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學生對 Google 云端平台 提供的 Getting Started With Application Development 的評價和反饋

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In this course, application developers learn how to design and develop cloud-native applications that seamlessly integrate managed services from the Google Cloud Platform. Through a combination of presentations, demos, and hands-on labs, participants learn how to apply best practices for application development and use the appropriate GCP storage services for object storage, relational data, caching, and analytics. Learners can choose to complete labs in their favorite language: Node.js, Java, or Python. Prerequisites and prework: • Completed Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals or have equivalent experience • Working knowledge of Node.js, Java, or Python • Basic proficiency with command-line tools and Linux operating system environments...



Sep 02, 2020

It is an Amazing Course to learn and grow in life .\n\nThank you Coursera and Google Cloud & Team for giving me this opportunity to learn and make my self better in the filed of Technology .


Jun 02, 2019

t was a good free course. I only realised the second time round the labs are ungraded. So I plan on doing them outside Coursera on Qwiklabs itself so I can earn credits for my lab work.


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thank you

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a must do

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Dec 21, 2018

Although the information was excellent, there were a couple of minor things that I wasn't happy about with this course. In general, the presentations and explanations did not seem as clear as the previous Google Cloud Platform course that I took. At times they seemed to be rushing through a mass of technical details without providing definitions or explanations. During the first course that I took, the presentation even took the time to walk through the definition of "cloud computing," which may have been overkill, but at least I felt that serious effort was made to ensure that people could understand the material. In this course, by contrast, there were passage that said things such as, "Avoid creating hotspots in your database in Cloud Spanner when choosing a primary key. ... Possible fixes to this situation includes, swapping the order of the keys or hashing the key and spreading the rights among n-shards. ... Avoid creating non-interleaved indexes on columns with monotonically increasing or decreasing keys," in which there was no definition given of hotspots, primary keys, sharding, interleaved indexes or monotonically increasing keys. (I knew what primary keys were, but I had to pause video and search the internet for explanations of the other terms.) I also noticed a couple of places where there appeared to be typographical errors. Finally, this course required a knowledge of Node.js, and I haven't programmed in Node, so I struggled with that somewhat but was able to get through it. Overall I learned a lot, but I think the course could be improved to make it more accessible.