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學生對 米兰理工大学 提供的 Fundamentals of financial and management accounting 的評價和反饋

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This is an introductory course on financial and management accounting. The first part of this course will introduce the basic accounting principles and accounting terminology to understand how a company keeps control of financial events and provides information on how it is performing. These basic concepts will support the analysis of financial reports companies prepare. We will go through balance sheet, income statement, financial statement, learning how to read and analyze them. The course will also provide the basis of management accounting introducing some techniques (e.g. break- even analysis or NPV) to support managers in making short-term and long-term decisions, such as "Is it convenient to dispose a production machine and buy a new one?" or "How many products should the company sell in order to break-even?" The course will bring examples and case studies that will help students better understand the practical applications of the basic accounting principles and techniques. At the end of the course, students will be able to read, understand and analyze financial documents and to apply simple techniques to analyse costs and evaluate capital investment decisions....




Thank you so much for the opportunity to improve my skills. I found the course to be very well presented and I really am motivated to do as many courses as I possibly can!

Thank you once again x



This course was very much useful for my career and I came to know much about cost and financial accounting.

The videos and the explanation were clearly explained .

Thankyou mam.


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創建者 usman i


A best course for accounting professionals Provided by an excellent instructor.



Teacher teaches with the examples which is quickly understandable

創建者 Mpho M


all explanations were clear and visuals were very clear

創建者 C F L


Good, could have been better with more examples

創建者 Petra T


Very informative. A clear recommendation.

創建者 muhammad h


very good and the teacher is excellent

創建者 Fabian S


Not so easy but very interesting.

創建者 Arish N


very fast ,but good

創建者 Edosomwan L I


Very interesting

創建者 SudhershanBalaji K


Great to learn.

創建者 Prathap.P


Good teaching

創建者 Sushmita R


It was ok ok

創建者 Priya D



創建者 Rahul S



創建者 Ray F


This course is massively difficult for an introductory course. You will certainly learn a lot, such as job-order costing, FIFO, NPV and so-on. The "readings", which are essentially small case studies, are a significant jump in difficulty from the scenarios presented in the preceding lessons. The explanatory videos afterwards would be better served as lessons themselves, since it's frequently unclear about how to apply the logic learned in lessons to case studies which have extenuating circumstances not previously connected. I would also prefer more contextualization; I am often left understanding a situation whose usefulness I'm uncertain of.

That all said, the scope of the course is very broad. I am humbled by the amount of things I have learned to do and have gained a new-found respect for the profession. Where I previously learned about income statements, balance sheets and the other required documentation to provide to regulatory bodies, this course takes us through the underlying gears and levers that fill the numbers into the line items on these documents. I think there is room for improvement in how this course could be organized, and with the amount of content taught, I think it might be better if the required time were doubled.

創建者 Andreia S J S


There are some exercises that are not well explained. I had difficulties to put the theoretical part in use.

創建者 Chilakuri p k



創建者 Aditya S


The course has content which is not bad but not good. I didn't like the way things are explained on the boards. It's just my personal view you may like the course. I'm someone who likes to learn concepts in a fun manner and given accountancy is such a boring subject it becomes more boring if explained like the way explained in the course. I'm sorry if I hurt your feeling professor but this course needs a massive upgrade.

創建者 KingBremenMt2


really bad explained

im going to finish my bachelor degree this year but some point in this class are still very unclear to me even though i have learnt it before.

創建者 Noel


Very poor teacher due to the language barrier. Heavy Italian accent with inadequate English. Terrible learning experience.