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學生對 佛罗里达大学 提供的 马的课程:基本护理和管理介绍 的評價和反饋

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There are over 100 million horses, donkeys and mules in the world today and owners of these animals can be found on almost every continent and in almost every society. The Horse Course will cover many unique aspects of equine ownership and touch upon the science behind many of today’s management practices....



Sep 09, 2018

I have learnt so much by taking this course, so thorough and engaging, ill be sad to not be studying this on my evenings anymore for sure.\n\n100% recommend. Thankyou for holding such a great course.


Sep 28, 2016

I have done a equine anatomy and physiology course through Toces in England, and have found when comparing this short online course very insightfull. I would love to do more of these


26 - 马的课程:基本护理和管理介绍 的 50 個評論(共 180 個)

創建者 Charlotte G

Aug 07, 2016

A brilliant course, covered a lot for an introductory course and definitely exceeded my expectations. I knew nothing about horses before starting the course but did not struggle to follow along. Thank you to all the staff that worked on this course, I cannot rate it high enough.

創建者 Amanda F M

Jan 26, 2016

Really Enjoying This Course!

創建者 Sandi B

Feb 05, 2016

This was a great course as an introductory course. For me it worked as a great refresher course and supported my management process I currently have in place.

創建者 patricia c

Dec 12, 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed the class. Even though I've been dealing with horses through breeding and racing for over 20 years I still learned a lot of information that I thought I knew and didn't. This is a very easy format to follow time frames for adequate. And I hope that there are follow-up courses for this apart 234 excetera thank you everyone for all the input it was a pleasure meeting a lot of people from different places and I hope that you have a magnificent time in New Zealand. Why anyone would ever want to move here I have no earthly idea but enjoy. Always remember it's the one who gets across the line first who wins. Tally ho!

創建者 Jeanette D

Feb 06, 2017

This is a really comprehensive course with very clear information. There are assignments which really make you think about how you care for your horse. I've completed horse care course before, which have been face to face classes but this has been the best one by far.

創建者 Carlos C

Jan 15, 2017

This course was carefully programmed and developped by a team directed by Chris Mortensen.

It is obvious that he loves horses and the research he does, specially that concerning equine reproduction.

I love horses myself and I learned a lot of characteristics about horses and other equid animals.

It is a very complete course as introduction to the field. If more developped courses are programmed, I will be happy to follow them.

Thanks a lot to the whole team and Coursera for programming this kind of courses.

創建者 Michelle H

Feb 19, 2016

Love the teacher! Even though the full course hasn't started yet, I loved the introduction and can't wait to get started on the full course!

創建者 Carina M

Jul 25, 2017

Great course! I doubted about the course, because I haven't equid animal and meet them very periodically. But, actually I got a lot important information. Moreover, the lector is great - he explains very popular and interest. The games help to remember learning material. I advice to take this course for everybody who is interested in animal.

創建者 Kelli S

Apr 02, 2016

I enjoyed this course. The material was interesting and rewarding to study. I recommend this class for people who own Horses, work with them or if they just want to learn about Horses so they can understand them better. I work with Horses and the information in this course has helped me to understand them better.

創建者 Sandy B

Mar 08, 2016

I've owned and ridden horses for 20+ years and found plenty of content in this course of value. I definitely recommend it for the horse obsessed and inquisitive folks!

創建者 Angenieta D Y

Mar 27, 2016

Interesting, fun, excellent lectures!

創建者 Maria K

Mar 13, 2016

Great introductory course with very useful information and tips! Thank you

創建者 Anam K

Jun 25, 2017

Such a good informative course about Equids. I look at them in a completely different way now, than how I used to see them earlier. All credits to the course and the Professor.

創建者 Diane M

Oct 19, 2017

THANK YOU !! I really enjoyed this class and learned tons , look forward to taking more

創建者 Elli M

May 01, 2018

Great course! Covers a large breadth of topics from hoof anatomy to breeding. Even as a more experienced horse person I learned a lot.


May 28, 2018

This course is amazing! Very easy, yet very informative! The instructor is easy to understand and very personable. I recommend this course to everyone!

創建者 Eone W

Aug 15, 2017

Fun and informative course

創建者 JoAnne M F

Jan 12, 2018


創建者 Heather S

Dec 17, 2017

Fantastic!! Very educational!

創建者 Beth W

Jun 06, 2018

Great course! I would recommend it to anyone that has an interest in horses.

創建者 Katherine C

Nov 20, 2016

An excellent course providing a broad range of information. I highly recommend it, and hope that Coursera expands their range of Horse (and other animal) courses.

創建者 hackheaven123

Oct 21, 2016



創建者 Lee C W

Nov 15, 2016

Excellent course with great explanations and examples!

創建者 J C

Jan 24, 2017

This course has a lot of good information

創建者 Georgina

Jul 01, 2017

A very well organised course, that covers a broad range of useful topics related to horse care. The professor is engaging, excited, and his lecture style is comfortable and clear. As a rider since toddlerhood, there were a few topics that either refreshed or fleshed out my current knowledge, and many details that I simply didn't know or had forgotten. Information was general, in depth, current and, was adaptable to different equines and countries -- it wasn't Florida or USA-specific. Would recommend to any horse-person or enthusiast who wants to learn, or just refresh!