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學生對 匹兹堡大学 提供的 Gender and Sexuality: Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace 的評價和反饋

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What is sex? What is gender? What is sexuality? What do we mean by LGBTQIA? How are these concepts related to the workplace? How have our understandings of these terms changed over time, and how have these changes impacted work and culture? To help you answer these important questions, this course will introduce you to the exciting field of gender, sexuality, and women's studies, and to LGBTQIA identities. We will use a range of interdisciplinary concepts, tools, and methods to understand and analyze how identity shapes our experiences in culture and in the workplace. Because we all live with gender expectations, this course is crucial for any profession, and for understanding the world around us. Also, you will learn key concepts that will help you to interpret and understand the world we share....



That was an excellent course. The video lectures and the reading materials were really good and I could learn a lot of new things from this course. Thank you very much for this eyeopening course.


Short but a beautifully concise course on understanding gender and sexuality. It also gives one tools to make the workplace an inclusive environment for LGBTQIA, and eradicate discrimination.


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創建者 Valeriy T


Even though this course is in the Social Sciences section there is more art than science in it. Most of the statements made in this course don't provide relevant research proving their validity. For example, one of the linked articles in the course mentions that homophobia at workplace decreases productivity, but no link to proof is provided. It would be great to have the link to this research, so that we can, for example, compare the cost of productivity decline caused by homophobia with cost of anti-homophobia training. Without this proof the rest of the course loses its value and the whole existence of this course feels redundant - why should I spend a lot of my resources on getting opinions of random people about this topic if I can get it for free by googling relevant keywords? It being a course implies a higher level of scientific research done and linked than the one provided.

創建者 ammar a


The course is a rights movement rather than an academic approach towards the topic.The instructors use a nice language to discuss the issues but present them in a bias way which is the reason I don't feel like it's an academic course.

創建者 Clifford A


Loved the course. Every term was explained in a detailed manner. It was an eye opener for someone who lived his entire life in a heterosexual setup. Learned a lot of things then I expected.

創建者 Yomna Z


has no scientific background. very disappointing.

創建者 Ranjith P R


Very Good Lectures for Understanding various Kind of orientations present in our mother earth.

Lecturer work was tremendous and highly appreciated 😊.

Thank you for giving me opportunity to undergo this basic life training.

We need to bring this lectures from school level to know about our Human Orientations. We need to reveal the hidden truth of universe 🌌 by joining together.

Why Psychology working for all orientation?

There is a common thing isn't it.

Because all our existing orientation fall under purest form of Orientation called Asexual Orientation.

When Subcategory of asexuality group member are visible all over the world. Why Purest form of our Asexual people and other orientations still in invisible space?

We need to make changes together. Otherwise we people will be invisible from long ago.

Unity is strength.

Already conveyed my intrinsic studies on Sexuality Education to, and Proud Indian Government.

It's still under process. Hope is where the heart is!!

Thanks & Regards,

Ranjith Plachithody Rajan,

Plachithody House 🏠


Acceptance of Legitimacy!!!

創建者 Eddie G


This course and the two instructors have provided me such a wonderful education into the seriousness of the LGBTQIA people in which I am a proud member. We often do not realize the plight of our peers if it does not directly impact us, this course and the content covered is a must for everyone. We have a responsibility to ensure we are educated and understanding of our roles and responsibilities within the community. I highly recommend this course not only to the LGBTQIA people but to everyone who can stand for some self improvement.

創建者 Akhilesh G


The course was more about feminism and less about inclusion in the workplace.

創建者 Craig C


Lectures lacked academic rigor and held ideas up as indisputable facts. The peer review sytsem is disappointing. Especially whent here is no recourse over glaring mistakes in grading.

While I learned somethings from the course I would not recommend it.

創建者 Marvin H


I'm studying Social Work in Germany and was always interested in LGBTQIA* topics regarding the workplace. I have chosen this course in times of COVID-19, because I had enough time between my regular classes, and because I'm absolving an internship, in which people of the LGBTQIA* community are the clients with the main focus us. Due to the fact that almost all employees at the company are LGBTQIA*, it felt important to me to learn, especially now, more about the topic and was happy to find a course like this here on coursera. I absolutely recommend this course to everyone, who wants to increase the knowledge about the importance of Gender and Sexuality in life with a special focus on Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace, and for those who want to widen their horizon to look our Gender and Sexuality is differently seen in various cultures. I already miss both teachers. They did a totally good job and keep my motivation to fulfill this course alive. Thank you for everything.

創建者 Paulo H B


This course was amazing!!

I really loved since the beginning. The language was simple and clear.

It was really good to increase and improve more my knowledge about Gender and Sexuality and also knowing that we still have a lot or work to be done around the world! It added a lot of value to my personal and professional life. Specially because I'm a member of Diversity team in the company that I work at.

Congratulation to Julie and Susan for preparing this awesome material in order to share to the world!

創建者 Kim N C


This course is helpful especially if you are passionate in Gender Development and Women Studies. It will heighten your awareness and knowledge on various sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression issues and cases. For others, it might be an "easy A" course, but if you will start learning the program, you will realize sooner that your level of understanding is still in the surface. This is a good start in having in-depth study on Gender and Development.

創建者 Carlos C


A course that gave me a lot of information regarding the classification and resources about LGBTQIA.

The work associated to the course is very appealing since it is composed, aside from the easy quizes, of commentaries to workplace situations simulating a regular company that is confronting LGBT issues and you have to give your opinion and write memos as to how to solve these situations.

Great teachers

創建者 Hima k


This was such an informative and phenomenal course. It was well planned, seriously worked out and carefully arranged. All the video classes and reading materials were very useful and effective. The assignments have significantly helped broaden my mind and conscience. This is indeed a program that has to be attended by many people of all ages. We can educate and enlighten ourselves.

創建者 Anmol K


This course really changed my perspective of sex, gender and sexuality.

I now know a great deal of information about sex and gender and sexual orientations and preferences. I also came to know about LGBTQIA people and how we can make our workplaces more inclusive and free from discrimination.

Thank you very much to the two great educators of this course.

創建者 alankrita s





創建者 Deorajhee M


This is an exceptional course. It gave a comprehensive overview of the LGBTQIA individuals and the problems in the workplace that they face. It also included policies, legislation and the work of the EEOC on addressing the injustices face, and strategies for organizations to help build inclusivity. I learned about each group within LGBTQIA and the extent to which existing polices help to support them. I found the history given to be very interesting. Also, to learn what the transgender individuals face as this group is the most oppressed because their obvious appearances. Thank you!

創建者 Sarah-Kathryn S


Hello, I am a 57 year old white Christian women. This course has been so enlightening and informative. It has enlightened me and informed me. I am so grateful for the time and efforts of the professors who taught it with a forthright and compassionate delivery. The course challenged me to think about what I believe and why. I learned about the proper definitions, the history, and present day struggles of LBGTQIA2 people. I am a vocal ally now.

創建者 ashish g


A must enrol for people interested in learning about the subject. Well researched and presented in a simple manner. But the pie`ce de re`sistance are the assessments. Extremely well thought through, relevant and compelling. You go through an entire learning process just by doing the assessments. It forces you to think and apply, thereby enhancing your understanding of the subject manifold. Really enjoyed the course, thanks Julie and Susan.

創建者 Chloe J S


My time spent on this course can be concluded by diversifying my original understanding of gender studies and capitalizing on the amazing course material within,

My involvement and inclusion in such course helped me to conceive ideas and theories I may have not come across if this course didn't exist.

As it is self paced, I was not rushed to understand the material and could really dive into the material in order to collect my thoughts.

創建者 Tran M T N


This course was very helpful for me! I was able to understand more about LGBTQIA issues and how to make the workplace more inclusive for all workers. This course enhanced my knowledge about the history of discrimination in (and out of) employment and suggested valuable measures that corporations can implement right away! The lecturers are very clear and audible, making the whole experience better!

創建者 sapna


absolutely amazing course. it was enriching, gave me a lot of new information and assignments don't only test your knowledge but test how you can apply the information you have learnt in different scenarios. would 100% recommend even if you just want to gain more information about the topic.

創建者 Rodrigo F M C


This course is the best and most current on the subject of "genders and sexualities". The teachers are excellent, and the content is very chosen. My understanding of the subject has been expanded and it will certainly help me in the future in my clinical-psychological care.

創建者 Ekata L


I am rating this after my first week and I must comment that this is an informative, interesting, and eye-opening course which I personally will highly recommend. As a student of social sciences with an inclination towards gender studies, this course is of great help to me.

創建者 Sarah H


The topics covered in each video lecture are foundationally rooted in theory, present a vast amount of information, and presented in a clear, concise manner. I appreciated the content being delivered in bite-sized pieces throughout the course's 4 week duration.

創建者 Priya K


A big Thank You. An excellent course, if you want happiness in learning and knowing more, this course can provide you more by excellent presentations, videos, case studies and much more. It is worth to spend your valuable time in learning this course.