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Often called “the cornerstone” of public health, epidemiology is the study of the distribution and determinants of diseases, health conditions, or events among populations and the application of that study to control health problems. By applying the concepts learned in this course to current public health problems and issues, students will understand the practice of epidemiology as it relates to real life and makes for a better appreciation of public health programs and policies. This course explores public health issues like cardiovascular and infectious diseases – both locally and globally – through the lens of epidemiology....



Very clear teaching strategies from the instructors. Some quizzes though are a little bit hard on my part because of the type of questions and answers. But overall it is a great course to take with.


I just completed my course and I would like to appreciate the tutors for doing a great job, yeah! Also, I recommend Coursera for anyone who wants to experience advancement in knowledge and career.


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創建者 Tyla D P


Fantastic course, Learnt allot

創建者 Yusuke O


Basic concept of epidemiology.

創建者 Kaeleen D


Excellent introductory course

創建者 Jenevieve K


Solid review of epidemiology.

創建者 Ernest K


Good course, worth taking



Very Interesting course!



legible and interesting.

創建者 Nggada J


Beautiful introduction

創建者 Mohammad R



創建者 Riya K


Very interesting!

創建者 Akpa C


Very good course

創建者 William J A B


Muy instructivo

創建者 marina a


thanks too much

創建者 BEN S ( b


fine course

創建者 Francis O


very uneasy

創建者 Princess J


Was good

創建者 Tahira A



創建者 Konan D N



創建者 Koustav M



創建者 Suzanne S


The subject matter was comprehensive and interesting. However there are two concerns I have regarding the class. The primary concern is how frustrating the tests were. Many questions referred to information that was not included in the lectures. Some of the questions may have been included in the additional materials, however since I followed the guidelines and only invested the time estimated (ten minutes for multiple documents) in reading and reviewing the supplemental information I may have missed the test question references. My suggestion is to review all the test questions so that they reflect the information related in the lectures and adjust the time estimates for the supplemental material.

創建者 Christine H


A lot more math than I expected. I was hoping for more examples of actual public health emergencies and discoveries. This is my second course, and I noticed the quizzes ask for information from future chapters, so there is no way to know the correct answers by reading and listening to the appropriate lessons.

A problem overall for Coursera, the minutes of the videos are not correctly transcribed for grammar. Incorrect punctuation is frequent, i.e. ending or not ending sentences at the correct place. Commas and periods are used interchangeably. And synonyms, like proceed was used instead of precede, which completely changes the meaning of the sentence.

創建者 Maha A


The course covers an appropriate range of topics, but I had 2 major issues with it. First, the quizzes (especially module 1) are faulty. Some questions are marked wrong whether you answer them false or true and some questions are unclear and, most importantly, some questions focus on marginal issues rather than the core of the course. It would have also been helpful to get access to clarifications once we pass the quiz to better understand. Second, it would have been helpful to have more exercises to practice calculating the difference rates and ratios and differences. But, overall this was a nice refresher course.

創建者 Artificially S


N​ice info, lots of new info for someone new to epi. Loved how math equations are clearly stated. Loves how sooo many examples are given, helps with understanding. Loved the short pop questions that would appear during the lecture. But, you have “students” here from various backgrounds, aptitudes, skills, experience etc. Break it down- simplify the info as if you are teaching a 10 year old. Don’t merely read definitions. Explain the terminologies used, including those words in definitions. And some questions in the quizzes were confusing for no “sane” reasons, all answers highly similar.

創建者 Jessica H


The information provided in this course was good, although I wish that this course was more focussed on Health Science and less on the basic principles of science, research methodology and basic statistics. I would have loved to see more information related to actual health.

Secondly, the first three quizzes were absolutely horrible to take, due to a majority of questions that require multilple answers that have not been discussed in lectures. It takes several attemps to actually finish these quizzes and this does not add on to learning new information, but just provides with frustration.

創建者 Nora B


A solid introduction to the field of epidemiology as the study of distribution and determinants of health outcome. I came away with a more nuanced understanding of how to critically evaluating disease frequency, study design, association & causal effects. The course lays out multiple real-life examples to makes the information relevant and interesting to what is important in the real world. However, the lecturers are quite monotonous which can make the lectures bit tiring to get through. Overall, a quick, practical course nonetheless!