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學生對 IBM 提供的 Exploratory Data Analysis for Machine Learning 的評價和反饋

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This first course in the IBM Machine Learning Professional Certificate introduces you to Machine Learning and the content of the professional certificate. In this course you will realize the importance of good, quality data. You will learn common techniques to retrieve your data, clean it, apply feature engineering, and have it ready for preliminary analysis and hypothesis testing. By the end of this course you should be able to: Retrieve data from multiple data sources: SQL, NoSQL databases, APIs, Cloud  Describe and use common feature selection and feature engineering techniques Handle categorical and ordinal features, as well as missing values Use a variety of techniques for detecting and dealing with outliers Articulate why feature scaling is important and use a variety of scaling techniques   Who should take this course? This course targets aspiring data scientists interested in acquiring hands-on experience  with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in a business setting.   What skills should you have? To make the most out of this course, you should have familiarity with programming on a Python development environment, as well as fundamental understanding of Calculus, Linear Algebra, Probability, and Statistics....




Very detailed course of Exploratory Data Analysis for Machine learning. Ready to take the next step in data science or Machine learning, this is great course for taking you to the next level.



Excellent, very detailed. However, if the lessons can be expand for hypothesis testing and some of their common test like T test, Anova 1 and 2 way, chi square, would be better further.


126 - Exploratory Data Analysis for Machine Learning 的 150 個評論(共 162 個)

創建者 Alexander S


The quality of this course is very good. It helped me to get a basic understanding of exploratory data analysis. Whereas the first weeks topic was more or less early for me, the seconds weeks topic about statistics was more challenging and I also had to do some own research to deepen the contents discussed in the lectures.

創建者 Anna R


I really liked this course, has been extremely useful for me as a starting point for next IBM courses. One suggestion to improve - some concepts are covered a bit superficially, in my view, e.g. Hypothesis Testing. Maybe going a bit more into theory would help.

創建者 jake t


The information was good though basic. I thought the info on hypothesis testing and probability was probably not necessary for an ML course where this should be assumed. The teacher was clearly reading off a script which was at times not so engaging.

創建者 Arnav G


It is fairly difficult for a beginner - although the level is intermediate for this course and there are a few prerequisites, somehow I still feel that a lot is pending to be explained, esp. in the DEMO/LAB exercises

創建者 Ghanem A


Excellent content and examples. Would be great if another example for hypothesis testing is added to demonstrate this concept with a typical ML dataset (maybe use one of the previous datasets used during the course)

創建者 Erick O A


Great instructions, wonderful demos and insightful comments on the results. The only part that I did not find well explained is the part on hypothesis testing. Some details could be added on t-test and z-test.

創建者 Ignacio A S B


It lacks a deeper view of the topics and applications on programming for a real world Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), but gives the basic tools and understanding to introduce you to EDA.

創建者 Alexandros A


The first week of this course was very informative and with a lot of examples. Although, the second week was difficult to understand, the concepts nad the examples were not clear.

創建者 Aditya M


Good introduction. The time estimates to complete assignments are off.

Need a lot more material and direction for assignments to aid learning.

創建者 Dany D C


I know some basic statistics knowledge is required, but sometimes the analysis story is unconnected, and sometimes make the story confusing.



The course is good. What it lacks to get the 5 stars is to be able to download the slides of the classes or to have a documentation.

創建者 Arunav C


It is a really insightful and interactive learning experience. Furthermore, the trainers and coaches were very knowledgable.

創建者 Mahmudul F A A


In week 2, the lessons were a bit in rush and it would be better to have a bit more detailed discussion.

創建者 Medha J


Very Nice course , will teach you in detail all the techniques of EDA with practical code.

創建者 Aravind


Was able to learn and practice many topics in this course. Very useful for Data Analysis.

創建者 Joseph F


Good introduction. Quiz questions mostly on terminology and not understanding.

創建者 Roberta D


Very interesting course, good for getting ideas to deepen the topic!

創建者 Olivier F


G​ood introduction and Exploratory Data Analysis course.



A good background in math and some python is needed.

創建者 Miguel D


I wish the hypothesis part was a bit more detailed

創建者 DONG C


B​etter than other IBM ML certificate series

創建者 Tania L


Quite interesting course for beginners

創建者 Chandan K G


It was nice learning experience.

創建者 OMAR A H H


Very well structured

創建者 Pampa D


Good content.