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學生對 Google 云端平台 提供的 Google Cloud Big Data and Machine Learning Fundamentals 的評價和反饋

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This course introduces the Google Cloud big data and machine learning products and services that support the data-to-AI lifecycle. It explores the processes, challenges, and benefits of building a big data pipeline and machine learning models with Vertex AI on Google Cloud....




Overall a good curated course to help understand the GCP offerings and high level architecture of how their offerings fit in the current landscape. Easy to follow along as this was fundamental course.



Touched down on every aspect required on roadmap to Machine Learning along with big data. This will help to get which flavor suits or you find it interesting and then follow on next course of action.


2451 - Google Cloud Big Data and Machine Learning Fundamentals 的 2475 個評論(共 2,506 個)

創建者 Clair H


The instructor is not clear. I tried to understand some definition with reading transcript, still cannot understand what he is talking about. The courses are not organized well. Some course titles are not good.

創建者 Doniyor U


I expected the course to cover more ground on the Google Cloud Platform, especially given the price tag. You get to dip your toes in different tools Google offers, and some examples can be a little out of date.

創建者 Sameh E M


As an IT project manager, I was hoping to spend valuable time on Google big data and cloud computing fundamentals to aid me in my work as a project manager.

I didn't like to do hand on labs!

創建者 Paul L


I enjoyed the lectures from Carolyn Ujcic the best. Out of all the instructors, she was the only one who made me feel like I was learning something from these crypto-marketing videos.

創建者 Kevin T Y Z


for video, tall too much but not efficent enough; for the lab, i cannot understand why it has so many repeat steps, why cannot just put those similiar lab into one.

創建者 Prem M


The basic fundamentals in this module#1 is ok, but gets very arcane as it progresses. Need before and after screen shots for every lab step, lacking details.

創建者 Diego T B


I was really only interested in data engineering. This course is pre-requirement for the Data engineering spec and i had to go through a lot of ML content.

創建者 Michele D S


Most of the materials of this course can be freely found con Google Codelabs. If it was 50% off maybe it could be worth a shot but not at the 55$ pricetag.

創建者 Boyu L


too easy but takes too long, poorly designed. You just copy and paste in code provided by google. There are places where if you mis-click you are doomed.

創建者 Stefan O P


The Labs were 75% repetitive setup and comparatively little information. Also, there was very little on the 'why' of certain choices.

創建者 Nazarii S


Labs were not useful to get the feel of the platform, overall very poor coverage of such an interesting topic.

創建者 Balkrishna K


It is very basic and don't have details. New person will find it difficult to understand what is going on

創建者 Marius v E


Labs were not so great, long provisioning time and high amount of tedious setup repetition

創建者 Aditya N G


A very basic hands-off course just introducing to some GCP products.

創建者 Roberto F


There is no practice in deep of GCP tools, tasks are really guided.

創建者 Razvan B


This is just and introduction to google products and that's it.

創建者 Bjarnthor E


Meh, more like a sales pitch rather than actual course content

創建者 Audrius V


Mostly useless blahblah with only few pieces of information

創建者 Marcelo H G


Sells too much Google and do not explain important things.

創建者 Praveen P


Not a great course for learning. Didnt focus on concepts

創建者 viswajith k


you should let the students program.

創建者 Vertika T


Quality is bad. Please enhance.

創建者 Ho W W


Not much content

創建者 Ristanti F R


Overall the course from Coursera is actually not bad. But then I got blocked by qwiklab for 1 month without any transparent notification of what was happening! I received error 500 whenever i wanted to access the lab, so i couldn't finish any of the GCP courses. Such a bad learning experience, wasted so much time trying to 'fix' it by following all the things they told me like clearing cache, changin browser, unenrolling from course (?), etc. At the end, once I confronted via email that they must have blocked me, then they admitted it and unblocked me. They told me they blocked me because I was using other resources that wasn't instructed in the lab. Why didn't they tell me sooner when I emailed the first few times? Why did I have to waste 1 month just to fix this? Qwiklab is so disappointing!

創建者 Tobias P


I feel ripped off. i completed the seven day testing period and finished the course in 6 days. After that I was notified that I completed the course and was congratulated. Now I have seen that with 41 euros have been deducted. With other providers e.g. with udemy the subscribtion was also terminated after successful completion. It is quite a feel bad experience and I will no longer use Coursera but rather choose other providers.