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學生對 IE商学院 提供的 Intelligence Tools for the Digital Age 的評價和反饋

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Digital technologies are changing business, government and society worldwide. Clearly, they’re opening up new risks and opportunities for every sector of the world economy. Such “futurology” may offer you the big picture, but what does a digital world mean for you, personally? Will you be ready for an automated, AI-assisted, big-data-driven employment future? This course provides you an answer to these questions, and it does so from a unique perspective: by introducing you to the world of intelligence analysis. First, this course explains some of the skills that will command a premium in the digital age, and why. Then, it offers you mental models and practical frameworks developed by the US intelligence community to give you a cognitive edge understanding the digital world. This edge is not about spying or secrets. It’s about better thinking. This analytic toolkit has nothing to do with tired, static MBA-style strategy frameworks. Instead, these tools to help you come to grips with the volatility, uncertainty, ambiguity and deception of the digital age. Ultimately, this course makes the case that as the world becomes more digital, your future success depends most of all on asking better questions of both yourself and others. Therefore, it teaches you how to adopt an intelligence analyst’s question-asking mindset. In short, take this course to acquire a sustainable business advantage through clearer, more structured thinking....




The instructor was very engaging and the way he presented information kept me hooked! This course is very important in the current contexts and the changes occurring in our digital world



Es un curso completo, que e brinda herramientas que quizá ya uno utiliza pero materializadas y con pasos y procesos que aumentan la eficiencia, brindando una visión del mundo diferente.


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創建者 Rogelio E R C






創建者 Mike Y W


I really enjoyed this course! It puts into words some very common sense items to improve thinking processes by introducing a set of tools and frameworks to do so. The readings were thought provoking, and directly tied into the video lectures, which were very easy to understand. I'm taking a star off though as I would have liked to see the correct answers to the quizzes, which were still easy albeit somewhat harder than other courses I've taken on Coursera so far.

創建者 Binaya K P


this is a very different course and does approach the business analysis and intelligence gathering differently. This is useful but the course name may be is misleading . this is not at all about digital age, it talks about how to make better sense of information. I will still recommend this to all managers and business analysts

創建者 Alejandro E R N


Pretty interesting, but I would have liked to see more of the interaction between artificial intelligence and people while doing analysis.

創建者 Jander A V


O curso é uma boa introdução sobre o tema. Mas de fato, trata-se mais de senso comum o conteúdo do curto.

創建者 david d j



創建者 Benjamín A S F


I appreciate the oportunity to be part of this educational process in which, led by a more than qualified educator, I was able to gain insight in certain analisys tools, being able to gain awareness of their existence, and their usefulness for the years to come. I thank the clarity of the concepts, the readings, and the well led interconection between those concepts in order to point out a path to be taken, with the quest of being able to make the most of AI in the nearest future. It's important to be remembered of the capabilities we humans have, and how to make them better.

創建者 John M


IE Business School does it again (also see Critical Perspectives on Management)

Intelligence Tools for the Digital Age non-credit online-course is excellent exposure to better business thinking (adaption, process, strategy ) through a curated presentation of tools & readings sourced from the intelligence gathering industry.

Apart being an excellent recruiting tool, this courses outlines human skills to work on to improve one's integration of A.I .

創建者 Tong L F


While Milo stresses on this course being a course of "common sense", it has been very educational. This introductory "common sense" course has given me insights on how I could incorporate critical thinking/analysis into any subjects. It has challenged me to relook at how I'd design my activities and assignments that not only equip students with knowledge, but also the tools to thrive in the future of work.

創建者 David A


This is my first course online and I'm so grateful with the professor Milo and Santander Ie Scholarship for give me the opportunity to learn different tools of analysis. I thought before that artificial intelligence was a threath because many people would be withouth jobs or something , but now, I think, as Milo said, everything is a complement. Thank you for all.

創建者 Pham N A T


The course provided me with a lot of insights in the analytical process. And the pace is really good, video is sufficient concise and to the point. I also like the readings, very thoughtful of the lecturers to suggest us to read the books and articles in the course to demonstrate his points. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to be a good analyst.

創建者 Anna S


A very useful course for anyone who wants to be introduced to the dichotomy between Artificial Intelligence/Human Brain, Hard and Soft skills, how the machinery can help us with strategy, decision process, and understand the logic between political behavior. The teacher is very communicative, the lessons are always interesting and easy to follow.

創建者 Angie T


Es un gran curso, lo recomiendo y agradezco la oportunidad que me dio IE University de poder hacerlo. Encontrarás estrategias para poder comprender como funciona el análisis de perfiles y poder entender mejor a los demás; lo cual es muy beneficioso en los negocios.

創建者 nasser a


Great delivery for the concept of intelligence. This course sheds light on intelligence tools that would help analysts to work with AI in symbiosis. The metaphor of digital Centaur really fits the description of the coming era that it won't be for AI alone.

創建者 Ymmy C L R


Excelente Curso que permite conocer un poco más el pensamiento de los analistas de inteligencia de negocio, como también algunas herramientas que se utilizan para poder tener un buen análisis y tener una mejor relación con la realidad y la era digital.

創建者 Hayashi T


This course is an excellent, informative one and give us the insight of how we can make use of those Intelligence Tools in the age of digital era in which both human and Artificial Intelligence exist in harmony (symbiosis like bees and flowers).

創建者 Joseph H I


I have worked in the IC. Dr. Jones did a great job of translating fundamental intelligence tools into a general setting, and showing how digital advances will impact both IC and non-IC analysts. Wonderful introductory course.

創建者 Oscar B G


Un curso el cual me hizo ampliar mi visión acerca del uso de las tecnologías y que relación tienen con el hombre y la nueva era que conlleva que la tecnología se adapta a las necesidades de la actividad del humano en sí.

創建者 Brandon E Z T


Muy buen curso, pese a que no es en mi idioma natal, explica de forma correcta las diferentes herramientas que podemos tener para estar preparado ante las diversas situaciones que se nos explica. Gracias desde México.

創建者 Christian M N C


It is a simple but very detailed course with main tools and directions of AI. It provided me a new vision on my roleplay at my company as we are currently feeding our brain so I got this approach from AI.

創建者 Jonás P M


Great course to, as the professor says: "Move from unconscious ignorance to conscious ignorance". In other words, know that out there there are tools to help you be a better intelligence analyst.

創建者 Ernesto D R D


Es un curso completo, que e brinda herramientas que quizá ya uno utiliza pero materializadas y con pasos y procesos que aumentan la eficiencia, brindando una visión del mundo diferente.

創建者 Dimitrios


He makes me feel that there are a lot of rational staff that reasonably I need to be aware of. COngratulations about the important, coherent and subtle knowledge I have been taken!

創建者 Alan M D


This course was wonderful and made me think about connections I had not made before. I loved Professor Jones and his style. I wish the course was longer because I learned so much.