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學生對 伦敦大学 提供的 Film, Images & Historical Interpretation in the 20th Century: The Camera Never Lies 的評價和反饋

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This course is a short taster on the topic of the use of Images, Film, and their use in historical interpretation in the 20th century. It is primarily provided for those who have a general interest in history that draws on photojournalism as primary evidence, and films based on historical events. Once you have completed this course we hope you will be equipped to: Appreciate the significance of photographs as historical evidence in the twentieth century. Understand the limitations of the medium, and how we can attribute meaning to these individual records of 'one moment in time' while taking into account the circumstances in which any particular image was taken. Understand how individuals and institutions have looked to manipulate images to their own ends – through alteration and/or censorship – and what that meant to contemporary interpretation, as well as subsequent historical interpretation. Put individual images into a wider context, and in particular with reference to history written, or portrayed, beyond academia: public history. Do be aware that part of the contents of this course regard images and depiction of war. Real wars and real images....




This course provides students with the tools they need to analyse and understand visual history along with its deceiving nature that derived from the very character of film properties.



It is a very informative course for history enthusiasts. It encourages critical thinking and interpretation of history in a unique way. I enjoyed and learned a lot in the 6 weeks.


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創建者 Sevilla L A


Whay I really liked about this course is that I learned a lot of history and got a better understanding of the context of historical events, and I improved my analalytical skills in ways I didn't know before. It really helped me to be more critical about what media presents to the public, as well as how and why they do it.

創建者 María G O


I enjoyed too much this course. The professor is nice and the material studied was really interesting. My advise is to incorporate images and items from more countries because I felt that the course payed a lot of attention to history facts of the United States. Thanks a lot professor Emett

創建者 Gian P S


Es un curso más enfocado en eventos históricos más que en la imagen. Por otra parte, los quiz son muy precisos, datos concretos por sobre una reflexión personal. Sin embargo, es un gran curso, dictado por un excelente profesor.

創建者 luciana a a


The course is great. I got tired in the last weeks (4 and 5) because then it goes too much into war, however the overall material is an amazing source to rethink the images that surround us.

創建者 Nelli S


This course is informative and important source of historical facts, videos, documents and interviews - I was expressed and inspired to know more about these events and people. Thank you.

創建者 Julian G


An informative course that made me think about the use of images in everything from newspapers to propaganda shorts to history books. Would highly recommend.

創建者 marta R


loved it! More history than film, but still amazing! I learned a lot about historical analysis and interpretation

創建者 Jeanne L M


My only concern is that some reading materials are not accessible, but other than that, everything is great.

創建者 Claudia B


Great courses for any one who as an interest in photography

創建者 K T


Very good, interesting information

創建者 Jonathan G


Fascinating course.

創建者 Rafael V E


M​uy interesante.

創建者 Daniel M K


I took the course wanting to learn more about what I was actually seeing in historical photos and cinema, particularly documentary films of World War II. Much of the lectures and materials were focused on actual history which I was often familiar with, and not on photography per se. So the lectures on Iwo Jima were spot on for me, but those on Stalin and Hitler were more in the nature of history lessons rather than discussions of how these images came to be.

創建者 Sharon M


This could have been so much better - if the photos and images had been clearly visible, rather than in books which were lying on the table and not clearly visible. It felt like an introduction to the topic rather than an in-depth study of the subject.



because of less student i wait one month more to have grades and today i just got a grades and receive my certificate thanks again i like this course,because it really help me to know more about history of images .

創建者 Wade S


Professor from London should have porrfed his course prior to submission anf Coursera vetted for inaccuracies prior to posating. Labdeled as an arts and media couse; presented as a history/economics couse. I would have thought that this would be less oppinion heavy in contect. When I found it to be the cob=ntraty, tried to use as exercise in patience. The egregious error in mis-reading the final quote and fervently basing his argument on the mi-read quote thatHEplaced on the slide final slide of Week four, I decided yo leave the couse. As a result I wil No longer enroll in ANY courses given bt the instructor, and will more closely vet future educational options put forth by Coursera. Thank you.

創建者 Haley T


Half of the links to external readings and videos did not work, which is the reason I did not complete the course. It made taking the quizzes fairly impossible unless I wanted to spend my time googling the answers.

創建者 MARY R B M


i have learnt alot about history of war and photo altering

創建者 Livanshi S


I cant get certificate even after completing the course

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