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Digital technologies are changing business, government and society worldwide. Clearly, they’re opening up new risks and opportunities for every sector of the world economy. Such “futurology” may offer you the big picture, but what does a digital world mean for you, personally? Will you be ready for an automated, AI-assisted, big-data-driven employment future? This course provides you an answer to these questions, and it does so from a unique perspective: by introducing you to the world of intelligence analysis. First, this course explains some of the skills that will command a premium in the digital age, and why. Then, it offers you mental models and practical frameworks developed by the US intelligence community to give you a cognitive edge understanding the digital world. This edge is not about spying or secrets. It’s about better thinking. This analytic toolkit has nothing to do with tired, static MBA-style strategy frameworks. Instead, these tools to help you come to grips with the volatility, uncertainty, ambiguity and deception of the digital age. Ultimately, this course makes the case that as the world becomes more digital, your future success depends most of all on asking better questions of both yourself and others. Therefore, it teaches you how to adopt an intelligence analyst’s question-asking mindset. In short, take this course to acquire a sustainable business advantage through clearer, more structured thinking....




The instructor was very engaging and the way he presented information kept me hooked! This course is very important in the current contexts and the changes occurring in our digital world



Es un curso completo, que e brinda herramientas que quizá ya uno utiliza pero materializadas y con pasos y procesos que aumentan la eficiencia, brindando una visión del mundo diferente.


151 - Intelligence Tools for the Digital Age 的 175 個評論(共 177 個)

創建者 Rain O


A good course that is easy to follow, if you are interested in intelligence analysis and actor modeling.

My main problem is that the course title is somewhat misleading. While Week 1 addresses AI as it relates to human capabilities, the core course material is classical intelligence analysis, which has no significant tie to the "digital age". The same tools can be (and probably were) used before computers became ubiquitous.

創建者 Margaret M


A good backgrounder for the concepts. It's particularly good at explaining the use of strategic empathy and "placing" people and organizations which is so important. It's a little annoying that some of the readings are either not to be found at the links or require a subscription to read. You can pass the exams without them, but it makes the course feel less complete if you can't read them.

創建者 Howzit Y


V​ery intriguing and interesting. Great lecture style and relatable mannger of getting the concepts across. I can't give it 5 stars though, becuase of some issues with accessing mandatory readings, and the fact I would liked more consistent application to real world business or personal scenrarios in addition to the current scenarios shown. Great frameworks and strategies introduced.



O conteúdo foi interessante, contudo havia materiais publicados a muito tempo, podendo estar desatualizados. Também algumas sugestões de leitura não estavam disponíveis com acesso gratuito.

The course is interesting, but some reading recommendations are published long time ago ( possible out of date) and i couldn't access some articles because needed payment.

創建者 Virat J


Just started this course and thought it will be about more of AI and ML but to my surprise , it was a foundation course to have these skills and their application in real world.

There are plenty of reading material suggestions in these course. Good for readers....

創建者 Hector A C A


A very interesting course that allows you to understand the basic concepts and frameworks of Intelligence Tools. I would recommend to use another type of examples and not only focus on USA Army examples.

創建者 Sanskriti O


Here are few suggestions about the script of the course :

1) In few videos Centaur is written as Center.

2) one video topic - Start with an 0utside view then work inside. Here outside is misspelled.

創建者 Jaimir G


I like it, I like the professor and the content but pay attention to the links you provide because some of that was inaccessible. Thank you, the course was very useful to me!

創建者 Deleted A


Very good course, I found it quite interesting, only half of it I felt a bit confused since it is theoretical, all the rest is quite interesting data.

創建者 Padmakar S D


Please make course little bit easy. Sometimes it becomes difficult to understand. But it is the very wonderful course

創建者 Mauricio E A L


The course was very interesting and woke me up to learn more about strategic empathy and artificial intelligence.

創建者 Paulina A O G


I really enjoyed the course. Exams were really hard, so you really had to be focused and understand the course.

創建者 Jose L D M F


The content was good, nonetheless, some of the readings were behind pay walls that I could not afford.

創建者 Rowan W


Great introduction to the subject. Some external links need updating or are now behind paywalls.

創建者 Jeanpier C D A


understand the rules of artificial intelligence tools, using symbiosis and intelligence cycles.

創建者 Neysa A S M


It's a great introduction of tools that we will need for a complex world.

創建者 Joel C


Useful tools for conducting analysis from a systematic perspective.

創建者 alberto z


I think it helps to open your mind about certain way of thinking

創建者 Bakulesh V


Very good basic learning on Intelligence Tools in AI world.

創建者 Karen H H


I highly recommend this course.

You acquire great tools

創建者 Juan C R


Insightful & un-complicated take on the subject.

創建者 Marco P P F


El curso es digerible y muy perspicaz.

創建者 Gautam G


helpful in learning

創建者 Nathalia O C


está bien

創建者 Soren G


Intelligent and promising course. I found the rist week a bit messy with videos and titles not entirely matching. Also a big downside is that most links were not accessible to me. I ended up paying for getting access to the China Rare Earth Elements (NYC). All that said, the course was really surprisingly useful for people who wants to enter into the world of strategic analysis for M&A, big corporate transactions, politics, etc.