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Start-ups are designed to grow quickly, but successful start-ups grow smart. This course is designed to provide you with an understanding of the essential elements of successful scaling, including an overview of demand generation, customer acquisition, adoption, diffusion and forecasting demand. You’ll also learn how to market effectively using best practices of digital marketing, social media, PR, SEO, and pricing. Finally, you’ll cover the nuts and bolts of building a sales process, partnerships and supply relationships, and examine the crucial components of attracting, developing and retaining talent. By the end of this course, you’ll have an outline of an expansion strategy for your idea or enterprise, and also be ready for Entrepreneurship 4: Financing and Profitability...




To all the professors: My Hearty thanks for developing this course. Got a vast knowledge on how to grow & scale the new found venture. Looking forward complete the certification & capston project



The course is very useful for entrepreneurs. For me it is much more information intense than Entrepreneurship 4. It's worth to review certain topics when you actually run the company.


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創建者 Mr. A A


A tyro that I am can easily say that Entrepreneurship is all about generating ideas, grooming, nurturing and seeing it to fruition. taking it from dream to reality. It becomes acceptable to the people because it is useful to the. But then, how does one reach this milestone? It is by calculated and deliberate use of the mix and interplay of the processes of Communication, Advertising and Marketing. I am still learning though, I hope to have a firm grip of it and use it to my advantage and for the benefit of others.

I count myself blessed to have come in contact with Great People like all of you at WHARTON and University of Pennsylvania,especially my professors. It is of special note to me that those energy flowing across my mind like a fluid can be tapped, nurtured, groomed and raised to fruition. I am on it.

Since I started with you, my mouth has not closed. I have been talking to my colleagues. Although they are a bit difficult, I talk to them nonetheless. Thank you.

創建者 Andrés C A


It helps a lot if you´re launching your own business. I defintely applied what I learned about this course to my company.

創建者 William S


I love all of the courses and the great thing is I have been able to use them as I have been working through them.

創建者 Jan V M


Very good course. The cultural / hiring section in particular was outstanding.

創建者 Nabetcy G


Excellent, I have learned to how to growth up your entrepreneur.

創建者 Ernesto R


Thanks all the teachers for the usefull information

創建者 Deleted A


great course well structured information

創建者 Gautam B


Great insights !

創建者 Haider S



創建者 Luis A L



創建者 Josefin S


This course has been useful for me (newly appointed CEO) as a means to refresh knowledge and help me prioritize and structure my work. It's given me tools to analyse my business as well as the road ahead. The feedback is that the lectures are too long. I've studied a couple of courses here at Coursera, and the information sticks better when split into shorter introductions and more quizzes.

創建者 Chris C L C


Great compilation of materials and easy to understand basic concepts

創建者 William H R


Tons of value in this course for free!

My favorite parts:

+ Consumer psychology principles (in price discrimination lecture)

+ Public relations lecture (and the talk about the PR "food chain")

+ Product diffusion and adoption lecture and model (to estimate how quickly a product could spread)

+ two sided markets (really illustrates and makes this concept more concrete!)

I just wish that non-paying students could also take the quizzes to at least see if they fully grasped the concepts being taught. Either way, I'm still thankful to have free access to so many ideas and concepts to improve myself and my business!

創建者 Michael B


Considerably more content than the previous courses. More advanced. Learned about reasons a product would take off and how to improve, broad marketing foundation, pricing related information, preferred company structure / inter-work culture past just hiring someone to work, and decision / management delegation and at what stages the company should delegate them out.

創建者 Joanne


I learned so much in this course. I am using it now as part of my "down-time" from studying as I prepare for case interviews for a position I am going for at a consulting firm. This gave me insight that I didn't know and has inspired me to pursue an MBA in the future. Wharton is definitely one of my top contenders.

創建者 Adán R


The course is a concise guide for entrepreneurs looking to grow their business. I particularly enjoyed learning about internal processes that contribute to reinforcing the company in order for it to grow solidly. Thanks for everything Wharton and Coursers and I will hopefully see you in the next course!


創建者 Byron D


Great course in the Entrepreneurship Specialization. It gives you the realm of things to consider once you launch so you'll have the best way to succeed. It's condensed, so really learning and knowing will need putting necessary process, structure and approaches to practice, which this segment outlines.

創建者 Anu T


I really enjoyed this course as it taught me all the different aspects of being an entrepreneur. Right from pricing of the product to hiring & retention and social media marketing. All these which i've been keen to explore at this stage of my work right now. Thank you! All the moderators were brilliant.

創建者 Conrad B


Course was intense, I struggled especially customer life time formula but I enjoyed the whole course. AS an entrepreneur and small business owner in Africa, the course has brought in new dimensions, feeling and a good sense of knowledge on just how best I should go about my business growth path.

創建者 JUAN C P B Y M


Highly recommended, as I consider that I know the concepts entirely within this course, but the angle from which this course develops them challenged me to improve several aspects aimed at business growth, especially speaking of digital marketing techniques appropriately implemented.

創建者 Rochelle B


Lessons are very practical. I'm currently working on my own startup and it seems like every lesson just fits right to what I currently need to know for my startup. Plus, the professors made the lessons easy to understand and apply. I actually enjoyed this course!

創建者 Dhinesh A D


The course provides strong foundation in the entrepreneurial strategies for growth - argues on questions like , Is growth needed, Are we growing in the right way and what are the things to be considered in growth strategies for a startup.

創建者 Hany A


great value and insights on the growth strategies, the course provided great guidance on the how to gear up for growth, from attracting talents all the way to shaping and forming your organization and dividing up your labor as a start up

創建者 Jafed E G


I enjoy the lectures. The professor has a good speaking and teaching style which keeps me interested. Lots of concrete math examples which make it easier to understand. Very good slides which are well formulated and easy to understand



Learn many things about as an entrepenuer how to identify,tackle and satisfy the customer.Understand the pricing strategies,How to recruiet employer in start up company.

Thank you.Coursera & Wharton 9(University of Pennseylvenia)