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學生對 Google 云端平台 提供的 Google Workspace Security 的評價和反饋

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Google Workspace Security is the third course in the Google Workspace Administration series. In this course you will focus on the various aspects of Google Workspace Security including user password policies and how to enable and enforce two step verification (2SV) for your users. You will learn about application security and understand how to whitelist and block API access to your account. You will see how Google Workspace can easily be integrated with a number of predefined 3rd party applications. You will also become familiar with the SSO options in Google Workspace. Finally you will understand how to spot potential security risks within your organization and learn how to address them using the tools available in the admin console. By the end of this course participants will be able to: - Configure Google's default user protection settings such as password policies and recovery options. - Understand best practices for implementing and enforcing 2-step verification in your organization. - Understand the SSO options available and be able to identify the differences between using Google as an Identity Provider versus a 3rd party provider. - Be able to integrate cloud based enterprise SAML applications into your Google Workspace account using Google as the Identity Provider. - Understand how to integrate your own LDAP compliant applications into Google Workspace using the Secure LDAP service. - Restrict access to a Google service to trusted applications only to prevent malicious attacks on that service. - Manage the Google Workspace Marketplace for your organization to ensure only trusted applications can be installed on your devices. - Use the security and alert centers to identify, triage, and take action on security and privacy issues in your organization. Prerequisites You should have completed the Introduction to Google Workspace Administration and Managing Google Workspace courses....




AMAZING COURSE.... A MUST FOR G SUITE ADMINS. No matter whether experienced or a newbie, G Suite Security course will take you from the very basics of the info which may get often overlooked.



Wow. Amazing Experience. Using G Suite more than 24 months on daily basis but learn lots of things today. Thank you, Coursera for the wonderful learning experience.


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Basic and composes largely of external links to the Google Help Centre. Where exercises exist, they are bullet pointed scenarios which require you to have read the Google Help Centre material. Where the very few videos exist, these are good and very educational. Quizes were welcome but did not feel like they would necessarily be reflections of real world scenarios (seemed more like a test of you remembering the Help Centre material, than actually testing you on applied use of the G Suite environment).

創建者 Almog L


Course is not up to date. Some UI items have moved, and some are unavailable for business accounts, without it being mentioned. The alert center is now called "System Defined Rules" , again, it's not mentioned in the course. Some other typos and inaccuracies are worth paid attention to.

創建者 Bryan W


Overall helpful in understanding G Suite administration. However, there are multiple instructional discrepancies and a few grammatical errors. You should be doing regular quality assurance testing on your courses.

創建者 Andrew E K


This course needs to be updated as sometimes it's hard to find what you are looking for. More practical videos should be provided and would help a lot of people like who rather see how things work, visually.

創建者 Carlos A


Para aprovechar por completo la inducción con los ejercicios, falta actualizar o contar con una cuenta de Workspace con versión que contenga todas las aplicaciones

創建者 Marco B


there are several differences between what is reported in the G suite course in English and the G Suite platform translated into Italian

創建者 Rebecca P


Some of the information seemed a little out of date as items in the Admin Console had moved. Otherwise, it was very informative!

創建者 Jesus I S C


La parte de Security Center no es posible practicarla por la versión trial, eso no debería ser así

創建者 Subramanya S


It's hard to keep reading on a computer display for a long time....videos would have helped.

創建者 Stephan S


Security Dashboard, Health Center and Security Tools are not visible any more

創建者 Danilo M


the adim console icons are not update specially on the SECURITY icon.

創建者 Adesanya K



創建者 Umesh S


out of date




創建者 Benjamin K


SSO module needs to be completely rewritten to match current Admin Console, unable to find referenced GUI parts. App Security is a complete Train Wreck, instructions don't even remotely match Admin console, and many part s have moved outside of App Security section of Console. Unable to completely follow and setup per instructions, as parts had moved, and other limitations of Trial G Suite.

Security Tools module same as above, impossible to follow, as too many parts had moved since curriculum was written.

創建者 Jeanie C


The course is not up to date with Google changes

創建者 Mauro C


Security Dashboard, health page and investigation tools are not available using the trial.



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