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學生對 匹兹堡大学 提供的 Gender and Sexuality: Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace 的評價和反饋

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What is sex? What is gender? What is sexuality? What do we mean by LGBTQIA? How are these concepts related to the workplace? How have our understandings of these terms changed over time, and how have these changes impacted work and culture? To help you answer these important questions, this course will introduce you to the exciting field of gender, sexuality, and women's studies, and to LGBTQIA identities. We will use a range of interdisciplinary concepts, tools, and methods to understand and analyze how identity shapes our experiences in culture and in the workplace. Because we all live with gender expectations, this course is crucial for any profession, and for understanding the world around us. Also, you will learn key concepts that will help you to interpret and understand the world we share....




I really learnt a lot in this course. This is not something that you can learn in everyday conversations, and with a lot of misinformation being spreaded, taking this course can really benefit you.



That was an excellent course. The video lectures and the reading materials were really good and I could learn a lot of new things from this course. Thank you very much for this eyeopening course.


51 - Gender and Sexuality: Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace 的 75 個評論(共 217 個)

創建者 Amanda Z


I was amazed and very happy with the knowledge acquired through this course. Congratulations to the organization and I am waiting for new topics to be explored.

創建者 Regina E


Excellent course, a must take to have a clear vision of the changes that we have to make in our work place, so we can have an inclusive and diverse environment.

創建者 Sahil M


I liked the course, however, I would urge the creators of this course to make it the certification available for free because of how important the material is.

創建者 Deneille G


I am truly grateful for the opportunity to study this course. I have learnt so much and I cannot wait to share my new knowledge with my peers. Thank you.

創建者 Azade A


If you need a basic understanding of the every day experiences of the LGBTQIA+ community, especially in the workplace, this is the best place to start.

創建者 Ashish C


The course is very well designed. Being a gay man, I got to learn a lot more about my own community and how i can make my workplace more inclusive.

創建者 Chloe P


An informative and actionable course.

Great information on social issues, historical insight, and actionable steps to making workplaces inclusive.

創建者 Vinothraj


Have learn on the Gender and Sexuality in detail. Why inclusion is required on workplace and how do we included in our society, Corporate cultur

創建者 Zakiyya M


This course was a big help in understanding some of the terms that is being used so commonly. It also provided new information and I enjoyed it.

創建者 Niña C M S


The course offers easy to follow instructions. The professors are all capable. I have learned a lot and enjoyed the process. Thank you so much.

創建者 NW


A brilliantly delivered overview. Genuinely eye-opening and fascinating. Examples tend to be US-centric, but the learning is globally-relevant

創建者 Masafu O


This was my first online course. It exceeded my expectations. The Instructors made it such an enjoyable learning experience for me. Thank You!

創建者 Luciano C


It was a very comprehensive course, it tackled all aspects of Gender and Sexuality and provided a great learning opportunity to all levels.

創建者 Adesina A A


Taking this course is one of the best decisions I made this year, it has been a great experience for me. I urge everyone around me to take.

創建者 Ebubekir K


That was a great course in which we could learn how to be inclusive in workplace and in the other fields of life in terms LGBTQIA folks.

創建者 Victoria S J


Incredible content, clear, deep and necessary. I hope there are more courses about this theme... Thank you teacher, you were amazing!!!

創建者 Mary W


Exceptional course. The content was so informative and easy to understand, and the facilitators were excellent. Would highly recommend.



This course was very well done. It allows you to think about others and about our own actions when it comes to the LGBTQIA community.

創建者 Khaled A


كانت دورة النوع والجنس: التنوع والشمول في مكان العمل "واحدة من أفضل ورش العمل التي شاركت فيها.

تحياتي لجميع الزملاء في فريق العمل

創建者 valentina s


Simple, clear, straight to the point but still inspiring.

A MUST DO for anyone who wants to understand where the world is going.

創建者 Leshoboro


Educational and informative content in the modules and examples are so real. Eye opening indeed for line managers in entities.

創建者 Sara M


Very thorough and informative. Focuses on US policies and law, however I found it still applicable to workplaces in Canada.

創建者 meret p


This is a really well conducted course and i will recommend it anytime. Help me to have meaningful dialogue on the subject.

創建者 Linda C


Excellent course very well developed and delivered. Learned more than I expected and came away inspired to "be the change".

創建者 Gillian F


Fantastic course. Even if you're familiar with the topic there is so much to learn. Really makes you think. I'd recomm