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學生對 加州大学圣地亚哥分校 提供的 人类能源的未来 的評價和反饋

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This course is designed to introduce students to the issues of energy in the 21st century – including food and fuels – which are inseparably linked – and will discuss energy production and utilization from the biology, engineering, economics, climate science, and social science perspectives. This course will cover the current production and utilization of energy, as well as the consequences of this use, examining finite fossil energy reserves, how food and energy are linked, impacts on the environment and climate, and the social and economic impacts of our present energy and food production and use. After the introductory lectures, we will examine the emerging field of sustainable energy, fuel and food production, emphasizing the importance of developing energy efficient and sustainable methods of production, and how these new technologies can contribute to replacing the diminishing supplies of fossil fuels, and reduce the consequences of carbon dioxide release into the environment. This course will also cover the importance of creating a sustainable energy future for all societies including those of the developing world. Lectures will be prepared and delivered by leading UC San Diego and Scripps Institution of Oceanography faculty and industry professionals across these areas of expertise....



Sep 29, 2016

Very informative course even for someone with a prior knowledge in a particular segment in renewable energy. Covers diverse energy resources along with economic, and environmental considerations.


Oct 31, 2016

Great learning experience! Easy way to get an idea of the work that is being done to better our lives in the future in terms of energy. Very interesting lectures and would highly recommend it.


101 - 人类能源的未来 的 125 個評論(共 147 個)

創建者 Siddharth R M

Sep 30, 2019


創建者 Prithveeraj W

Sep 13, 2019

Course has diverse content from fields like biology, nuclear energy, wind energy, solar energy, semiconductors, energy economics, climate change analysis, etc all clubbed together giving a broader perspective about sustainable energy solutions.


Oct 07, 2019

very informative


Jun 09, 2016

Excellent course..!

創建者 Smaali A e

Jan 03, 2017

Excellent course !

創建者 Adrienn N

Aug 23, 2015

Exceptionally eye-opening!!!

創建者 Conrado M M

Sep 04, 2017

Excelente curso, com conteúdo muito bem elaborado e ótimo ambiente de aprendizado.

創建者 Amit G

Oct 16, 2017

Wow such an amazing insight into the subject.

創建者 Abang A b A R

Jan 15, 2016

This is a great course on energy technologies, with quite in-depth lectures on the technologies, current research, future prospect and delivered by experts in their field of study. The assignments were also interesting, and tailored to inspire what you can do to be more energy efficient and explore your local surroundings on existing or future initiatives on sustainability. I'd recommend this course to anyone interested to know the current and future energy and renewable technologies, or aspiring researchers to explore and zoom in their field of interest. Great job!

創建者 Idris A A

Nov 03, 2015

Because of this course, I'm considering a masters degree in the Field of Energy, In sha Allah

創建者 Adarsh

Nov 19, 2016

The course provides a detailed account on the current state of the global energy demands, environment and climate. The lectures also discuss the the steps being taken to improve current state and the future technologies that can be adopted as a holistic solution.

It is important that we try to find the silver bullet but not forget to use the silver bucks in the meantime :)

創建者 Fernando M R

Jan 24, 2017

Toca perfectamente las temáticas para desarrollar un futuro enfocado en energías renovables , aspectos desde económicos, físicos, científicos, politicos con el actual sistema de energía y las repercusiones que conlleva el manejo inadecuado de los recursos así como los efectos de la contaminación en el mundo.

創建者 Pradeep S

Mar 28, 2019

Thank you !

創建者 Moulay D E A F

Aug 23, 2015

This course is an excellent introduction to energy topics especially in the optic of the energy challenge that humanity faces with global warming!


Oct 01, 2015

Informative and well composed.

創建者 De V N

Aug 15, 2017

Great course in order to understand that energy solutions are as with many other things, a trade-off. There is no either-or solution.

創建者 Pawan K S

Nov 07, 2017

its an awesome course....everyone should have to study should our responsibility to do it....

創建者 Alexandros K

Mar 10, 2019

A very informative and at times demanding course. Worth taking for anyone interested in learning about the challenges and potential solutions to the existing and forthcoming unprecedented global energy crisis.

創建者 Edmund B

Apr 05, 2019

Good overview of some of the efforts made towards alternative energies as well as the trends and status of the current energy industry. Well composed with some considerable insight.

創建者 Sudhir N

Oct 18, 2016

Truly enriching stuff.


Dec 06, 2015

It is an excellent course

創建者 Aida G

Apr 24, 2017

Such a great course! Very interesting course with a lot of information on the renewable energies of the moment, its operation, numbers on it and advantages and disadvantages, also a lot of information about fossil fuels, in short an energetic vision of the moment.

創建者 Aditya S

Dec 05, 2017

Amazing lecture series. Improved my vision towards energy and environmental fields.

創建者 Dr. M K B

Oct 12, 2017

I am proud to do the course Sir

創建者 Xavier C

Feb 08, 2018

Good course