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基因和精密医学的社会和伦理挑战, 加州大学旧金山分校

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Please note: This course was developed in 2014. This course is not actively moderated by course instructors, please use the course forums to collaborate with other learners. Knowledge linking genomics to health and disease is rapidly expanding. Translation of this knowledge into clinical and public health practice offers promising opportunities but also raises a host of ethical, legal, social, and policy questions. Using case examples, this inter-disciplinary course will explore the challenges of genomic and precision medicine. This seven week, inter-disciplinary course provides an introduction to ethical, legal, social, and policy issues that arise in the translation of genomic knowledge into medical and public health practice. It considers challenges in health related and reproductive testing/screening focusing on six specific areas: • Pre‐conception genetic diagnosis, and prenatal testing/screening • Newborn screening • Use of genomic sequencing technologies to diagnose and predict disease • Targeting genomic testing/screening by race/ethnicity • Direct‐to‐consumer genomic testing/screening • Use of “big data” for genomic research and genomic translation Course Objectives 1. Critique the promise of genomics and precision medicine for improving health outcomes for individuals and populations. 2. Through analysis of key cases, demonstrate an understanding of the ethical, legal, social, and policy (ELSI) challenges that accompany the translation of new genomic knowledge into clinical medicine and public health practice. 3. Apply a critical analysis of ELSI concerns to your professional practice (if relevant), your interest as a potential user of genomic knowledge, and as a citizen with a responsibility to shape health policy....

4 個審閱

創建者 Fsalsaycontrolernando Diaz

Jun 03, 2018

Excelente!! Muy agradecido!


Jan 02, 2018

wonderful, timely, and interesting course!!!!

創建者 Levan Chikobava

Jul 14, 2017

Many new technologies are overhyped and the value of this technology is often overestimated. This course provided me new insights of using genetics to improve health. It gave me a more realistic expectation of benefits of genetic technology in the near future. It raises the questions about not only benefits but risks of using genetic technologies and what we can do about it.

創建者 Darryl Burton

Jun 08, 2017

I really did not know what to expect when I took this course in terms of the breadth of the challenges and considerations of genomic medicine. Dr. Burke is masterful in her presenting these issues and making you think. Especially on the issues related to the commercialization of products that are emerging and the differing views from others in the field. A sign of well presented course is that there was no evidence of bias towards one position or another. That's real teaching.