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學生對 爱丁堡大学 提供的 Intellectual Humility: Theory 的評價和反饋

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Faced with difficult questions people often tend to dismiss and marginalize dissent. Political and moral disagreements can be incredibly polarizing, and sometimes even dangerous. And whether it’s Christian fundamentalism, Islamic extremism, or militant atheism, religious dialogue remains tinted by arrogance, dogma, and ignorance. The world needs more people who are sensitive to reasons both for and against their beliefs, and are willing to consider the possibility that their political, religious and moral beliefs might be mistaken. The world needs more intellectual humility. But what is intellectual humility, anyway? And why do people seem so drawn toward intellectual arrogance? Psychologists, philosophers, theologians, and educationalists are now suggesting some answers. In this course we try to define intellectual humility and intellectual virtues in general, and ask how we know who is humble. All lectures are delivered by leading specialists, and the course is organised around a number of interesting readings and practical assignments which will help you address issues related to humility in your daily life. This course is a part of a series which explores the theory, the science and the applied issues surrounding intellectual humility (the latter two coming in June and November 2017). Completing all three courses will give you a broader understanding of this fascinating topic. Look for: • Intellectual Humility: Science - • Intellectual Humility: Practice - You can also follow us on twitter: @EdiPhilOnline and #IHMOOC...




Intellectual Humility: Theory is an important course for any leader or person who wishes to increase their awareness in a changing world and to understand the importance of awareness and knowledge.



This really motivated me to consciously practice intellectual humility. I would definetely recommend this course to whoever may want to open their mind and get a bigger picture of the world.


76 - Intellectual Humility: Theory 的 90 個評論(共 90 個)

創建者 Miguel S M


Very interesting subject and well structured course, with good exposition of the subject. Looking forward into Part 2! Knocked one star off (would be half if I could) just because there is some discontinuity between the three sections/speakers and still a couple of rough edges to smooth out.

創建者 Stuart M


Topic and course are quite interesting. Lectures are clear and easy to follow, but don't have much spark, so not a five stars.

創建者 Henrique d M


It is a great course. Looking forward to the next two modules.

創建者 Amy J V A


first on-line course - enjoyed myself

創建者 D S


Hmmm ... the concept was great, and it really is an important aspect of intellectual pursuits in an age of fake news and internet facts (both comments are sarcastic), there must be honest deliberation on such issues. But as a course, it seems lacking in the mature "punch" needed to convey the right concpets to the learner, gets lost sometimes in the mundane aspects. But overall, worth while, just not a spectacular course experience.

創建者 David F


Some interesting ideas but not entirely convinced by the concept of 'humility' in this context. Is it really any more than simple openness to new ideas and the possibility of being wrong. That is not really 'humble'/ Smacks at times of academic pretension. You need to follow carefully what is being said - not a course to do while doing something else!

創建者 Jason A


I enjoyed exploring the content behind the course, but the material was a little dense for someone without any type of philosophy background. I was familiar with some of the content due to my psychology education.

創建者 Terry C


Interesting topic. Reasonable lectures, but poor study aides. Interesting fora and discussion groups.

創建者 Katherine J


Great Course, but much too fast paced

創建者 Joy S


rather hard to understand

創建者 Chris S


Very dense material

創建者 Steven G


Not so inspiring

創建者 Allyson S


Unfortunately, I found this course to have long and wordy videos and the lectures unclear due to over-intellectualization of the concepts.

創建者 Philip M


I do not feel that this course is ready for publication and is overlong for the material presented.

創建者 Shonal R


Teachers are not good