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學生對 IBM 提供的 Introduction to R Programming for Data Science 的評價和反饋

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When working in the data science field you will definitely become acquainted with the R language and the role it plays in data analysis. This course introduces you to the basics of the R language such as data types, techniques for manipulation, and how to implement fundamental programming tasks. You will begin the process of understanding common data structures, programming fundamentals and how to manipulate data all with the help of the R programming language. The emphasis in this course is hands-on and practical learning . You will write a simple program using RStudio, manipulate data in a data frame or matrix, and complete a final project as a data analyst using Watson Studio and Jupyter notebooks to acquire and analyze data-driven insights. No prior knowledge of R, or programming is required....




Very good materials, clear and precise. Very useful for anyone with a knowledge of another programming language and very easy to understand for begineers. Highly recommended.



Iam new beginner to the R-programming. It was taught very well to make me understand R basic skills. Thank you Coursea.


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創建者 Roy M


This course is not for beginners. It dives into basic concepts without explaining them. I am deeply disappointed.

創建者 Robert G


Forces using IBM cloud services which requires credit card info to proceed.

創建者 William L d S P


Not great. The lessons are okay, but the course lacks real activities/exercises so you can actually learn. But the most frustrating thing is the final test. It requires you to register at IBM Cloud and using their platform Watson. However, I couldn't even register properly because my bank did not approve the transaction. It's not worth it to even try to fix that through the bank, because the course has been disappointing so far, and hence I don't trust the final test. They should just give you tasks to perform in Jupyter or RStudio, which is way simpler than going through all this Watson adventure. They should give these tasks throughout the course as well. It seems that the course only exists to promote IBM Cloud and such.

創建者 Hu W J


After completing the first 4 weeks, comes the final assignment. Tried to create a Watson Account, followed ALL instructions as given, only to find out my account turned out to be pay per use. Then, I told me to create a new account with a new email to solve the issue. After doing so, I was suddenly directed to my old first account, which was the useless pay per use account that could not get started with the assignment. On the 3rd try, my credit card could not even be registered. What a bloody waste of time and money

創建者 Lokesh C


Exceptional course for beginners in R programming and data science enthusiasts. Highly recommended!

創建者 Chetanya M


It's an amazing course with very interesting quizzes and assignments. A must for Data Science aspirants.

創建者 vignaux


great course very well structured. Perfect

創建者 Milcah M J


Great course, with a lot of the necessary information; well organized and laid a good foundation for basic R functions.

I would request a hand-out with all the code, functions and syntaxes from the course, or at least a collation of it in one page/section. It is particularly important when taking the course as part of the specialization series, since I found myself having to return to each lab and comb through them to get some of the syntaxes right for the assignments of later courses.

A big thank you to the developers and team!

創建者 Yousef Y


Had a good time with the first two weeks then from the third certain topics is just a thrown pieces of information like "this is how it is done and u are supposed to comprehend it or save it whatever easier" especially dealing with web pages (web scraping). Literally spending more time on youtube understanding the thrown concepts highly not recommended for a beginner despite the description at least you ought to have a programming background to know where to look when stuck

創建者 siphamandla t


This is by far the most resourceful and managable way to be introduced to coding language. As a begginer who has basic knowledge of of CMD, I was a bit intimidated by the challenges that lay ahead for me with regards to the perception I had about coding languages. Lo and behold I was taken through hands on lab exercises that peovide the modt meaningful on site experience and a general feel of what one goes through when perfoming certain tasks in the data science sector.

Thank you to all the facilitators and lectures who designed these innovative ways of skill buiding techniques for our convenience, they are true leaders and pioneers of a global society imspired by endless possibilities.

創建者 Rafael P


I think the course is fairly easy to follow and touches many of the main basic topics for data analysis in R, I found it good.

創建者 Adriana B


E​asy to follow with a lot hands on exposure to practice writing your own code

創建者 Claudio F S


T​he course is very good and their labs-on area excellent. Congratulations!

創建者 John S


Excellent introductory course with very useful hands-on lab sessions.

創建者 Jason S


Great course for learning R and Data Science!

創建者 SYED S



創建者 Yusuf Z


This course was really intuitive and needed less effort to get comfortable at. I love IBM courses because of their organized structure, brevity and problem centric nature of the labs and final assignment. I was a very great experience overall and that applies to all their courses I have taken so far.

I think the peer review sections after marking by the first reviewer should be cross-checked by at least one more reviewer.

創建者 Hichem D


Very good materials, clear and precise. Very useful for anyone with a knowledge of another programming language and very easy to understand for begineers. Highly recommended.

創建者 PedroFelipePeñaStaub


great course, it was very challenging. Highly recommended for all the ones interested in start in the data science environment.

創建者 ETS E


Great course. What I love about it was the hand on pratice to help the student understand better what was said on the video.

創建者 Ganesh C


Iam new beginner to the R-programming. It was taught very well to make me understand R basic skills. Thank you Coursea.

創建者 kuo j


The teacher is serious in teaching, the content of the course is perfect, and IBM's plan is quite good

創建者 Vincent A


I really enjoyed this course and think it was a great introduction to R. Highly recommended!

創建者 Claudios H


Challenging but quite comprehensive. Its the best course on R.

創建者 Rahul R T


G​reat Course for getting started with R language