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學生對 北京大学 提供的 Chinese for HSK 1 的評價和反饋

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Nǐ hǎo! 你好!Welcome to Chinese for HSK Level 1 - a Chinese course for beginners. My name is YU Bin. I am very happy to meet you here! HSK stands for Hànyǔ (Chinese) Shuǐpíng (level) Kǎoshì (test), which is the most important Chinese proficiency test in use today. It assesses non-native Chinese speakers’ abilities in using Chinese in their daily, academic and professional lives. Chinese for HSK Level 1 is the first part of the 6 levels and assesses test takers’ abilities in the application of everyday Chinese. It is the counterpart of Level 1 of the Chinese Language Proficiency Scales for Speakers of Other Languages and the A1 Level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. You will learn:  30 video lectures with dialogue role plays by PKU students;  More than 150 commonly used words;  Around 50 key grammar points;  New words and texts via audio;  Quizzes for each lesson and HSK test papers;  Videos for 70 basic Chinese characters (optional);  Supplementary materials about China (optional). In short, the course covers the four skills although only listening and reading are tested in HSK. At the end of the course, you will be able to understand and use simple Chinese phrases, meet basic needs for communication and possess the ability to further your Chinese language studies. Have a fantastic journey of Chinese learning. For more information about HSK please visit:



finally an online course that delivers, great way to kickstart or reboot your chinese. the formula of the lesson is simple and easy to follow, a fantastic way to start, definitely moving on to HSK2


Excellent course, Yu Bin explains the material very well and the content is well organised. I would have liked further explanations on the grammar and additional practice exercises beyond the quiz


51 - Chinese for HSK 1 的 75 個評論(共 618 個)

創建者 Derya Y


Compared to many other online courses outside of Coursera, this online course is the most efficient so far. A very high quality course for Chinese learners from the oldest university in China. Ms Yu Bin´s Chinese classes provides a very high level of learning experience for disciplined learners. After completing the HSK 1 course, it seems to be impossible to fail the HSK1 test.

Thank you very much to the 北京 大学 汉语水平考试 Team!

創建者 Amy R


You get to learn about basic words and sentences so that when your done with the course you'll be able to have simple conversations with others. This course also teaches you the Chinese characters and how to write them in the correct stroke order too. As a bonus, you even get a small amount of Chinese culture information sprinkled in throughout the course as well. This is a great way to start your learning for Chinese.

創建者 Hilal Ö


I really liked the course. All the lessons were so easy to understand and I can't explain how good it was with a few words. Every dialogue was needed and enough, every material was efficient. I also really liked how the final exam is similar to HSK exams so we can get some idea about it too. It was beneficial and I will definitely continue to learn through this HSK Chinese series for sure. Thanks for the good work!

創建者 Arianne T M


Has many USEFUL short conversation videos, EXPLAINS every single character used in those and the audios really help to improve LISTENING. The course make it easy for us to remember because REVIEWS those dialogues and give us the chance (optional) to write characters. I learned by repetition: video of dialogue, explanation of it, audio of the dialogue broken into small sentences, write some characters.

創建者 Raúl V M


This course was really nice and easy to follow. The explanations were clear, and the content propely structured. I really liked the fact that a lot of listening output was offered, without missing essential parts such as writing hanzi properly. The fact that not only are preparing you for HSK1 but to learn Chinese in itself was really appreciated. I will definitely follow up with the Chinese for HSK2.

創建者 Deleted A


Thank you so much for the opportunity to fill in some of my gaps! I have lived in China now for over 7 years but have always struggled with my listening and speaking skills [as well as not knowing many of the characters around me]. You have already gone a long way towards plugging up those pesky holes and helping me grow some confidence again in trying to learn Chinese :) God bless to you all!

創建者 Maria I F


I loved the course. I had started learning Chinese a year ago but had stopped studying for a while. This course helped me to get back on track and it helped me to remember many words and grammar structures I had forgotten about. I loved the dialogues, exercises, and quizzes. Thank you very much for this great course. I plan to take the next course and continue learning Chinese.

創建者 Virginia H


This course was a great introduction to Chinese, and also provided optimal exercises similar enough to the actual HSK test. The content for each lesson is appropriately divided by categories, making it easier to find what you're looking for when you don't remember something well. Having an HSK mock exam as the final test will also prove very useful when taking the real version.

創建者 Suchaya P


I tried to study Chinese when I was 10 years old and I gave up since then.

This course have changed my mind!! I gain a lot of basic knowledge that we need to know in this course including how to read pinyin, plenty of vocabularies, grammars and conversations.

Thanks to Ms.YU Bin and teams. I definitely will continue the other courses. It really help me in my career!

創建者 William D S C


It has been an amazing experience for me. I started with the Chinese for Beginners course, and now I completed the HSK 1 Course. I want to thank Peking University for the quality of these courses, my only suggestion would be to improve some of the dialogues because some of them have to much echo and this makes harder the process of understanding the conversation.

創建者 Natalia V


I am very thankful to Pekin University for the resources in this course. Aside from this course, I bought a second-hand book to practice for HSK and now I have my certificate. For a long time, I really wanted to start learning Chinese but is very expensive where I live and I couldn't afford it. Great course, and resources to make learning Chinese fun and easy! :)

創建者 Victor Y


The content is explained clearly and progresses at a good pace. I already had one semester of college Mandarin and a year of self study before taking this course, but I wanted a refresher. Even though I'm not quite a beginner, I still gained some new insight on using Mandarin in practical settings. Overall, I would highly recommend this course for beginners.

創建者 Pierre S


A great course for starting to learn Chinese with the additional goal of learning to pass the important HSK level 1 proficiency test. Instructor is YU Bin is one of most dedicated college professor I have ever meet in my years taking courses at university or Coursera! It really shows in her teaching style and the constant feedback that she provides.

創建者 Chutikarn N


This course is very useful for beginners who want to learn basic Chinese and would like to test HSK1. The instructor will teach you about basic Chinese words, grammar, and culture. So, you will get a lot of knowledge which is necessary for the examination. Moreover, you can use it for communication in daily life with Chinese friends, too. :)

創建者 Alfia W


This course is an enjoyable way to prepare for or review the HSK 1 test materials. Teacher Yu Bin is very pleasant and easy to understand. The video dialogues incorporate real-life grammar and vocabulary. Be sure to use the class resources, which include the texts and translations of dialogues, vocabulary lists, and more. Excellent class.

創建者 Oso


I learned a lot from this course, the basics of the Chinese language from introduction to directions to asking basic questions. The favorite content is the video materials that can be replayed several times enabling to learn the conversations promptly. I am looking forward to learning Chinese, would love to learn HSK2. Xièxiè nǐ lǎo shì!

創建者 Joao F


I love it, very well done the teacher explains with examples and inside the videos there are a lot of exercises. The part that I like the most its the listening section, the other Chinese courses don't have that and like the title of the course this is a great step to get to know the HSK test from 1 - 3.2 here with Pekin University

創建者 Wiler R


I want to congratulate all the people who put a great effort in this course to make it possible for us to learn this amazing language during hard times. I'm pretty sure that I want to keep learning this language for the rest of my life if it is possible. There is nothing more to say just a few words of gratitude.



創建者 Wallis


I've learnt a lot from Chinese for HSK 1. Thank you Ms Yu Bin and all mentors as you all made learning Chinese a pleasure. This course is clear, easy to understand and well structured. I will continue until HSK 3. Hopefully, preparation course for HSK 4 will be offered in the near future. Sitting for HSK 4 exam is my goal.

創建者 Steve H


Excellent resource for preparing for the HSK 1 exam. I used this course as a refresher as I prepare for the HSK 3 exam, working my way up. I will complete the HSK 2 course here as well before taking the HSK 3 course. I am confident that if I continue to apply my study method that I will pass the exams using these courses.

創建者 Cuong H K


I just say one thing. If you ever wanted to learn Chinese, and struggling about finding the right path to learn it. This series is the right path. You just need to follow the lectures. No textbooks needed, no boring lectures, the two things you need to learn this language is time and passion. Happy learning Chinese!

創建者 Cornelia H


Very professional course, easy-to-follow and complete. I was amazed by how fast I progressed. After one and a half month only, I could follow basic conversations, read and write almost 150 words and express basic needs in Chinese. The course’s videos helped to get used to the speed of Chinese native speakers.

創建者 mae


A well made Chinese language course, the course materials are really up to date and helpful for everyday conversation furthermore the course content for each week are well planned and easy to follow. The course taught a few aspects in learning writing, reading, listening and including some of Chinese culture.

創建者 Arnold B


A superb introduction to Chinese. I had previously been using Rosetta Stone but HSK 1 is much better for the following reasons: 1) listening to actual dialogs 2) grammar explanations provided 3) details of each dialog including translation and 4) learning to write the characters. Very well done program.

創建者 Rafael B / 하 / 拉


Muito bom o curso! o aprendizado é bem explicado e aplicado de forma organizada, o aprendizado melhora muito. Falo por experiência própria. O curso foi muito bem organizado tanto na parte da plataforma com nas explicações da professora YU BIN. Muito bom, recomendo. Agora, vou em busca do meu HSK 6. rs