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學生對 印度商学院 提供的 Leadership and Emotional Intelligence 的評價和反饋

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The digital age is dramatically reshaping the rules for organizational success. The new context demands renewal of your capabilities and development of different mindsets. In this course, you’ll learn the different components of emotional intelligence at work. For example, you’ll learn how you can work effectively in teams, build cooperative relationships with your key stakeholders, exercise effective influence, handle difficult conversations, and create energy and enthusiasm to foster meaningful change. Our modules will begin with powerful stories that are illustrative of typical challenges faced by front-line leaders. We’ll analyze the case illustration using the ideas from emotional intelligence theory, and highlight the key lessons that you should take away in terms of mindsets and skills that you should master to distinguish yourself as a leader....



Thank you sir...\n\nIam a MBA tourism student. Through this course and learnings, I gets some new tips on how to lead our colleagues in a organization, I think this course will help me in my future...


Thanks to Coursera, IBM and Mannaniya college of arts and science for giving me this great opportunity. This course will be more helpful and confidence for my career development\n\nThank you so much


101 - Leadership and Emotional Intelligence 的 125 個評論(共 1,130 個)

創建者 Hugo B


Really excited to have completed this course! What you learn here need to be with you in your entire life to be better professionals and yourself. I didn't even internalize that often we start as a technical collaborator and we have to do more than follow orders

創建者 Hillary C


well first of all I would like to thank Mr. Ramnarayan Subramaniam for the splendid job in educating me in good leadership and emotional intelligence. in this course, I have learned the basic skills needed to be a good leader in my future job once again thanks.

創建者 Neeru J


The course explains the qualities of a good leader and how a person can hone leadership skills with other components of soft skills to turn as competent Leader. The lessons were well explained with case study which in fact makes the learning more interesting.

創建者 Apurv R


Hats off to S. Ramnarayan Sir!

I find it easy now to break down leadership and EQ into bits, compare them with mine nad work on them.

This course has taught a great deal about these soft skills and it would be great to learn to apply them in informal sectors.

創建者 Sameena A


From this course, i have learnt how i can work effectively in teams, build cooperative relationships with your key stakeholders, exercise effective influence, handle difficult conversations, and create energy and enthusiasm to foster meaningful change.

創建者 Sukruti G


This is an exceptional Course, thanks to Coursera that we get to learn so much about Leadership and Emotional Intelligence from a learned personality like Mr Ramnarayan Subramaniam from Indian School Of Business. Leant Life lessons through this course!

創建者 Abhilash P B


This course helps a person to know what things need to be known and how to carry oneself in an organization to be an effective leader. This course includes interviews of great leaders which is an add on to the course. Special Thanks to Ramnarayan Sir

創建者 Milan K M


This course will help you to develop your Leadership,Relationship not only for a company or any other organization but also in your daily life.You should learn different type of management style, and also influence other person,guide a proper way.

創建者 Paul S A


Very great course that has opened a whole lot of perspectives. The lecture delivery is great and learning very engaging and yet, flexible. I recommend it to whoever wants to be successful in any leadership role. Here are life changing principles.

創建者 Navya S


Thank you for this amazing course!

For a person like me whose just beginning my career in Leadership, this course provided me a base and foundation for what skills and competencies I should look forward to developing to be a successful leader:)

創建者 Darshan S


I find this content very much useful because i could be able to relate all the guidelines and scenario very much with the current situation i am dealing with. I must say one who want to lead from the front must at lease go through this course.

創建者 Nila J


Very practical, especially the discussion prompts. It made me think through some of the leaders, I have interacted with and what kind of leader I want to be. My key takeaway is to listen empathetically. I am happy I signed up for this course.

創建者 Pawar A


very helpful course for young students as well as freshers to learn the skills of communication, negotiation, delegation, self awarenss , positive mindset .etc which will help us to understand and prepare ourselves to work in corporate world.



This course is well designed with very good illustration and frameworks.

As the lecture videos are quite long so that its little hard to watch big videos with patience, it could have made short , so that it might be more effective and easy .

創建者 Terri S


I really liked this course. It gave me some insight on different ways to become a more effective leader. I downloaded the leadership competency checklist which will come in handy for my professional development. Thank You ISB and Coursera!

創建者 Sowmya D S


This course was so informative and great learning. I appreciate the organisers of the programme and congratulate the team. I submit my sincere thanks to Prof. Ramnarayan Subramaniam for delivering the course so well.

Thank you once again

創建者 Nur B C


Thank you to Mr. Ramnarayan Subramaniam for all the knowledge and skills I have acquired with this course. In addition, we would like to thank Beylikdüzü Municipality and the dear president, who gave us the chance to take these courses.

創建者 Edward J V D ( S G - O D


It is a must for growing leaders i the organization. Concise, clear and motivational with key actions points to deal with day to day situations, be an effective leader in the organization and be successful with projects implementation.

創建者 Manohar M


A great course, I really liked Professor Ramnarayan's mode of delivery of the course. It was crisp with utmost clarity.The course has very good content. I value every skill I have learned with this course. Kudos to the training team.

創建者 Thomas K


Excellent course. One of the best I have encountered at Coursera so far. Many great thanks to the IBS for sharing their knowledge. Special thanks to Dr. Subramaniam for is ecouraging and audience winning way of presenting the topics.



Emotional intelligence can determine business success. Likewise, its absence can lead to basic, preventable failures. I want to say a very big thank you to federal polytechnic ilaro and coursera for this wonderful opportunity. Thanks

創建者 Sakshi G


This was a great learning experience.Not only it was covered in vast,it also included all possible ways to keep us totally involved in it.It included the industry live insights as well as insights from the academician point of view.

創建者 Sujata B


My sincerest congratulations to team ISB and especially to Prof. Ramnarayan for this invaluable course. His delivery of content is excellent. The course is well designed with discussion prompts and very well thought of quizzes.

創建者 Ranjan C


Attending this course was a superb experience. The quality of the faculty, the content of the course and the structure of the program, everything is plus plus. This course gave me lot of insight into real aspects of leadership.

創建者 Susan k


Very important course. It has impacted great leadership skills to me. I believe with the skills gained i will be able to handle the situation appropriately leading to improved performance. Am leaving a better leader.

Thank you