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學生對 曼彻斯特大学 提供的 全球健康和人道主​​义 的評價和反饋

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Welcome to the Global Health and Humanitarianism MOOC. We are delighted to have you with us, and hope that the next six weeks will provide an interesting and thoughtful experience for you. We hope the course will give you an overview of global health and humanitarianism in theory and in practice. These fields overlap, and are connected, in many significant ways. However, we have used three key themes to explore our subjects: each key theme will be discussed over two week blocks by specialist course lecturers, and supported by unique video perspectives by three keynote speakers who are leading specialists in the field. - Weeks 1 & 2: An Introduction to Global Health Dr Amy Hughes MBE; - Weeks 3 & 4: Humanitarian Responses and Dilemmas Dr Tim Jacoby; - Weeks 5 & 6: The Right to Humanitarian Assistance and the Responsibility to Protect Dr Kirsten Howarth. To get the best out of the course we encourage you to try and set aside a few hours each week. This will give you time to work through videos, written materials and linked resources, and to get involved with discussion with other learners. We have provided a variety of different readings, resources and suggested activity based on the course content. Some will be essential to your understanding of the MOOC themes, and to assessment (if you have chosen to take part in assessment activity). Others will be for those of you who want to discover more about a particular subject or perspective, or to make your own study of global health or humanitarianism in action. Check through the weekly resources and content to find out which best suit your needs. During the course we will look at a range of different opinions and debates, linked to key themes and addressing ethics and moral issues. We hope you will be inspired and encouraged to explore and share your own perspectives, and those of others, throughout the course. Different viewpoints are essential to understanding global health and humanitarian practice. We hope you enjoy the next six weeks finding out about Global Health and Humanitarianism, and look forward to hearing from you on the discussion boards....




Excellent, interesting course with knowledgable speakers and a vast array of reading material and additional educational resources. I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and am inspired to learn more!



I would like to thank all my tutors for their time and knowledge for this insightful course. I thank COURSERA for putting up such programs to educate and train to equip us for the world and beyond


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創建者 Vivek S


Great Course on Humanitarian Aspects of our World!

創建者 Alejandra S


F​antastic! Very informative, I learned a lot!!

創建者 Nelson K


A very detailed and informative course!



Interesting, wide and complete!!

創建者 MD I H


Excellent course. I loved it.

創建者 Abdullah S


Everyone must do this course

創建者 Bella N


like this course. thx

創建者 Panthayil K B


Excellent course

創建者 Gabriel A P


Muy bueno




創建者 Mohammed A A


The course is very helpful for me to clearly understand the essence of humanitarian action all over the world, esp. in developing countries (Yemen). I have read a lot about this field recently but nothing better than an organized course made by HCRI in very elegant manner to give such a complete image. I am going to read more with in-deep understanding, thanks to Dr. Hughes, Prof. Jacoby and Dr. Howarth as well as the experts. I really appreciate your efforts to explain the controversial issues. I have an enough idea about the current discussions related to humanitarian response.

創建者 Beka K


I wish there would be a better quality of slides in the presentations. Besides, there are 3 quizzes and from that, second quiz seemed to me out of content of the given material. However, the rest of the course was good.

創建者 Joyce H K


Very informative however, there were a few course materials that were missing mostly readings, i had to search some of them on the internet.



really useful course, an excellent succinct intro into global health and humanitarianism

創建者 Teshome A W


I found the course very informative. Thank you for the orgnisers.

創建者 Jonathan D


Excellent course!

創建者 Thomas P


The course is detailed and interesting. However, the videos are not engaging enough.

創建者 Amila H


fairly easy and a lot of partially incorrect information given. very eurocentric opnions based on personal experiences more than facts.

創建者 Madison B


Not engaging, very boring. Content was not very well presented