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學生對 莱斯大学 提供的 Investment Strategies and Portfolio Analysis 的評價和反饋

227 個評分
51 條評論


In this course, you will learn about latest investment strategies and performance evaluation. You will start by learning portfolio performance measures and discuss best practices in portfolio performance evaluation. You will explore different evaluation techniques such as style analysis and attribution analysis and apply them to evaluate different investment strategies. Special emphasis will be given to recent financial market innovations and current investment trends. After this course, learners will be able to: • Describe performance measurement measures • Evaluate portfolio performance • Describe and contrast different investment strategies • Propose investment strategy solutions...



The techniques learned i this course can be applied in various investment settings. The excel workings really make things easy and applicable


Best course. I was able to apply what I learned to my job. My office loved the ideas I brought to the table from this course.


26 - Investment Strategies and Portfolio Analysis 的 50 個評論(共 50 個)

創建者 Bob C


A really good course that I would certainly recommend. The only thing that let it down was that some of the solutions to the final quiz were incorrect and led to some frustration on the forum!

創建者 Vadim F


I think that this particular course could have a bit deeper dive into the topic, felt more like a general overview compared to previous courses in the specialization.

創建者 Thierry D


Excellent presentation on investment strategies and portfolio analysis, Thanks you! Noted a few issues with the quiz and spreadsheet presented which had some errors.

創建者 Ritika K


It was great learning from a reputed university. I learnt a lot of things but the practical assignment were awesome and very helpful.

創建者 Kweweli T


Quizzes and assignments have some errors. The forum response is slow, but the lectures are superb. I learned a lot!

創建者 Letlhogonolo M


Very informative and enlightening. Learnt quite a lot.

創建者 Neelkanth S M


Expect a little more rigor and real life exercises

創建者 Aravindh P


the course is completely fine to pursue...

創建者 Ritvik S


Week 2 could be explained a bit better.

創建者 高鑫禄 ( X


some mistakes in the final answers

創建者 Gideonwa N


Excellent course, but there were some errors that have been discussed in the forum but not yet integrated into lectures.

創建者 Santiago R R


Strange quizzes, short content. If you're doing the specialization I would still recommend it

創建者 David L B


Interesting course material, but there were way too many mistakes in the exercise files. I felt we reached a low point when the only way to pass the assignments was to figure out what the instructor did wrong in the assignments, recreate those problems in my files, and then answer the questions "correctly" with the incorrect data. Really bad.

創建者 David G H


Confusing explanations referring to other explanations in other courses (so that, it is not self-contained).

Alpha, Beta model not well explained... too theoretical.

IMHO, the worst within the specialization.

創建者 Daniel F


Material was fantastic. Generally informative, and clear, however the quizs and projects, were often unintuitive, unclear, and at times, simply had the wrong answers. Very frustrating.

創建者 Petri T


A lot of errors in quizzes and lecture material which are not corrected in timely fashion.

創建者 Fasih K


Im not that happy with the tutor. teaching style is kind of reading the book.

創建者 David K


I'm rating this course as a 1 star not because this course is bad, uninformative or unhelpful. This course is actually good, yet I agree with some of other reviewers that previous courses of this specialization were better. With that in mind I would give it 3-4 stars. Nonetheless I am giving this rating because of many errors, typos and staff, that hasn't corrected any of the mistakes several years later after they were pointed out. Those mistakes and errors were frustrating at times and made my learning experience far worse. Let's hope that someone will notice and at last make this course more user-friendly.

創建者 Thomas H


Errors in support materials abound. Solutions to practice quizzes are incomplete. No response from course staff to address mistakes. It is disappointing to have taken the first three courses in this sequence and to run into such sloppiness in this one. Impossible to build upon what one has already learned.

創建者 Steven E S


The subject matter for this course is very, very interesting! The professor does a nice job of layering the complexity from basic concepts to more advanced concepts. However, this is where the "good news" ends. The course is full of all sorts of calculation errors on the graded quizes

創建者 Hongze Z


Graded quiz two is badly designed. Very hard to follow. The course materials do not explain how to calculate these measurements clearly at all.

Strongly not recommend this course.

創建者 Devesh K


Many times, clarity is not there in excels provided. Further, professor sometimes makes it very confusing. Takes a lot of effort to understand it yourself.

創建者 Boyi Y


Dispointing course, just as bad as other courses in the series. I am taking it only because there is no other good alternative on courera.

創建者 Himanshu P


Way too many errors in the graded assignment. Non-reponsive teaching assistants.

創建者 Xiaochen H


So many errors in quizzes and solutions. Waste of time.