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學生對 Google 云端平台 提供的 Getting Started with Google Sheets 的評價和反饋

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Google Sheets is a robust, cloud-based application that empowers you to create sophisticated spreadsheets. Whether you are working at your desk—or from your smartphone or tablet on-the-go—Google Sheets helps you organize, analyze, and share your most important data. In this course for Sheets users, you’ll learn how to make your own supercharged spreadsheets. First, you’ll learn how to input and format your data. Next, you’ll learn how formulas, functions and a few exclusive Google Sheets features can accelerate your data analysis. Finally, you’ll get tips for sharing your spreadsheets and collaborating on them with your team. About the Instructor Malia is a tech professional based in Los Angeles who uses G Suite and Google Sheets everyday to manage projects, collaborate with remote teams, and make data-driven decisions....



I have always worked with Google Sheet, but this course and the instruction explanations made my knowledge about it much better. I'm another person with another knowledge. Thank you so much.


A nice survey of Google Sheets, what is possible and how to. Should be a relatively easy effort to go through. Learning probably come after the course and repeated use of Google Sheets.


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創建者 Israr A T


It was a grateful topics for me

and i would suggest to everybody to unroll on it

Thank you !

創建者 Geethanjali A S


it was truly helpful and get to know useful things about a google spreadsheet. thank you

創建者 Mohamed M


The instructor was great but a little bit fast or need an advanced learner, it would be great if she can add more examples in some topics like google functions(sum , count , and other functions )

Other than that she was great and really I thank her a lot

創建者 Linzi S


A decent overview of some of the features of Google Sheets. Some of the assessments (in Weeks 2, 3 and 4) seem to have mistakes in the answer keys (going by my own experience and multiple comments in the forum - the opposite of confidence building) and were very conceptual for a beginner. It would have been much better to have a step by step "how to" guide especially for the formulas and analysis sections. The instructor whizzed through crucial topics and focused on niche features instead.

創建者 Derek S


The instructor is a good speaker, and she starts off pretty smoothly. However, by the time you get to the later modules, she is rapidly inputting formulas and demonstrating procedures that are too fast to follow or understand.

Additionally, nearly every test (at the end of each module) has a mistake in either the directions or the answer sheet.

I would NOT pay for this course until these errors are fixed!

創建者 Praphat C


the short vdo motivated to finish the course, but it's not in detail, just roughly and general explanation. it should be demonstrated before and after applying the tools to visualize appropriately.

創建者 Adam D S


Carpet bombed with metalanguage and very brief descriptions. Hard to follow when so much is thrown at you all at once.

創建者 Chandni D


The view of the sheets was horrible. I had to strain and see what formulas were being input. Not just that the explanation of the formulas and tasks was done almost assuming a beginner an understand it. One of the worse courses of coursera and this is an important course that needs to be dealt with properly. Believe me youtube videos on google sheets are far better. Maybe take a few lessons from there.

創建者 Jesse S


This teacher is utterly terrible. Doesn't explain anything well. Total waste of money. The only reason I was able to even complete this course is because I have some experience in google sheets. If you have never done it you will surely be lost.

Would give this a 0 star review if I could.

創建者 DJoseph C


She worked through the spreadsheet way to fast to follow along. The Excel spread sheet that she used was to large and complex to follow easily. Compared to the other courses that I am taking from different universities, this course shouldn't even be available in the catalog.

創建者 Kristine P V


The instructor Ms. Malia did an excellent job in thoroughly explaining Google Sheets. Her hands-on application helps me understand easily how to use the tools and how each one functions. I can now maximize the use of Google Sheet to extract relevant insights from data. Thank you Google Cloud and Ms. Malia!

創建者 Abdelkarim J


This Course helped me dive down into the Google Sheet features that I've thought know them before, and learned the tips and tricks about the SpreadSheet manipulations. thanks a lot :)

創建者 Nana B


its was really educational for beginners like myself, now i can at least do something with google sheets and google forms. seeing forward to advanced tutorials.

創建者 Kennedy M


The course was very informative. I now able to do more with my spreadsheets with the massive knowledge I have gained in this course. Thank you.

創建者 Rachit A


Demonstrated the real advantages of using online Google Spreadsheets to work with a team spread across the globe, easily, quickly and securely.

創建者 Tales A M F


Eventhought I've been using sheets for a long time now this couse maneges to teach me a bunch of features i did not know. Thanks!!!

創建者 DR. V P P


Informative and effective. But the movement of curser during explaining an activity, may in a slow movement, is more catchable.



Excelent and very practical, the whole process helped me understand and feel more confident when working with google sheets!

創建者 shriyaulhasbhovi


the course was excellent.The only drawback was that the sheets on which the tutor was demonstrating was not at all visible

創建者 MANTE, R L


This is a very interesting Course.. I learned a lot from this. I love how amazing google sheet is. I can use it in my Job

創建者 Kourtney G


The course was detailed. It showed many useful things for classifying data using google sheets. Past a beginner level.

創建者 Alexander K


Absolutely fantastic! I learned everything I needed to know so I could hit the ground running at my job. Well done!

創建者 Aryya C


Course is good indeed. But I thought that this course would also cover the VLOOKUP and QUERY section in details.

創建者 Rafael L R


I learned a lot of new things in Google Sheets. I'm excited to share this information to my colleagues!

創建者 Angel R P C


El curso está muy bien explicado, además, ejemplifica claramente todas las funciones que se mencionan.