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學生對 乔治亚理工学院 提供的 电子学基础 的評價和反饋

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This course introduces students to the basic components of electronics: diodes, transistors, and op amps. It covers the basic operation and some common applications....



Jul 03, 2019

This was a great refresher course for me! I took ECE 3040 on campus during the summer of 2012 but it was fast paced and couldn't get much into applications... this course did and I'm thankful!


Oct 14, 2018

Electronics is one of the hard to learn subjects using internet. I am studying computer science and I could not find good introduction course for electronics except this. Thank you!


326 - 电子学基础 的 350 個評論(共 367 個)

創建者 Lakshmi B p

Apr 22, 2020

easy to understand and clear explanation.i enjoyed this course

創建者 Didimo E G T

Aug 16, 2017

Great refresher, cover important theory fast and concisely.

創建者 Sidharth

May 12, 2020

it was really helpful made alot of my doubts go away...

創建者 Srinidi S

Jan 26, 2019

Got some good idea on circuit fundas! really helpful :)

創建者 Kappala.Harika

Jan 09, 2017

It is very good learning source to present generation.

創建者 Delian D

Jul 27, 2016

The only complain is that it kind of feel uncompleted

創建者 ahmed k

Aug 20, 2020

a good introduction to the subject, and enjoyable.


Sep 17, 2017

the course is good but need to be more depth

創建者 Kausar J P

May 07, 2020

helped in improving my knowledge

創建者 Uddipan S

Sep 30, 2020

Nice and informative course.

創建者 Joshua K M

Jun 19, 2020

Thank you.Quite informative

創建者 Manikandan

Jun 13, 2018

good course for beginners

創建者 Atizaz E

Jun 27, 2016

very good course a lot of

創建者 Pankaj K

Sep 16, 2020

Very good teacher.

創建者 223 M

Sep 13, 2020

Well Explained !!

創建者 sandeep d

Sep 11, 2020

great course c

創建者 Sikandar B

May 29, 2020

Best managed


Mar 13, 2019

Thanks a lot

創建者 Doma S

Jul 25, 2020

good course


Aug 11, 2020


創建者 Amit K S

Aug 09, 2020


創建者 03 N

Aug 02, 2020


創建者 Ankit G

May 27, 2020


創建者 Anthony S

Apr 03, 2019

The professors who taught this course were very clear in describing the fundamentals. However, the forum questions were virtually ignored by the professors. Many posted questions remained unanswered or not enough feedback was provided. To pass the course one must score 100% on the last quiz as the most difficult question was worth two points and even if all the other questions were answered correctly one would not receive a passing grade. This could have been an Icon course but the lack of support and the fact that solutions to the section questions never had solutions. One must pay in order to get answers to the sections quizzes. I hope they offer more EE courses but their support must step up!

創建者 Derek E

Jun 14, 2017

The course is pretty comprehensive and covers a lot of concepts relating to electronic circuit analysis, giving the tools for basic circuit design. However, the assessments sometimes get really far into the weeds, and sometimes it felt as if I was being tested on my ability to parse out intentionally messy algebraic statements more than my understanding of electronics.