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學生對 IBM 提供的 Introduction to Computer Vision and Image Processing 的評價和反饋

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Computer Vision is one of the most exciting fields in Machine Learning and AI. It has applications in many industries, such as self-driving cars, robotics, augmented reality, and much more. In this beginner-friendly course, you will understand computer vision and learn about its various applications across many industries. As part of this course, you will utilize Python, Pillow, and OpenCV for basic image processing and perform image classification and object detection. This is a hands-on course and involves several labs and exercises. Labs will combine Jupyter Labs and Computer Vision Learning Studio (CV Studio), a free learning tool for computer vision. CV Studio allows you to upload, train, and test your own custom image classifier and detection models. At the end of the course, you will create your own computer vision web app and deploy it to the Cloud. This course does not require any prior Machine Learning or Computer Vision experience. However, some knowledge of the Python programming language and high school math is necessary....




Thoroughly enjoyed this course. Learned about OpenCV a bit and added to my small knowledge of Python. The ability to know how to train Watson to do optical recognizition will be invaluable.



This is one of the best course by IBM. I specifically enjoyed Computer Vision modelling and its related project and also enjoyed the way team put in effort for designing this course.


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創建者 Igor P


I set up a 1 star because, in my opinion, it is the worst course that I ever attended:

I already had several major technical issues during week 1 week 3 interval, like:

1. IBM Lab environment doesn't work;

2. Links to images don't work;

3. I can not create an IBM Cloud account because of the error that occurs every time for no reason;

4. The worst thing is that the support team doesn't respond to the discussion forum;

創建者 Claudia S


Tha Cognitive Class site is quite unstable and it makes this course a very frustrating one, instead of being challenging and interesting.

There are duplicated items, like reading references and course topics.

The labs have lots of mistakes and one has to waste time browsing through the discussion forums to see if any participant has solved the issues, which its regularly the case.

創建者 Eric H


As with several other courses in this track, the Jupyter notebooks in the labs NEED to be updated to include correct code. Learners shouldn't have to hunt through the discussion forums to find code to replace inaccurate code in the lab notebooks, considering how painless it would be to for Coursera or its surrogates to simply update the labs.

創建者 Chintan B


Waste of time and energy.

Please don't enroll for this course.

The Visual Recognition on IBM is not free. There is no Lite plan ,

No proper instructions. Very disappointing and unprofessional

Didn't expect this from the standards of IBM

創建者 Christophe M


Interesting topic but errors in the labs and in the final project so definitely needs some fine tuning to offer a better student's experience

創建者 AMIT K M


Very poorly delivered. One of the worst experience and support from Coursera. Felty like wastage of money.

創建者 Hussain K


Lab instructions were not clear and the final project is a disaster.

創建者 Srinivas S R B


Well Explained about each and every tools and how to train and test the models and deploy into the cloud services I had very good expreience in collabrating into IBM

創建者 Sophia J C


Great introduction to Visual Recognition and Computer Vision! Lots of examples are provided for me to grasp the concepts behind complicated applications!

創建者 Emmanuel C


Really structured and engaging. I'll recommend this course for beginners in computer vision. You should be interested in learning Python aswell

創建者 Gaurab R


The course is well designed. The only issue I have witnessed was during running LAB in Jupyter Notebook, I hope it will be fixed soon.

創建者 shivansh k


very informative course which truly helped me learn .The labs service however is very bad but teaching staff is always there to help

創建者 Mohit S


Very interesting course with very good hands on practice using the labs. Helps to learn very useful, practical skills.

創建者 John N M


The course was great, but there were several technical issues as there have been with the entire IBM AI certification.

創建者 Mustafa C S


This course is very beneficial for me. This course's tools are very good. I like this learning system. Thank you.

創建者 Sean R


This course was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it!! I'm excited to pursue a new career in this exciting field.

創建者 Maulik P


Deep thank you to instructor JSacchit Chadha and Yi Leng Yao, it was wonderful learning experience with handson.

創建者 Bona W


Its perfect course to start learning about computer vision and how to make it more easy with using Watson !

創建者 Marcos I


Gives great learning experience from start to end. I love the use of IBM watson. Highly recommend.

創建者 Alfonso A M


Very good course. in general in most of the courses the duration for the labs are understimated

創建者 Aftab H


It is a concept building and very clear course with pracitical. Thanks, Coursera and IBM Team.

創建者 Chinthalacheruvu s


helped me a lot to understand open cv and image classification and many more from this course

創建者 Bernadette S P


I learned a lot and enjoyed this course very much. It is just right for a beginner like me.

創建者 Philopatear A B S


Good Content but very hard to submit assignments as the web page is getting lots of errors

創建者 christopher a


Nice overview of the possibilities of Waston Computer Vision APIs and intro to OpenCV