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學生對 IBM 技能网络 提供的 Introduction to Computer Vision and Image Processing 的評價和反饋

810 個評分


Computer Vision is one of the most exciting fields in Machine Learning and AI. It has applications in many industries, such as self-driving cars, robotics, augmented reality, and much more. In this beginner-friendly course, you will understand computer vision and learn about its various applications across many industries. As part of this course, you will utilize Python, Pillow, and OpenCV for basic image processing and perform image classification and object detection. This is a hands-on course and involves several labs and exercises. Labs will combine Jupyter Labs and Computer Vision Learning Studio (CV Studio), a free learning tool for computer vision. CV Studio allows you to upload, train, and test your own custom image classifier and detection models. At the end of the course, you will create your own computer vision web app and deploy it to the Cloud. This course does not require any prior Machine Learning or Computer Vision experience. However, some knowledge of the Python programming language and high school math is necessary....




Thoroughly enjoyed this course. Learned about OpenCV a bit and added to my small knowledge of Python. The ability to know how to train Watson to do optical recognizition will be invaluable.



This is one of the best course by IBM. I specifically enjoyed Computer Vision modelling and its related project and also enjoyed the way team put in effort for designing this course.


151 - Introduction to Computer Vision and Image Processing 的 167 個評論(共 167 個)

創建者 Lucas S


The cource content was a good overview of nerual networks and thier use in computer vision. The labs however where sloppily put together, and in most cases, not formatted correctly.

創建者 Jan S


S​ome of the practice notebooks don't seem finished. CVStudio is very unreliable and doing the final project didn't really work (lots of comments in the forum but no action)

創建者 Kieran B


Great tech, great teachers, completely let down by course material that is almost always broken, out-of-date, or buggy.

創建者 Massimo B


many problems with CVstudio and skills network lab

創建者 Pedro V


W​orst course so far I've done in Coursera (and I think this one must be my tenth or eleventh). If you are interested in getting any kind of concepts or explanation on why and how computing vision works this course will be completely useless for you.

This is just a collection of pretty superficially explained recipes and I guess its only value is to be able to show off a pointless badge from the not so prestigious IBM (at least in my country Span, and I know what I'm talking about I've been an IT professional for more than tewnty years)

You will not learn anyhing from here but some familiarity with Jupyter notebooks, python and a lot of suffering with that crappy IBM online tool

創建者 Panos K


Very bad course, if you have a decent knowledge on the subject, then its not for you. On ther other hand if you are novice then you shouldnt start with that. However its greatest problem is that you must use a specific platform (CV studio) to train your models, which doesnt work properly, therefore you have a hard time to finish the course. Although i must congratulate coursera support center who helped me a lot to overcome this issue and claim my badge at the end.

創建者 Konstantin V


I am very dissapointed with the course. idm's works very poorly. i reported a few bugs but hadn't received and feedback from their support team. I couldn't complete course assignments with this bugs and after being charged second months fee for the course i had to give up. Unfortunately there is no refund option either. Coursera's suport on this metter is very poor too. waste of money.

創建者 elgambitero


R​USHED, BOTCHED and ABANDONED Disorganized content, errors, erratas, technical failures up to the point of bein unable to deliver the final project. it's been like this for 6 months so it wont get fixed anytime soon or at all. This course has been rushed out the door with little to no human checks to see if it was ok to deliver something like this. This course is not worth 50 dollars.



I don't think it's a really course. It's just an advertisement for IBM Watson. And even for that, it's a bad one because their platform/tool doesn't really work.

創建者 Michael P


having trouble getting Watson to work. Need to drop the course now and resume later. Going to take another course computer vision just with Python

創建者 sandy k


The course is not well addressed, the videos and material are not constructive and do not help you to proceed with the projects.

創建者 Nerlekar.Varad B


The final modules seem a lot rushed and many of them didn't cover what is expected in an introductory course.

創建者 Will


There were several awful technichal issues with IBM Cloud and other external tools, it simply sucked.

創建者 Siobhan S


Unable to use the computer vision service via IBM Watson - says not available in my region?

創建者 YC


There are many issues in the practice section. Please correct them properly!

創建者 Noah G


None of the labs work and staff support is slow and unhelpful

創建者 Eiryo S


Machine learning tool for this course didn't work properly.