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Welcome to Introduction to Hearing Loss Disorders of the ear range from simple, easily treated entities (such as wax or cerumen impaction) to the highly complex (such as permanent hearing loss). Many of these disorders manifest with similar symptoms and may be difficult to differentiate without a basic understanding of the anatomy of the ear and auditory pathway. This course, offered by the Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai, presents the basic anatomy of the ear from the auricle or outer ear to the brain. The pathophysiology of each type of hearing loss is presented and common pathology in each of the three areas of the ear (outer, middle and inner) are reviewed. Participants will become familiar with the structural and cellular anatomy in each area, as well as the underlying pathophysiology for various disorders. They will also gain an understanding of available treatments for various ear conditions. Week 1: Introduction Week 2: Anatomy and pathophysiology of the auditory pathway (15 min. + quiz) Week 3: Disorders and treatments of the outer ear (15 min. + quiz) Week 4: Disorders and treatments of the middle ear (15 min. + quiz) Week 5: Disorders and treatments of the inner ear (15 min. + quiz) The primary objectives of this course are to: • Recognize the functional and cellular anatomy of the auditory pathway • Understand the types of hearing loss and common causes of each type • Demonstrate familiarity with disorders of the outer, middle and inner ear Those participating in this course have the option to complete the course at no cost or receive the Coursera Signature Track Certificate for $49.95. Course Planners: Lisa Chase Ni-ka Ford Jill Gregory Gale Justin Paul Lawrence Erik Popil Kelly Zerella Amy Zhong Taught By: Maura Cosetti, MD Assistant Professor Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Director, Cochlear Implant Program Ear Institute at New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai Mount Sinai Health System...



It's very informative and precise about ear anatomy, physiology and pathology of the ear... Cochlear implants functioning is elaborated very well. Thanks you so much team Coursera.


As a person that has hearing loss, I found this course helpful in understanding why and how it happens. I have hissing which goes away when I put the hearing aids in.


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創建者 Peter S K


nice course .. simple and very useful to my specialty.. Many thanks to Dr. Maura and Coursera for this nice gift :)

創建者 Shavonne M


It was an amazing class to sit through. Everything was explained simply and clearly. Dr. Maura Cosetti was extremely knowledgeable and made the classes very enjoyable for me. I will be watching a few videos again to make sure I understood everything. Thank you so much!!!

創建者 Christian B


Although this is a relatively short course, it contains a wealth of information. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is wanting to learn more about hearing loss especially as a first course before moving into more in depth material in other courses.

創建者 Kay D


An excellent well-presented course full of useful information. It was also enjoyable which is a bit plus.

創建者 Debbie T


I work as a Newborn Hearing Screener. This course gave me valuable information regarding hearing anatomy, as well as a good working knowledge of hearing loss possible in newborns.

創建者 Javier B E


Es un curso muy interesante sobre uno de los sentidos más importantes con que cuentan los seres humanos y animales, pero es sumamente delicado a la pérdida auditiva por el congestionamiento que sufre del cerumen y de las secreciones que vierte la mucosa que tapiza los órganos de la audición y las respuestas que dan las células motrices de la corteza cerebral a la células neurosensitivas de la cóclea; unos impulsos eléctricos sensitivos van y otros regresan como impulsos eléctricos que generan el movimiento para tener el circuito completo por medio del par craneal vestíbulo-coclear. Yo veo un problema en el ángulo que se forma en el límite de la porción cartilaginosa y ósea del tubo de Eustaquio, pues es muy estrecho, son 2 milímetros que fácilmente pueden quedar obstruídos. La exposición del curso de la Directora de Implantes Cocleares es excelente, mis más sinceras ¡¡¡felicitaciones!!! Amablemente Javier Barrera Estrada

創建者 Mr.M.V.V.S. P


as an engineering teacher, I have no basic knowledge about ears, but I have a problem on my right ear that I am feeling a little pain(very mild, better to call it as sensing, little burning) and it appears sometimes.

SO finally I understood that it is due to pressure difference ar right ear and it(pressure unbalance) is due to allergy in the nose(i have sinus from last 20 years and I haven't take medicine)

創建者 Mary J


Thank you for an excellent short course. It was very informative and applicable in my career. I will endeavor to use lesson learnt in teaching clients entrusted to my care and colleagues. I am interested in taking courses on other related topics.

N.B I would be very grateful to pay for the certificate for this course . I therefore solicit your assistance in this regard.

Thank you

創建者 Aedrian A


I thoroughly enjoyed this course, and I feel like this should have been how my medical school professors taught the topics included here - completely and clearly. I will undoubtedly revisit the materials in the future when I review hearing loss and the ear anatomy & physiology for exams and clinical rotations.

創建者 Misbah Y


I have learnt about ear anatomy, types of hearing loss and the treatments. its really adds to my knowledge about hearing loss. As I have acute otitis media, I wanted to know about these details and this course really helps me.

創建者 Juan M R G


E​l curso cubre de manera simplificada todos los aspectos importantes acerca del funcionamiento de la audicion y los problemas que pueden afectarle. Las diapositivas y las explicaciones son excelentes.

創建者 Пепельжи С П


Отличный вводный курс. В сжатой форме подаются основные необходимые сведения об анатомии уха и причинах возможных проблем со слухом. В последнем модуле лоббирование кохлеарной имплантации :)

創建者 Alvaro D C


It seemed like a very good introduction to hearing loss. It is a very broad topic and allows you to see various problems from their origin to treatment in a general and understandable way.

創建者 Akrma S


It's very informative and precise about ear anatomy, physiology and pathology of the ear... Cochlear implants functioning is elaborated very well. Thanks you so much team Coursera.

創建者 Pieter C


As a person that has hearing loss, I found this course helpful in understanding why and how it happens. I have hissing which goes away when I put the hearing aids in.

創建者 Rukiya M


Well selected Topic, the contents are easy to read and understand. No complicated words so far. Outstanding Lecturer . Congratulations. You made us proud . Thank you

創建者 Daniel F P


Muy interesante, bien estructurado y perfectamente explicado. Muy esclarecedor sobre los diferentes tipos de pérdida auditiva, así como sus causas y tratamiento.

創建者 Jefry X M Q


Excellent course, on a subject of the utmost importantce such as hearing loss. Thank you for the opportunity to learn from Dr. Cosetti, an excellent profesor.

創建者 Abdulaziz A


amazing, easy, and has just the right amount of content (not too little and not too much) it can easily be done by a veteran procrastinator like my self. :)

創建者 Hiba H


كانت دوره ممتازه وارجوا زياده دورات السمع وتنزيل ك تخصص للاستفاده منه للعمل بالنسبه للشهاده ح اطلبها اول الشهر لظروف العمل وعدم توفر كامل المبلغ وشكرا 💕

創建者 Lara D G


Short and sweet, very informative. Would appreciate a longer version of the course though it is convenient for people with not a lot of time.

創建者 Patil V H


It is very informative introductory course. Very precisely explained various types of hearing losses, their and solutions. Thank you.

創建者 Hilal A


I have graduated at Audiology program and I already knew what the professor teaches but it was still nice to listan all of them again

創建者 Miriam R


The videos were easy to follow and rereading the definitions each week made the concepts easy to remember. I learned a lot.

創建者 Jama M


Great introduction to general topics needed to understand the anatomy of the ear and common conditions related to hearing.