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學生對 阿尔伯塔大学 提供的 Fundamentals of Reinforcement Learning 的評價和反饋

2,214 個評分
540 條評論


Reinforcement Learning is a subfield of Machine Learning, but is also a general purpose formalism for automated decision-making and AI. This course introduces you to statistical learning techniques where an agent explicitly takes actions and interacts with the world. Understanding the importance and challenges of learning agents that make decisions is of vital importance today, with more and more companies interested in interactive agents and intelligent decision-making. This course introduces you to the fundamentals of Reinforcement Learning. When you finish this course, you will: - Formalize problems as Markov Decision Processes - Understand basic exploration methods and the exploration/exploitation tradeoff - Understand value functions, as a general-purpose tool for optimal decision-making - Know how to implement dynamic programming as an efficient solution approach to an industrial control problem This course teaches you the key concepts of Reinforcement Learning, underlying classic and modern algorithms in RL. After completing this course, you will be able to start using RL for real problems, where you have or can specify the MDP. This is the first course of the Reinforcement Learning Specialization....



An excellent introduction to Reinforcement Learning, accompanied by a well-organized & informative handbook. I definitely recommend this course to have a strong foundation in Reinforcement Learning.


This course is one of the best I've learned so far in coursera. The explanations are clear and concise enough. It took a while for me to understand Bellman equation but when I did, it felt amazing!


176 - Fundamentals of Reinforcement Learning 的 200 個評論(共 542 個)

創建者 Braghadeesh L


Great course and awesome instructors. Wish this course should have been announced much earlier. Thanks for offering such a wonderful course.

創建者 Dhar R


Excellent course. The concepts are quite abstract, so I expect to revisit them a few times again. Otherwise, it could all evaporate. Lol!

創建者 Shashikant P


Excellent introduction to Reinforcement Learning. The examples used to make students understand the various concepts were truly amazing.

創建者 Lukas S


Very well structured, good examples, and helpful quizzes. I think (even) more programming assignments would make the course even better.

創建者 laxmikanta s


Great Content, Superb explanation with solid examples. Quiz and Assignment are really helpful to improve understanding on the topic.



The basics are really introduced in a manner that one can easily build upon after reading the readings provided , enjoyed the course

創建者 Animesh


I found this course very interesting. The basic concepts are explained very nicely. This course is great when a RL-noob like me : D

創建者 Mert I


The concepts are explained in a very simple manner. Reading book then watching videos helps a lot to understand the essential ideas.

創建者 Cesar A G


Well structured and thought examples that expand the information on the textbook. The programming assignments are very well built.

創建者 Suresh


Awesome introduction to Reinforcement Learning. The explanations are very precise and the complex concepts were easy to follow



Beautifully explains concepts in an intuitive fashion, although the addition of proofs of convergence would have been great :)

創建者 Nikhil G


Excellent course companion to the textbook, clarifies many of the vague topics and gives good tests to ensure understanding

創建者 mammad m


This course was great, but I think it is not complete. I have to pass the other courses in this specialization for sure.

創建者 Evrim A


The course content is superb. As a suggestion, some coding and problem-solving content (as videos) would be outstanding

創建者 Dylan R


Great course, reading the textbook was difficult at times, but the professors really helped me in understanding it all!

創建者 Mohamed R M F


it's my first time learn what is reinforcement learning and this course really helped me to get the fundamentals of it

創建者 Chamakoora S R


Not only this course was conceptually sound, it had inspirational sessions with researches who made big breakthroughs.

創建者 AhmadrezaSheibanirad


This course is one of the great online course in Coursera which help people dig into reinforcement learning correctly.

創建者 Andis R


Thank you very much for putting effort in this one !!! I was looking for such a course for some time already, thanks.

創建者 Daniel R G


Genial curso, los temas dados son demasiado interesantes, a veces un poco dificiles de entender pero nada imposible.

創建者 Bigyan K


Very well organized, and easy to follow with the RL book! Highly recommend this course in conjunction with the book.

創建者 Remo H


Good explanations and very nice exercises. If I could wish something it would be to have more programming examples.

創建者 Dinh-Son V


The presenters are amazing. Their voice are clear and charming and make you want to continue your journey into RL.

創建者 Korosh T


Fantastic course. I learned a lot. The teachers are really great and the programming assignments are very useful.

創建者 Mathew


Very well structured and a great compliment to the Reinforcement Learning (2nd Edition) book by Sutton and Barto.