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學生對 印度商学院 提供的 Introduction to Financial Markets 的評價和反饋

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Learn the general concepts of financial markets and economy. You will see the difference between primary and secondary markets and learn about markets for different products. You will also look at various economic Indicators and their influence on the markets. After completing this course, you will have a much stronger background of financial markets and ready to go to the next stage in the Specialization. This course is designed to help students with very little or no finance background to learn the basics of investments....



Oct 08, 2019

Professor Vidya Nathan had delivered the training in simplistic manner which helps to understand the 5 modules and the contents.\n\nMay be if some data visualisation or hands on would further enhance


Mar 18, 2018

For a beginner like me, this course was indeed instrumental in getting me on the level ground with other investors and boost me up wit a confidence to start my own investment portfolio.


151 - Introduction to Financial Markets 的 175 個評論(共 214 個)

創建者 sanyam j

Jan 24, 2018

Informative course for a beginner.

創建者 Atul N

Aug 16, 2016

Very Good starting place for a thorough introduction to all aspects of Financial Markets.

創建者 Pranjal B

Aug 26, 2017

Great introductory course. Although, clarity on certain concepts could be worked upon. Recommended readings could be added as well. Thank you!

創建者 abdirisak

May 21, 2017

I really learn allot from this course.. thanks to you IBS and its lect


Aug 26, 2017

Thank you !! Wonderful course. Only thing it should have been backed with more numerical calculations to begin with and more real time example . Most of the people who are new have a hard time understanding without some more explanatory examples.

創建者 Parth M

Jul 08, 2017

There could have been pictorial represesntations to make learning better

創建者 Jason A

Jul 31, 2017

Great course on the fundamentals.

創建者 Aman J

Aug 20, 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. One suggestion make this course even better would be to have more numerical examples about concepts.

創建者 Sapan G

Jan 07, 2018

Although the course is well detailed and covers a diverse topic required to be known to have a good foundation before starting to invest, it got a little too technical at times. I personally am from a commerce background and I felt a little difficult to follow sometimes wherever sir was using more of technical jargon and technical terminology at times when using a simpler language would have been possible and better for the students who might not be from a commerce background, for better understanding. Otherwise great course, thank you.

創建者 Dave E

May 31, 2017

Enjoyable, engaged, and knowledgeable instructor. The video editing was distracting and interrupted flow many times.

創建者 Robin M

Oct 29, 2017

I wish to speak to Mr. Vaidya Nathan over a phone call. I did drop a mail but for no luck. The course is great as far as international standards are concerned. Though, coming from ISB, I'd expect and advise to have content slightly more inclined to investment banking

創建者 Katlego S

Jul 16, 2017

Very good introduction, Lecturer could be more enthusiastic with visual examples


Jun 20, 2017

It is a very good course for people interested in the field of finance

創建者 Vamshi K

May 01, 2017

Wonderful course, especially for non-finance professionals!! Very friendly in learning.... Take enough time out to go and deeply understand the terms and concepts explained... This will provide a good head-start!! Cheers Vaidya Nathan Sir!! You are amazing... gotta meet you some time!!

創建者 Pia S

Aug 13, 2017

This was a great course for a complete beginner. Very easy to understand the lecturer, he was very clear and organized in communication. Found a few things a bit repetitive but maybe that is good for some people to remember. Thanks, had a very positive experience!

創建者 Aniket P G

Dec 08, 2016

I like the course pattern as well as contain. It gives you all introductory information about Financial Markets. I am sure that I have enough knowledge to trade in market.

創建者 Ganesh B

Aug 25, 2017

As there may be people from other countries (like India) likely to take up the course, can it have some content that is more local?

創建者 Tushar G

Jan 17, 2018

awesome course but too quite fast and confusing for beginners

創建者 Shikhar V

Jun 02, 2017

4 Stars because 2 videos don't have audio in them(in between of the videos) else the course is just awesome

創建者 Nicolas F

Jul 07, 2017

Well made course which gives you an introduction to trading and three securities that are traded: stocks, bonds, currencies. The last part about economic indicators and how they influence the three trade markets covers a wide range but is not well made. It repeats over and over what could be said in 20 minutes: that bonds tend to move in the other direction than stocks and currencies; it would have been more interesting I think to reveal this general trend and then to go a bit more into detail.

創建者 Uppala S A

Sep 17, 2017

Has got some minor mistakes at some places. But overall, a great introductory course.

創建者 Shubhangi B

Apr 09, 2018

It is a very good course, providing a basic knowledge of the variates of the financial market. It covers a lot of topics necessary for understanding the financial market. Pursuing this course gave me a new outlook for financial markets.

創建者 Aman A

May 26, 2018

Although the course was highly informative, it could be improved by usage of diagrams and sample sums to make it easily understandable.

創建者 Vedant A

Dec 18, 2017

Good course for beginners in financial markets.

創建者 Priyanka J

Dec 16, 2017

One of the best courses I have done, really worth spending time.