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Everyday across the world, thousands of businesses are victimized by fraud. Who commits these bad acts? Why? And, how? In this course we are going to help you answer the questions: who commits fraud, why and how. We’ll also help you develop skills for catching them....




This course is one of a kind, it's simple, professional and straight to point. I've really been exposed to the concept of fraud and it's dynamics. This will take me a long way in my career.\n\nCheers!



I enjoyed learning this course . It made me aware about the various ways frauds are committed, showed practical examples, discussed data analytic tools . I look forward to learning this subject more.


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Excellent course

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Good information

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Short and useful

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good experiance

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Great course!!!

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Amazing course

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Overall Good

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Great course

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Good Course.

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Too Tough

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創建者 Laetitia R K


The quizzes are too difficult as the questions asked aren't explained very well in the videos. I took copious notes and still struggled with the quizzes. The quizzes cover areas that the videos only touch on, so I had to look up why my answers were wrong or what the correct answer was. I disliked the discussion questions as well since the students are asked to discuss Bernie Madoff and Lance Armstrong but those two cases are not discussed in the videos at all. It would be more beneficial to create discussions around the cases that are being presented in the videos rather than expecting students to do research. Moreover, one of the videos covers the Benford Analysis. It would be useful to include a case study where it was used to detect fraud. Even including an example of how it can be useful would be helpful. I still don't understand the value of it in fraud detection.

創建者 Wolfgang K


The course has some good content and also some real-life examples; I particularly enjoyed the insider stories about Crazy Eddie and Barry Minkows account of the ZZZZ Carpet Cleaning fraud. Also, the coverage of Worldcom was interesting. The real accounting ane examination part of the course is very basic though and is more like an explanation of what should be done rather than how it is actually done. You will get a general idea about what problems one could encounter when trying to investigate corporate fraud, money laundering and related crimes but you will not get insights e.g. on how you would see it in cash flow statements and what to look out for when analysing company financials. Also, hardly any coverage of accounting principles and practices. The overall presentation of the course is quite funny as very retro.

創建者 Mike Y W


This course provides a good introduction into the world of fraud examination, but it doesn't really go into forensic accounting that much. I had also hoped for some personal examples from the professors given their breath and depth of experience in the field (if at all possible). There also doesn't seem to be that much interaction between students, and students with professors. I would be very interested in signing up for a fraud specialization should there ever be one ...

創建者 Kelly R


This course was very poorly written with many misspelled words and sentence errors. Unit quizzes represented different answers than final exam. The sequence of context was misaligned. I learned a lot but it was not very easy to follow. The videos kept jumping around and went from the middle of a video to the next chapter.

創建者 Kris T


Provides a good foundation of understanding of the topics. To fully grasp the concepts though you'd have to do some independent research or take further courses. Overall I would recommend to anyone who is just starting out in the field (such as myself), has an interest in these topics, or want's to bolster their resume.

創建者 Jie H


This course discusses the basics of forensic accounting and fraud examination. It helps to develop a high level understanding of the subject. The videos are of great value, showing learners what the perpetrators thought. However, I wish the course can go deeper. It may be the first course of a specialization.

創建者 Yulia M


The course didn't meet my expectations - I didn't learn about fraud schemes and the methods to discover them, I only learned the psychological differences between accidental and predator fraudsters, the most of examples are from nineties, so the course need the refreshment and more practical information.



Very insightful and educative. It has enriched my knowledge in fraud examination. However, I didn't learn as much as I was expecting about Forensic Accounting. It will be more helpful to teach the techniques required of a Forensic Accountants.