Israeli politics.


25 個審閱

創建者 Joy Smith

Mar 02, 2018

really interesting

創建者 Bernardo Medeiros

Feb 09, 2018

Excellent course!

創建者 Sharon Gershoni

Jan 19, 2018

Its fascinating and rich. I feel privilege to listen to and learn from these many great minds.

創建者 Katarina Maruskinova

Dec 09, 2017

Great, exhaustive course which provides a lot of insight to all those interested in Israel and its culture and society. This course is definitely suitable for the beginners, but also people like me (master in Middle Eastern studies) will greatly benefit from it. Highly recommended!!!

創建者 Mobasher Alasmry

Nov 26, 2017

It provide a broad understanding of Israeli-Palestinian/Arab conflict

創建者 Rob Wang Song

Nov 19, 2017

My very first course taken in coursera. It has been very heavy on content, but the information is meaningful for a thorough understanding of Israel society. I recommend this course to folks who share an interest in getting to know more about Israel, as well as those who wish to travel to Israel. The course did help me to understand where I am heading towards when I travel to Israel.

創建者 Oscar Jorge-Gonzalez

Aug 27, 2017

Very Insightful

創建者 vijaybuddhisagar

Jul 31, 2017

very good prsentation

創建者 Tamer Elzoheiry

Jul 20, 2017

Some lectures were extremely good while others were poor in content.

創建者 Victoria Morris

Jun 29, 2017

Good course for learning about contemporary Israeli society with a variety of lecturers who are leaders on their topics.