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學生對 科罗拉多大学系统 提供的 Introduction to Clinical Data Science 的評價和反饋

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This course will prepare you to complete all parts of the Clinical Data Science Specialization. In this course you will learn how clinical data are generated, the format of these data, and the ethical and legal restrictions on these data. You will also learn enough SQL and R programming skills to be able to complete the entire Specialization - even if you are a beginner programmer. While you are taking this course you will have access to an actual clinical data set and a free, online computational environment for data science hosted by our Industry Partner Google Cloud. At the end of this course you will be prepared to embark on your clinical data science education journey, learning how to take data created by the healthcare system and improve the health of tomorrow's patients....




Very nice overview of a very complex topic. Somewhat superficial in some areas, but this is an introduction class and covered everything to an acceptable degree. A very intimidating topic.



Nice bite sized pieces, with relevant application to querying hospital database using (pre-requisite knowledge) of SQL and R-prog. Definitely useful for my speciality and line of work.


76 - Introduction to Clinical Data Science 的 97 個評論(共 97 個)

創建者 Arens J R M


I really enjoyed everything in this class, I really loved it. It was an accumulation of new skills all along, almost everything was new to me: Google BigQuery, SQL, R language etc. Thank you for this opportunity!

創建者 Kaung M W Y


The course is great overall. But when it comes to teaching SQL and R, there is too much to learn with just a few explanation. It is not easy for those who do not have background knowledge on those.

創建者 Austin L


This was a good general overview however there should have been more of a practice task based system when it came to the coding or make the coding a different segment altogether

創建者 Matthew K


A good overview of Clinical Data Science. The reading material covering SQL and R coding was cumbersome, difficult to follow, and did not contain any lectures.



I found Rstudio very confusing as there was no proper introduction or hands on example. Took a great deal in going through the links and addressing.

創建者 Kathleen M


Weeks 1-3 were great. Nicely structured and easy to understand.W eek 4 seems a bit packed with lots of information. Enjoyed learning the course

創建者 Jonas


first week was very USA centeric. even though similar principles apply in other countries.

創建者 Zsolt


Good intro to the field, but should spend more time and provide further reference to R.

創建者 Kristopher N


Good introduction to see if you want to progress through the rest of the program

創建者 Edward T


excellent course, but couldn't connect to online datasets to run queries

創建者 Ehsan E


Solid and interactive introduction to SQL and basic R-SQL interactions.

創建者 Yiing Y


It would be clearer if some programming examples can be shown in video

創建者 Adam R


Good short introductory course. Clearly taught and scheduled.

創建者 David A G E


Excellent for beginners

創建者 Véronique G


Learned quite a lot. The SQL section is very well done. Informative and easy to follow and learn from. The R section is very difficult. I had done the ''Getting started with R'' course before, which was great, but I was still lost when it came to understanding part of this course. All in all, everything is feasible but required more time (week 4 was loooongg!) for me than expected.

創建者 Jonathan H


Alright course as introduction to clinical data science. Still a lot information. Could be better by having more practice exercises with programming.

創建者 Niyoyita J P


More practice is needed

創建者 Conor M


Very frustrating assessments, especially on bigquery assignments where I needed to format the code to match what was wanted by Coursera from running code on bigquery. It's really unfortunate that Clinicial Data Science Community is invested in R and not Python.

創建者 David H


T​he examples do NOT work with existing bigquery / Rstudio integration points, I was able to pass the code quiz by guessing what the code should have been based on the examples given, but could not actually test the Rstudio/bigquery integration samples.

創建者 Pavan K V


there is no enough example or practice exercies to understand and google bigquery cloud data not working

創建者 andy m


Link the forum to the section we're on so it decreases the barrier of entry to solving problems. This is not a problem with the course this is a problem with Coursera not developing an intuitive interface that allows users to quickly learn.

創建者 Chris B


I​ cannot access the database on google big query as it no longer exist in the new window format. Total waste of time taking this course as I cannot go forward anymore