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This course is the first course in a five-course US Federal Tax Specialization. It covers and focuses on the U.S. federal tax system as it relates to individuals, employees, and sole proprietors. Key concepts covered include gross income and items that are statutorily included or excluded in it, personal and business expenses that qualify as tax deductions, and the differing tax treatments for employees versus self-employed taxpayers. Unlike many other introductory courses in tax and as part of this course’s comprehensive wrap-up, learners will be provided with practical and tangible experience reporting both income and expenses on the main individual tax return used in the US, Form 1040. If you have enjoyed this course, consider enrolling in our online graduate Accounting program. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, consistently ranked as one of the nation's top three accounting programs, now offers a master’s in accounting at a very affordable tuition rate and is completely online. The iMSA is a full Master of Accountancy program and students graduate with an MS that is highly recognized. Try an open course or two, then apply for admission into the credit-bearing version as you may be eligible to take credit-bearing courses during the application process. If you are missing any prerequisites for the full degree, you can complete Coursera courses to demonstrate readiness and strengthen your application for the iMSA. For more information on this exciting iMSA online program, refer to this link: ...



This was a great introduction into Federal Taxation. It gave excellent examples of all of the components that go into a 1040 tax prep. I loved the course and I feel the professors did an amazing job.


I thoroughly enjoyed the course. The presenters were very thorough and detailed. the examples given were very simple and understandable.\n\ni look forward to continuing on this Taxation journey


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創建者 Sarthak a


very good course



great learning

創建者 Susan L


Great course!

創建者 Oran W


Great course!

創建者 Maria R R


Great course!

創建者 Rebeca M



創建者 Ainur Z


Great course

創建者 Gringoire-Gabison k


very good

創建者 carlos a c r



創建者 Hernan L



創建者 Philip D



創建者 Jason C


If you look through the discussion forum, it is pointed out that there are inconsistencies between some quiz questions and the presented information. Further, I'd note the quizzes relies on a fair number of "gotcha" questions with difficult wording that really tested if you were paying attention to the question rather than your comprehension of the knowledge. Be prepared to use screenshots of problem solutions in the application lectures as they are not in the slides (unlike the prior two courses in the specialization).

創建者 Jason R


Great content and really learned a lot. Would have liked some more examples or formulas to use and print out to keep handy, especially in doing some of the AGI floors. but otherwise, great!



quite detailed and informative. it would be great if it was structured a bit better to avoid confusions between deductions for AGI and from in terms of BUSINESS and INDIVIDUAL

創建者 Michelle K


Great overview of 1040 preparation. My primary purpose for taking the course was learning the details of, and computing the AMT. I am disappointed this was not covered.

創建者 Kumar, R


Thank you so much for the information and session on US Tax Fed Tax . Its a great learning platform for everyone who opt the course through Coursera! Thanks again.

創建者 Tamer H


the course is very good and useful but needs more problems and questions to practice what we learned

創建者 Kee Y S S


The course is good introduction for US Federal Tax.

創建者 Wesley H


Too basic. We need a taxation instruction that goes beyond the basics found in the tax form instructions.

創建者 Marva K


The content was excellent. The way the material was presented was easy to grasp and understand. The professors did a great job of explaining the material.

The final asked us to complete a 2018 1040 but some of the forms and schedules were dated 2017 and the line numbers were not the same.

My questions in the content forum to address these issues were not answered in a timely manner and the information needed to complete the course was not provided in a timely manner, which led me to have to reset my end date. I was recently contacted with a question about whether I was going to finish the course and asked to fill out a survey.

I was frankly disappointed in the unprofessional manner in which I was treated. I believe my computer might have been hacked because I was unable to access the 1040 that I started.

I am willing to continue to take the rest of the Taxation courses as long as the materials needed are provided and I get follow up and answers to any question I might have.

Marva King-Smith


This was definitely NOT a fun learning experience. All I learned is how easy it is for information to be manipulated in this online environment and fed to students for a fee. The information provided is inaccurate. I would NOT recommend this program to anyone. Thank you Geis Business School for your time and wasting mine.

創建者 Mehmed A


Instructors s are not helpful in answering queries as well as content does not include many answers to assignments.