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學生對 New York University 提供的 Enterprise and Infrastructure Security 的評價和反饋

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This course introduces a series of advanced and current topics in cyber security, many of which are especially relevant in modern enterprise and infrastructure settings. The basics of enterprise compliance frameworks are provided with introduction to NIST and PCI. Hybrid cloud architectures are shown to provide an opportunity to fix many of the security weaknesses in modern perimeter local area networks.   Emerging security issues in blockchain, blinding algorithms, Internet of Things (IoT), and critical infrastructure protection are also described for learners in the context of cyber risk. Mobile security and cloud security hyper-resilience approaches are also introduced. The course completes with some practical advice for learners on how to plan careers in cyber security....




Great course to provide a framework for students to understand Enterprise and Infrastructure security that is relevant in this modern world. I think the topics on cloud was the most useful.



Prof. Ed presented wonderful courses in cyber security . He always can explain the complicated thing in a easy way and bring the cut-edge technology to the students . Bravo ! Prof. Ed


101 - Enterprise and Infrastructure Security 的 119 個評論(共 119 個)

創建者 Christian P


The material presented by Professor Dr. Amoroso is very useful to focus everything seen in the previous three courses of this program. The only difficulty I have found is the lack of maintenance of the course, since there are several links that do not work (you must look for them on the www) and there is not a minimum concern when answering in the forums (there are unanswered questions months / years ago). Otherwise, I find this course still very useful.

創建者 Prateek S


I would have given this course 5 stars had they fixed the issues with the quizzes/exams. The course content itself is really great. Introductory, but interesting and engaging. Unfortunately the quizzes are full of mistakes that force you to guess the right answer, or sometimes pick something clearly wrong. Several students have flagged them over several years but NYU doesn't seem interested in fixing the errors.

創建者 Tom T


Overall a good and interesting course, but there are numerous links that don't work, links that require you to purchase books/papers that should be included in the course, and numerous quiz/test errors that are not being corrected.This is true not just of this course, but of all four courses in the program.

創建者 Uladzimir B


Same as for the other courses in this specialisation, there are issues with dead / paid links and buggy quizzes, where questions and / or answers contain typos. Otherwise this is a good introduction and certainly lots of pointers to cool research papers, companies to follow and so on.

創建者 Derek E


Solid course, but a little lighter in content compared to the first 3 courses. Like other courses there are issues with quizzes in terms of wording and errors. I suggest checking the discussion boards before attempting quizzes. Overall worthwhile and interesting.

創建者 John E


I enjoyed every bit of Amaroso's lessons but i would have wished there be hands-on lab sessions for students. I have learned a lot and will continue learning.

創建者 Thanin J


I'd love to have some homework (peer review by other learner) to create 2-way communication between all learners. Also not a fan of "all choices are wrong".

創建者 Iris B


Its really more of an overview. It gives you the information that you need to continue more in-depth studies.

創建者 Atrik R


Good theoretical course for beginners. Needs a bit improvement in the assessment questions and language.

創建者 Diego G


Great topics and content, but there are some issues with the quizzes that need to be revised.

創建者 Huzaifah A


Some of the reading material is unavailable. Otherwise, the course is great.

創建者 Herbert W T A


Covered a broad area of cybersecurity and available tools.

創建者 Jack S


A good high-level intro to many concepts.

創建者 Sendo T


Thank you it was very entertaining.




創建者 Pablo C G


This course feels like "all the leftovers in security that could not be covered in the previous three courses".

The content does not seem to be related from one video to another.

There is very interesting concepts (like blockchain in the context of security). There are some other topics (e.g., basic security of mobility networks) which is extremely extremely basic.

Dr. Amoroso does a great job explaining the concepts, however the modules do not seem to be very well designed. The content of the previous courses seemed more curated.

Note: course can be completed in ~15 hours.

創建者 Aaron C


Overall the course was pretty good. Biggest problem is that often the links to reference materials are not working. Additionally, some of the test questions in the courses are worded incorrectly or just don't make sense. My recommendation is that the course should be reviewed and updated if possible (this course was made in 2018).

創建者 Anne M


It was very interesting but I would have been interested in experiencing some practical works. Theory and definitions are useful, and trying and coding are as important, in my opinion. But still, I have learned a lot, so thank you for that !

創建者 Gnaore a C A


the court was enriching!