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學生對 伊利诺伊大学香槟分校 提供的 Instructional Design Foundations and Applications 的評價和反饋

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This course, Instructional Design Foundations, introduces learners to the conceptual and theoretical foundations of instructional design as well as the analysis aspect of instructional systems design in order to create an innovative instructional solution to performance problems in organizations. This particular course also introduces learners to concepts covered in the Instructional Design MasterTrack Certificate. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to: ●Describe the major concepts of instructional systems design ●Describe the major learning and instructional theories ●Describe the process of instructional design and instructional design models ●Describe various analysis activities for instructional design...




Very clear course, provides definitions and/or discussion of terms that at are useful for a clearer understanding of the ID process. Good continuity between topics and good use of diagrams.



I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It is well taught and well organised. The material provided a thorough overview of the field, and the readings were particularly fascinating and helpful.


151 - Instructional Design Foundations and Applications 的 175 個評論(共 206 個)

創建者 Eric W


Overall interesting and well done. Some of the quiz questions are a bit "in the weeds" for a graduate level course. The instructors are excellent.

創建者 Kathleen D


This was a great introduction to Instructional Design. The pace was good, and the activities helped to exercise the concepts discussed.

創建者 Queen N


This course was exceptionally designed with explicit details for every learner to comprehend. I am glad i joined other learners.

創建者 Samraj j


excellent teaching and course content and materiel available. Can do a bit less on the lecture in some videos.

創建者 Магнитская А


Well-structured, in-depth, serious material, great help with building foundations in Instructional Design.

創建者 Linda O


I learnt a lot. Maybe if there can be workbooks or templates that can make it more practical.

創建者 Tara F


Great foundational concepts for those who create training expierences for their organization

創建者 Kevin F


I enjoyesd the course and learned a lot. I would have liked some hands on information.

創建者 Jady A


Good information. However, I would like to get insights into something more practical.

創建者 Stephen G


Very good introductory content to build a foundation to begin Instructional Design.

創建者 Emmanuel F


The lectures are great, although it could be suggested more practice exercises.

創建者 yara a h


I benefited alot from this course. Very happy to have completed it.

創建者 David H


I enjoyed the course and would love to download and take it again.

創建者 Dawn S


Good course if you are looking for learning theory information.

創建者 Zeinab M


Nice course with comprehensive details on instructional design

創建者 Keena P


Very challenging but I would highly recommend this course!

創建者 Deleted A


at some point delivery was not easy to understand

創建者 Maricar Y C


Great start to Instructional Designing career!

創建者 Amanda K


Good overall, for a Foundations Course!

創建者 Diana L


Very good foundation and layout.

創建者 Venkatachaliah K


Good foundational course

創建者 Nguyễn T T


very good

創建者 Benjamin W


The course content material was very practical in that it allowed me to look at my subject matter and determine how I can actually design a course. The instructors were very knowledgeable, however, Mr. Huang was hard to follow at times. Teaching online is a very different environment from face-to-face. More dynamics and energy is needed to keep the learner's attention. I may suggest that more enthusiasm be generated when speaking in front of the camera. All other instructors were great. They came across the platform with much enthusiasm, practical knowledge, and most of all, experience in dealing with the course content was unveiled. With respect to peer reviews, I understand that online learners need to get involved by discussions, however, to have a peer review an assignment and base a final grade from a peer review is quite disturbing. I understand the large volume of students in the online environment, however, it is the instructor who should review the assignments and offer the grade. This course would benefit if there were a question and answering component that involved the instructors. I had questions regarding a module, but did not know who to contact to engage in a conversation. Yes, the discussion forums are present, but those were not avail. The discussion forums tend to lose value as no one is actually monitoring the discussions. I ask that the team review the discussion forums and devise a plan to actually review and respond to the learners. Thank you.

創建者 Kevin L


The course had too much information for me to recall. Waiting for a peer to become available to review my assignment was also a time consuming process. The course is very thorough indeed, and whomever takes it will gain a deep understanding of the principles and basis of I.D. Be prepared to watch many videos, and be prepared for rigorous formative assessments. It is my belief that Week 4's summative assessment's question 5 is problematic, as many students have indicated. It really needs re-thinking, as I had to take the test more than 10 times just for the sake of that one question that I needed to get over the 80% pass threshold. In retrospect, am I happy about paying the $60 -odd Dollars to complete this certificated course, with the the name 'University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign' attached, and did I learn a lot? Yes. The value and knowledge gain was very good.

創建者 Josh P


The reason why I don't give this course a 4 or 5 star review is because it seems the administrators/facilitators of this course haven't looked into and changed the issues that learners are identifying in the discussion forum with Week 4 quiz- particularly questions #3 and #5. Either the wrong answers were mistakenly checked as correct answers in the quiz builder, or the content does not line up correctly with the questions, because there are inconsistencies with the content and those quiz questions. I spent several hours re-attempting this quiz and became very confused with the content and also very frustrated. In the end, I had to search in the discussion forum for the correct answers that someone kindly provided, or else I would've spent multiple additional days re-taking this quiz until I passed by luck.