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學生對 Google 云端平台 提供的 Industrial IoT on Google Cloud 的評價和反饋

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Learn Industrial Internet of Things on Google Cloud...




It was a nice experience for me . I learnt a lot about google cloud platform and how the cloud works .Their assignments and labs were very fun and productive. This is a perfect course for a beginner.



Great Course. I was new to Google Cloud. But, the course teach well about the Google Cloud Platform. I had some problems in the Qwiklab sessions. But, I resolve them by chatting. Thank You!


26 - Industrial IoT on Google Cloud 的 50 個評論(共 712 個)

創建者 MD H K


It was tremendous journey through this course. I learnt many things about google and how google actually works. It was fun when i finished those lab work on google cloud platforms. How the BigQuery actually works now i know. Thank yoi everyone who was from the beginning to end through this course. And Thanks to Google and coursera giving me the opportunity to do this course.

創建者 Lim S


thought this was worth a review! first time using Google Cloud Platform. i enjoyed the hands on lab. although some times there may be certain issues faced, you will need to wait for a few minutes for the result to load. great weighttage on hands on and theory. forum is also useful!

Recommended even if you are a first time user to Google Cloud Platform. (Step by step guide)

創建者 Luis A G A


Es un buen curso, impartido muy profesionalmente por Google Cloud Training.

Fue de gran ayuda para aprender sobre el uso de nuevas plataformas para IoT. Además, se aprende que el desarrollo de IoT no solo tiene que ver con el diseño electrónico e implementación de sensores, sino también como manipular todos los datos obtenidos de los sensores.

Gran curso, ¡Recomendado!

創建者 Moria W


I learned a lot about how data is managed in industrial IoT settings. Using simulated data trained from the labs, I learned the process from running data simulation, creating dataflow pipeline to ingest streaming data, and querying from Cloud Storage and BigQuery to architect insightful charts in Data Studio in order to create meaningful business insights from data.

創建者 Vishnu


This is an amazing course with lots of interactive elements and labs to give you an overview on the IOT through google cloud platform. I really enjoyed this course and learnt a lot. The qwiklabs really shines in this course where in you will be able to interact with the google cloud platform and learn how to create different elements. All in all, a fantastic course.

創建者 Guruprasad R


Very nicely structured course and makes one understand the bare basics of the cloud platform of google. The live example using mobile phone is not there yet. It would have been great if we could just take some live data from mobile sensor eg. sound or proximity and other (probably with an app with restricted access to only microphone etc). Best Regards to the team.

創建者 Abhishek S


At the starting I am very excited to learn with google with hands on practice labs and I honestly saying that that excitement and learning intrest never goes down uptill after ending of the course . I am very thankful to google as well as coursera through which I can add a new skill and improve myself also i am excited to learn more about google cloud . Thank you

創建者 T.R. S


This Course was really interesting.I learned a lot of new topics.The Qwiklabs support team responded to my request with fast response and with patience.I loved using coursera. Thank You for giving me this opportunity to learn this course.I would also like to thank the coursera team for providing me financial aid to study this course.

Thanking You.


創建者 Saravana s M


As I'm newbie to cloud and IOT, I had gain lot of stuffs on google cloud platform especially in big query and data prep. Usage of qwiks labs on the courses were awesome and it develops my knowledge and skills. I had a suggestion that the optional labs for capstone project has been removed. It would be better if it is also included on the course schedule.

創建者 Sajana M


This course offers students, not only an overview of what IoT is - but also access to how the Google Cloud Platform accelerates the possibilities of the Internet of Things. Highly recommended for a refresher of IoT or as a total novice to grasp the underlying concepts of how you can tap into powerful insights from actionable data for your industry.

創建者 Akash A


Industrial IOT on Google Cloud Platform is a very interesting subject to learn. After learning the course i can grasp the importance of IOT in current and future technologies. I find this course to be very helpful

in understanding the ways in which technology improves and how IOT can be used in business and other branches of society .

創建者 Samyakt P


Finally I completed the “Industrial IoT on Google Cloud Platform” course and training authorized by Google Cloud. It was a wonderful experience to work on the Cloud Side of IoT in real-time by various interactive sessions and labs on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The course was really awesome and I enjoyed it !

創建者 mohsin b


Content of course is very good, specifically Qwiklab sessions were arranged very nicely. One can understand IIOT basuc concepts, data storage on cloud, data collection from sensors, data analysis, upload data to cloud, report , dataprep etc. I will wait to learn advanced level course on IIOT.

創建者 Francesco M


Really enjoyed this course where are covered all the steps for an IoT application using Google Cloud Platform for getting data form sensors publishing to topic and subscribing to it, data processing and storage, data analysis with BigQuery and external tools for creating insightful reports.

創建者 kushal k


It's a perfect platform to learn about google cloud,it was stunning.Though i am an electrical engineer i like to learn this course it was very impressive to learn and the labs was instructed with each stepby step and its extraordinary course for beginner's who wants to learn IOT.

創建者 Trivenugopal K


The course content is more than I expected. I will highly recommended to those who want to explore and work on IOT on google platform. It will help the student in understanding various components. My special thanks to the instructors for their excellent delivery of subject.

創建者 Michele W


Excellent course for anyone new to IOT and network infrastructure. The labs provide a hands on experience not found in other Google Cloud courses and despite any technical glitches are priceless opportunities to explore the working of Google Cloud and how extensive it is.

創建者 MD A R A


It was a great experience to learn Industrial IoT on Google Cloud Platform course. All the lectures and readings were focused on to the topic and explained with examples. I like this course. Thanks to everyone who were involved designing this course and content.

創建者 Pushpa K


With this course I got the idea on Google Cloud Platform and its working. I am new to this field. First time I heard Qwiklabs and learned basics of it. Those lectures and labs are very precious to me. Thank you for providing training free on this course.

創建者 Abhishek B P


Course is very well structured and articulated. Labs and quiz are great to check for knowledge understanding. This course is more practical that gives you hands-on experience on Google Cloud Platform. Looking forward to such more courses from Google.



Really a great course, any one thinking of learning how to interconnect IoT devices and making useful insights from data coming from these devices should take this course. love the content rich short videos and reading. i am definitely giving 5 star



This is a great platform to learn Industrial IoT on the cloud platform. There are so many videos in the course that helped me a lot. The practical sessions were awesome. If you want to learn industrial IoT then you should definitely try this.

創建者 Ahmed F


A good course, less theoretical more practical (many labs with dedicated Google cloud platform accounts) some points need more simplification specially data flow part, in general the course expects some familiarity with Google cloud platform.

創建者 B T


The lab sessions were very thorough with respect to the description of each and every step. There was sufficient guidance provided by means of the reading materials and videos. The course was worth the time and effort it warranted.