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學生對 日内瓦大学 提供的 Global Health at the Human-Animal-Ecosystem Interface 的評價和反饋

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The University of Geneva, Institute Pasteur, University of Montreal and Centre Virchow-Villermé/University Paris Descartes welcome you to this MOOC on "Global Health at the Human-Animal-Ecosystem Interface"! Over the next 8 weeks, you will explore and learn about some of the major and current Global Health Challenges at the Human-Animal-Ecosystem Interface: zoonotic emerging infections (e.g. Ebola, Nipah, MERS, Avian Influenza), antimicrobial resistance, neglected tropical diseases (e.g. rabies, leishmaniasis, zoonotic TB), snakebite and other human-animal conflicts etc. You will learn new concepts from the field of epidemiology, social anthropology, disease ecology, veterinary sciences, global health policy etc. and approaches such as One Health, Eco-Health and Planetary Health. Also, you will learn about innovative tools and frameworks used to study and tackle some of these Global Health challenges of the Sustainable Development Goals era. This MOOC proposes you a dynamic, international and interdisciplinary programme based on the One Health approach (human-animal-environmental dimensions) and involving more than 30 top experts from more than 20 academic and research institutions and international organisations based in Geneva, Paris, Montreal and the world. Policy makers from the World Health Organisation, clinicians from the University Hospitals of Geneva, epidemiologists from Institut Pasteur etc. will share with you their knowledge and experiences all along this MOOC. Video-lectures have been filmed in different parts of the world and settings (from the field to the lab and office) and will be combined with the latest open readings and interactive activities in the discussion forum, video-conferences etc. This MOOC keeps evolving and enriching actively over time and two new sections on "Health Benefits at the Human-Animal-Ecosystem Interface" and "Management of Ecosystems under Global Changes: Implication for Human Health" have been added in May 2018. This latter section was developed in close collaboration with experts from World Health Organisation and the Convention on Biological Diversity and is introduced by Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General. The development of this MOOC was led by Dr. Rafael Ruiz de Castañeda, Dr. Isabelle Bolon and Prof. Antoine Flahault from the Institute of Global Health of the University of Geneva. The list of instructors is completed by Prof. Arnaud Fontanet (Institut Pasteur) and Prof. André Ravel (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Montreal). Watch our teaser here and let’s get started! (with subtitles in French and in Chinese)...



I has covered a wide range of topics. it effectively demonstrated the links between the many actors on the global scale. It is important to keep building on these linkages to improve world health.


The contents are informative in every possible ways as they cover numerous sectors. Instructors are spontaneous with excellent way of delivery. Overall this course is useful.


1 - Global Health at the Human-Animal-Ecosystem Interface 的 25 個評論(共 82 個)

創建者 Joy S


While this course may have interesting and useful content, it has numerous errors. The quiz in week 2 does not show what I got wrong and right. The second video in week 3 is in French with no transcript and no subtitles. This course has enough mistakes to make it utterly useless to me. It should not have passed beta review.

創建者 Eduardo R T C


All the test are with wrong results

創建者 Adhiambo L O


I have enjoyed this course. It presented the one-health concept very clearly and what its aims are which were particularly interesting especially for me who is interested in antimicrobial resistance research. However, some improvements could be made. The presenters with accents / non-English speakers were a bit difficult to follow and the transcripts were somewhat inaccurate so it would be go to have proper transcription in that regard. Thank you.

創建者 Anna A


The course was very interesting, but a lot of teachers read a paper. The biggest problem for me is that at the end of every quiz i can't know where i was wrong and so i don't know what i have to study and what I've really learned.

創建者 Carlos O


In general terms a great course. Most of the lectures are very clear and explanatory. Unfortunately, being an expert does not mean being able to convey a clear message and some of the lectures seem to be more a blurry burst of ideas, that make necessary to go over and over the videos or scripts in order to summarize the essence of what is being taught. Many thanks to the Global Health team.

創建者 Ryan Z


Good course, lots of information across a range of relevant topics. Appreciated the interdisciplinary lens and One Health emphasis. What made it really difficult to follow often was that some videos had WAY too much information, and the readings are set up in an absurd way with no guidance as to which part exactly from the 100 page documenta they want us to read. The transcripts of videos were often wrong. The quiz questions were ridiculously set up. Super wordy and vague, clearly written by someone who wanted us to answer a very specific thing but instead included answers that can be correct too, outside of the context of this course.

創建者 Yusuf T


The course of Global Health at the Human-Animal-Ecosystem Interface is well prepared. I learned and improved my experience and knowledge in the Agri-Food Industry from the Farm to the Fork, Biodiversity, Global Health and Ecosystem Services. The zoonotic diseases and human, animal and wildlife interaction and the effects of the climate change are increasing each year. The One Health approach should be executed by the countries and they have to collaborate to reduce the effects of the AMR and support the agroecological activities. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is an example to the outbreaks of the novel zoonotic diseases and it should be added to this course to create a value added impact for the learners. Thank you to the Course Team and I am truly grateful.

創建者 Emiko M


It was really exciting for me to learn Global health at the Human-Animal-Ecosystem Interface. I'm a veterinarian and have a big interest in these area. Though I started to learn epidemiology at MPH course, in Japan, I could not find such a comprehensive class. In this MOOC, various teachers gave a lot of idea with their experience. Taking this course helped me my eyes open. Finally I started to think how I contribute to achieve the one health, as a veterinarian in Japan. I am really appreciate to all teachers of this course.

創建者 Paris E


I really really enjoyed this course. It was eye-opening to some issues that I had never thought of before! One thing I personally liked about the course was the different guest speakers on the videos. It highlighted the importance for the One Health approach to be utilised in future and also it was interesting to see the different viewpoints of various health enthusiasts. The case study sections were also very interesting and it was highly motivating to see real improvements happening in the field.

創建者 Diana I


I loved!!! It presents a comprehensive perspective on the health implications of humans, animals and environment, and all the factors that impact such as education, monitoring of zoonoses, resistance to antimicrobial, risk assessment, knowledge of the comunity. I will like to know more about the situation in Latinoamerica and the new-old bacterias ad virus that are emerging again cause global warming. Thank you so much!!!

創建者 Sarah F


This is a wonderful course and I would definitely recommend it to others. The amount of work and time that went in to creating this comprehensive and diverse course is extremely impressive. All the speakers were extremely informative and thought-provoking. Its great to be a part of a course that has so many passionate individuals devoted to the health of the planet. Thanks so much for a great course!

創建者 Zacharia W N


I must say that learning this course was a wonderful experience. The coverage of the interdisciplinary concepts and biodiversity in relation to global health was great especially through real examples and projects from all across different regions in the world. The importance of specializations like epidemiology, one health, zoonotic diseases and management in global health is well captured. Thanks.

創建者 boris a


Very interesting MOOC, I am a student currently enrolled in a Master Degree Program in Global Health at the University of Hanyang in South Korea and I would like to know if it is possible to apply for a PhD or a Doctorate degree in Global Health at the University of Geneva. If yes, what are the conditions (are there some scholarships).

Thank you to all the UNIGE's staffs and Experts.

創建者 Julie


A very complete course which cover a large panel of domains through the participation of a lot of experts that really made possible the understanding of the Global Health approach, the underlying challenges, organisations and accomplishments. There is also a lot of bibliography references to deepen our knowledge in the fields we could be interest in. I definitively recommend it !

創建者 Elpida G


This MOOC addresses the most current challenges our planet is facing at the moment and the future impact on the general global and planetary health. It also introduces very well an holistic approach, the One Health Approach through an excellent informative context and more than enough material (including extra material). I am really pleased with my selection.

Thank you very much.

創建者 Solangie T


Gran oportunidad para aprender de la intersección ( Animales, Humanos y Ecosistema), sus retos y posibilidades para mejorar la salud de todas las aéreas. Relevante para todas las carreras ya que todos podemos aportar desde nuestros conocimientos a mejorar la salud del planeta.

創建者 Guadalupe N


One of the best courses I have taken. It shows you a different way of seeing things taken in account what you already know and makes you build your knowledge from that. Concepts that are familiar to you but taught in different points of view. Great course!

創建者 Aude P


I was always interested in Health. This course was exactly what I was looking for to have a better understanding of the Global Health. I now wish to go further on the multiple subjects it offers ! It was really fascinating and I learned a lot of things.

創建者 Paul H


A fantastic course covering serious and important problems facing mankind. Extremely thought provoking through well presented talks from global experts aimed at stimulating and challenging the audience to participate in the search for viable solutions.

創建者 JAY P Y


Very informative course. I have gained a diverse areas of knowledge while completing this course. Thanks to organizer for provided wonderful plateform to understand various aspects of health related practices under one health concept.

創建者 Arinze A


The best MOOC to ever grace the field of global health, bringing experts across disciplines from all walks of life and providing up to date, interactive and top notch knowledge of global health at the Human-Animal-Ecosystem Interface

創建者 ABBA B


Ce cours m'a inspiré d'être polyvalent dans mon domaine en Santé Animale et d'avoir une vue générale d'autres domaines qui s’intéressent à la survie de la population mondiale , c'est l'un de mon rêve qui vient de se réaliser.

創建者 Precious M


I​ found this course very informative and exclusive of the current trends and needs in the area of One Health. At the same time, the MOOC gives one a challenge to think of contributing positively to the global health needs.

創建者 Andrea J C P


I am so grateful for having joined this MOOC. I had the opportunity to increase my knowledge by learning from the bests instructors. I enjoyed every week and special those topics related to biodiversity and human health.

創建者 Xyomara C P


Congratulations to the team, I felt this MOOC was very interactive not only thanks to the forums but also for the videos, it made the experience more interesting. Also the instructors and managers were nice! I liked it.