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An overview of the ideas, methods, and institutions that permit human society to manage risks and foster enterprise. Emphasis on financially-savvy leadership skills. Description of practices today and analysis of prospects for the future. Introduction to risk management and behavioral finance principles to understand the real-world functioning of securities, insurance, and banking industries. The ultimate goal of this course is using such industries effectively and towards a better society....



Curso perfeito em todos os aspectos, me introduziu ao mercado financeiro e me fez querer escolher essa área para atuar. Robert Shiller merece o posto de maiores economistas que temos, pessoa incrível.


This course is easy to follow and interesting. Professor Shiller is very motivating. It not teaching about finance but more importantly how finance can build a better life for all. Really recommended.


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創建者 Luis P M


I learned technical terms f unknown fields. I strongly recommend this course not only for new people in finance but also If you are from another field. Professor Shiller is great!!

創建者 Federico L B


It's been a very useful course! It teaches you the very basic concepts of finance while enhancing your understanding of people behaviors when it come to invest. Really recommended.

創建者 V N


This course was everything I needed to dig deeper in the finance world.

It is very didactic and interesting.

Robert Schiller explaining things makes you want to search more about it.

創建者 Rahul C


Amazing course. Introduced a lot of learning components and changed my perspective towards a lot of financial tools and services! A big thank you to professor Shiller and Coursera!

創建者 Fabio I


I fell in love with the way Professor Schiller takes you through this Course. Although many concepts were not new to me, I preferred his lectures to music in my early morning runs.

創建者 Tkalenko K


Thank you for the information, the opportunity to learn and get modern knowledge about the world. Great course!!! It gives an analytical view of the world and relationships in it.

創建者 Rohit S


A very informative course. Prof Robert Shiller is really a master in his profession. HIs immense knowledge and way of teaching really involves you and makes this course look easy.

創建者 Gibrine A


This course is very objective, supportive and basic necessity for finance student, workers and entrepreneurs to study. It has enhanced my financial perspective, grateful for that.



its our privilege to have a professor like Shiller. the explanation and the content is very well curated. and its awesome experience, the journey with the course and dynamic prof.

創建者 Damilare A


This course is very essential for new and existing players in the financial market.

I must say I enjoyed every bit of the program.

Thank you, Yale University for this opportunity.

創建者 Ashwamegha P


A comprehensive blend of various financial aspects be it risk management, commodity trading, banking, behavioural economics, etc. Loved the course. Very informative and enriching.

創建者 Макаров А И


This course was really amazing. When i started it, i was thinking it will be about making money. But it's more interesting, more complicated. I'am really glad to pass this course.

創建者 Ivan S


This course offers a great opportunity to learn the information regarding how do the financial markets work, proliferate, and thrive. Recommend it to anyone interested in finance.

創建者 Roberto S


A very interesting course, I learned a lot about a subject I was interested in... I just wished I had a stronger preparation in maths and economics, but I think I'll work on this!

創建者 Prashant C


Thank you Coursera for giving us students of all ages and qualifications an opportunity to learn finance from one of the leading professor on the subject...Prof. Robert Shiller...

創建者 Vivian R


It was a great course, a total overview of Financial Markets. Prof. Robert Shiller explained the theory and insights with great enthusiasm and humor. Highly recommend this course.

創建者 Mark P


An informative course that gives a detailed overview of the financial mechanisms of the world we live in. I believe it is essential knowledge for everyone in today's day and age.

創建者 Ajeet K


This is the' best course of the financial market. I am fortunate to listen opinion of the professor Robert Schiller. His remarks on each topic are things to take from the course.

創建者 roberto g


very interesting to understand how finance can help people to reach a highest level of knowledge and Finance-freedom. I'm a financial advisor and help people is a mission for me.

創建者 Hercules C


Excellent course! It was an honor to attend this course of Prof. Robert Schiller. Very well organized, make you think, it is a true journey into the history and world of finance.

創建者 Gopi G


I love Prof. Robert Shiller and his way of intuitive teaching. I wish he produces more risk management and finance courses in MOOC platform to democratize good quality education.

創建者 Albert L


Very good overview on financial markets - great way to jog my memory and learn all sorts useful new facts about the financial markets. This course will make me a better investor.

創建者 Georgios D


To have a Nobel prize winner as a teacher (even online) is something unique. Everyone which is interested of how financial markets work in the real world should take this course.

創建者 Deepak K A


Thanks to Mr. Robert Shiller to make Financial Market learning curve an erudite discussion . I am feeling enriched and empowered with great perspective and insightful learning .

創建者 Adithya N a


Thank you for this great course. Anyone trying to learn the basics of fin markets should do this. If you are interested in stock market etc, you should definitely do the course.