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Course 4: Introduction to Research for Essay Writing This is the last course in the Academic Writing specialization before the capstone project. By the end of this course, you will be able to complete all the steps in planning a research paper. After completing this course, you will be able to: - choose appropriate research topics for college classes - write detailed outlines for research papers - find source material for research papers - take and organize good notes for research - use appropriate academic tone and language - document sources by creating a Works Cited list in MLA format - avoid plagiarizing your sources...




The course is very benificial. I learnt quite a lot about how to make an essay writing more efficient and effective, as well as convincing and professional. Thank you all the instructors.



This course was very helpful in establishing good practices in writing research papers. It equips the students with the necessary resources to help write a strong research paper.


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創建者 Fayrouz M


A highly recommended course. I loved the practical part and peer-reviewing. However, I do not recommend it to people with advanced level in scientific writing

創建者 Yasiru R K


This course has good content and the lecturers are good at explaining the subject clearly. I learned many things I didn't knew before. But the only drawback I find in this course is peer graded assignments. There is no involvement of teachers to review students works. Only students review each others works and sometimes it takes a lot of time to get yourself a review. Furthermore, one student has to review 3 other assignments in order to complete one week. But sometimes, you won't see others' assignments and have to check back many times to find others' assignments. So, that's a big weakness I find in this course. Moreover, there is no community discussion forum for this course. So, it is also lacking here. Overall, I find this course very helpful but, it would be better if the creators can fix above mentioned problems. Thank you!

創建者 John P D


I am happy about the course delivered through this specialization. First, I take this opportunity to thank enthusiastic instructors from UCI DCE for the hard work and teaching to their best level.

Besides, thanks for the UCI DCE to be in a partnership with Coursera, which facilitates us from the third country to access the course. Finally, to the Professors of this specialization, may God protect you in Califonia hope to great you one day I hope in California during my visit.

Have a great day, sincerely,

John Paco Dradria from #Kinshasa DRC the former Zaire

創建者 Wendy Z


The course is very benificial. I learnt quite a lot about how to make an essay writing more efficient and effective, as well as convincing and professional. Thank you all the instructors.



First of all thank you for delivering such a learning place where input all the ideas to overcome a student thinking power. i have learned many essential writing skills, developing knowledge about to start a paper writing in an appropriate way as well as i got such amazing web sites to search my interesting keywords-vocabulary ,format developing sites. All i can say ,this platform gives us a promising idea that there is no finishing line for education or knowledge .

創建者 Khalid l


A very useful and interesting course, especially for PhD students and young researchers. Very well structured and clear in its explanations. Thank you so much to the course team !

創建者 Shrish T


I would highly recommend this course to everyone who is struggling to learn about bibliography, proper writing methods, and the use of proper nouns and verbs.

創建者 Benito H


Thank you very much for the best informative learning online.

創建者 Simone G


It was a privilege being apart of this course.

創建者 M. I S


I like this course.

創建者 Kwok N


very fundamental. however, I do think it was a bit bold to state that on completion of the course that students would have the skills to write essays independently. Following the grading of some peer assignments, I would be concerned if that were still the case.

Otherwise, I found some useful tools for writing in all the courses.

Thank you.

創建者 Erin M


This course doesn't have any writing assignments. I appreciated it because it truly did help me understand the ins and outs of citations, which I needed to know in order to continue on with this course. I tend to get lazy and cute incorrectly because I never had the chance to learn how to do it in school. This professor is very understanding and straight to the point. It's what I need for this type of course. If you listen to the professor, it's no problem to pass the assignments and quizzes.



This course made me remember when I was doing my Master degrre! It is really outstanding made people understand the importance of annotated bibliography, citing properly sources during researching. How to introduce question to a thesis statement, and ultimately the MLA template in contrst to others such APA. The key elements beteen fortmat and citations. Five starts to this course and a six to all my folks who attend this course, and pushed to the limit of performing. 100% Satisfied.

創建者 Sheryl H


I recommend this course and all five as it follows a MLA format and critirea that fits the final course. It is flexibe for time, as my campus class assignments sometimes took priority, I was able to pick up where I left off and finish. I recommend taking the quizzes until you are above 90% because that little bit of reflecting on something you miss understood will help critique peer reviews and your final assignments.

創建者 Canon C


Great course! Whether you're a fluent English speaker/writer, or learning ESL, there is plenty here to get you on the right path to preparing Academic papers in preparation for entrance into college/university and beyond. Sometimes the peers who review your work do not give any feedback but many do give feedback and this is very helpful for improving your writing skills(the critique of an outside eye).

創建者 Rosemarie G


This is a very good course and you will really learn a lot. The videos are short but substantial; all the important points are mentioned in the video. There are also a good number of examples to review. The reading materials are short but very helpful. The only drawback on this course is that the grading system is highly dependent on peers.

創建者 Sash W


Liked this course. Recommend that all college students do it, especially before writing a paper. The emphasis is on the MLA format, which I needed. There is a mention of APA, it tells you where to go, but it is not given much in detail. Find another course if you are looking specifically for APA or Chicago format.

創建者 Samuel O T A


Me parece un curso muy útil porque aprendí a utilizar lenguaje y tono académico, citar fuentes bibliográficas académicas, evitar plagio, utilizar herramientas que me servirán para citar otros autores, entre otras cosas muy importantes y necesarias en el ámbito de la redacción de artículos científicos.



Extremely useful for research students to kick start with their writing with confidence and all round knowledge on writing, formatting, editing, peer-reviewing and even adding citations to a research paper. Thanks to the instructors and developers for such a valuable and informative course.

創建者 Zeb


“Introduction to Research for Essay Writing” this course is perfectly designed and delivered. The course is enriched incredibly with research writing skills.

Thanks to the Coursera Team and the University of California, Irvine, for offering us such a great learning opportunity.


創建者 Kartika A P


This is the most practical and useful class I have ever taken on Coursera. It's exactly the right fit for my knowledge, and the exercises are very useful for me to internalize the material, I actually look forward to doing them. The videos are short and to the point.

創建者 Kattia C


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I work as Software Program Manager at INTEL. You can imagine that to stay current I need to write articles and papers. This course is fantastic. It refreshed and taught me the up to date way to present a very professional work.

創建者 Kausar B


It has been an amazing course which taught me Academic Writing, which is a new genre in Pakistan. While completing this course, I have launched Academic Writing Training in Pakistan. I am really grateful for this help provided by Coursera.



First, I would love to thank you for this unforgettable and amazing course. I don't know how to write a research before. Once I enrolled and participated in this course. I became familiar with Writing Research. Finally, Thank you so much.

創建者 Treasure W


An excellent synopsis of the introductory process of writing a research paper. Assignments and practise exercises are surprisingly well formulated and efficient in teaching and solidifying concepts. Truly an invaluable resource.