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學生對 耶鲁大学 提供的 全球金融危机 的評價和反饋

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Former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Timothy F. Geithner and Professor Andrew Metrick survey the causes, events, policy responses, and aftermath of the recent global financial crisis....



Great course indeed. I was following the materials and videos of the crisis for a long time and this course perfectly summarized everthing back by data analysis. Highly recommended to all enthusiasts.


Excellent course on the GFC, I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to learn more about the crisis. The instructors were very good and took a complex subject and made it very understandable.


401 - 全球金融危机 的 425 個評論(共 439 個)

創建者 Pete H


Very informative and engaging course. Very good lecture presentations by two leading subject matter experts. About the only drawback was the lack of teaching assistance interaction on the course discussion forums and maybe even an occasional drop in by one of the instructors from time to time.

創建者 Rayan K


Despite working in financial industry, and having a very good understanding of the crisis. they way the course has been structured to disseminate the information gradually and structurally really appeals to me. I have learned things I did not know, and to me that is the

創建者 Stefan D


This course gives an easy to understand and detailed look at what happened during the financial crises. The material is very detailed and contains charts, quotes from the time and some personal experiences.

創建者 Ramakrishna R


I thoroughly enjoyed being part of this course. The information and insights provided through this course into the Global Financial Crisis, has been invaluable.

創建者 Debasmita D


GFC was always been a very confusing phenomenon to me. But after attending the course, i am now able to understand the whole situation. Thanks a lot.

創建者 Myriam B


Excellent comeback on the crisis and the elements why, how and what has been done. Also a good overview of the outcome for European countries.

創建者 Henrique S B


Very good lectures. Some of the tests could be improved. Monitors should also be more present and follow through the questions more closely.

創建者 Manish M


Being from Asia, it would have been more knowledgeable to see the impact of GFC in Asia too. Overall it was very good and informative

創建者 Tanishka D


the course starts to get a little boring after week 5. however, the knowledge gain is amazing and the content is pretty heplfull.

創建者 Sebastián A


Muchas gracias, el curso es muy bueno.

La institución es excelente y les agradezco mucho el que lo proporcionen de forma gratuita.

創建者 Frederik K


Very good overview over a topical area - more in-depth exercises for testing one's own understanding might have been helpful

創建者 Katie N


This course was very interesting and I have learnt many historical knowledge about the global financial crisis.

創建者 Hans-Volker F


Very good course, very good professors; no community assistants for answering in the discussions.

創建者 Kamya S


An extremely helpful and informative course, with very detailed and well-structured content.

創建者 Fernando Z


Excellent course. However, lots of unanswered questions of students are still pending.

創建者 Hilary A


Outside my field, but useful course. Many thanks for setting out the unfathomable.

創建者 Eliza


I will be great if you provide learners with additional material worth to read.

創建者 Aman R


Awesome course and the simplicity of demonstrating the concepts is quite good.

創建者 Peter H


A very well presented course, giving a reasonable understanding of the GFC.

創建者 Tor-Oskar K


Provides a good overview without going too much into the details

創建者 Rey V


A course worthy of learning and filled with valuable information

創建者 Huub V


Provides insights in macro economic decisions based on the actua

創建者 Diamond H


Learned quite a lot! The course was structured very good.

創建者 Yanliang X


a proper way to understand GFC happened in US and UN.

創建者 Michael C


Good fundamental summary of the GFC. Worth the time.