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The AMNH course The Dynamic Earth: A Course for Educators provides students with an overview of the origin and evolution of the Earth. Informed by the recently released Next Generation Science Standards, this course examines geological time scales, radiometric dating, and how scientists “read the rocks.” We will explore dramatic changes in the Earth over the last 4 billion years, including how the evolution of life on Earth has affected its atmosphere. In addition to looking at geology on a global scale, participants will take to their own backyards to explore and share their local geologic history. Course participants will bring their understanding of the dynamic Earth - along with content resources, discussion questions, and assignments - into their own teaching....




Well organized and excellent resources for educators\n\nI liked the observation assignment as well because it put participants in the minds of students and gave a possible activity for completion.



Very informative course. Must be attended by start ups in college. Freshers in industry too can attempt to have additional knowledge. Excellent course on Earth, its history and formation etc.


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創建者 Ahmed K


it's an amazing course easy to understand and as science teacher it really helped me developing new ways in teaching science and how can i engage student

創建者 nineta g


The Dinamic Earth,is a course that will help me a lot for the development of the lesson. Learning from the best i will be able to explain in the simplest understandable way many concepts.

創建者 Denise G


Thoroughly enjoyed this course. The two presenters were excellent & the course materials very clear. I learned a lot about my own area in the local geology project.

創建者 tom w


Although I was familiar with many of the concepts discussed in this course, the presentations of the educators (Drs. Mathez and Kinzler)addressed key concepts and teaching approaches in detail I was not made aware of through prior educators. The discussion of zircons was excellent and provided clear explanations of their importance to unraveling the geologc history of the planet. The discussions of radioactive dating were clear, covered a range of techniques and went into some detail. The evolution of earth's atmosphere and early life on the planet - again excellent. The excellent presentations are punctuated with discussions of how best to deliver these ideas in K-12 settings. Along with additional topics of mountain building, earthquakes and earthquake hazzard and risk assessment, the ideas and learning approaches discussed in this course would be an asset to anyone teaching in the earth sciences. Thank you for the great course.

創建者 Joianne B


I highly recommend this course if you have enthusiasm for structural Geology, and have taken intro-level Geology courses. The resources available are current. The class is helpful for Earth Science educators as it reviews the new teaching standards, and the lectures are specific to the research done by the AMNH Scientists leading the course. I especially enjoyed the field assignment and reviewing others from around the world. A great course! I just wish it would have been longer!

創建者 Honey S A O


I am currently teaching Earth Science, Earth and Life Science, Physical Science and Disaster Readiness and Risk Reduction in our school. Though some topics in this course are already in line with our curriculum, deepening the knowledge and teaching strategies and techniques on this course made me more confident in teaching my subjects.

創建者 Andrea M


El curso, aunque es corto, brinda un gran aporte a la gente asociada a las ciencias de la tierra porque concientiza al estudiante/ profesional del proceso racional que hay detrás del conocimiento geológico que tenemos al día de hoy. Thanks!

創建者 Mirinsing A


Thank you so much. This course is just amazing involving a lot of learning processes. I'm highly motivated.

Thank you Professor and the team for this grand success.

All the best.


Mirinsing Angkang

Master's in Applied Geology,

IIT Dhanbad.

創建者 Sachinka D


I am stuck in the Corona pandemic at home with difficulties for the learn. But Coursera gave me and the best opportunity to attend "The Dynamic Earth" course. I love this course and the way it flows. Thank you so much!!

創建者 Benswing


Great introductory course to Geology with useful ways to translate the course content into a classroom setting. I plan to incorporate some of these ideas into the high school Environmental Science class that I teach.

創建者 Shohanur R


Amazing experience. Thanks to Coursera and American Natural History Museum for this amazing course. "Earthquake risk in Bangladesh" videos was a surprise! Fieldwork was an amazing experience. Thanks a lot.

創建者 Eric P


Well organized and excellent resources for educators

I liked the observation assignment as well because it put participants in the minds of students and gave a possible activity for completion.

創建者 Ravindranath. B K


Very informative course. Must be attended by start ups in college. Freshers in industry too can attempt to have additional knowledge. Excellent course on Earth, its history and formation etc.

創建者 Marcus V B C


Excelente, o melhor curso que já pude fazer. Eu gostaria de pedir que colocassem legendas em português porque muitas pessoas me perguntaram sobre isso e querem fazer em português.

創建者 joana c d f r


Gostei do conteúdo mas a avaliação por pares foi uma experiência muito ruim, a pessoa que plagiou meu trabalho além de roubar, me deu nota zero para todos os itens da avaliação.

創建者 Gunanidhi P


Convenient way of sharing knowledge and the way of presenting the course contents is perfect. I have learned about history of the earth in most applicable aspect.

創建者 Dea F


Excellent course. Required some corollary reading, but basically supplied all materials required to meet course outline requirements.

創建者 Vili


Very interesting videos, talks and additional resources. It was exiting to make a research of a local geological feature.

創建者 Wasif n k



創建者 Rochelle S


Very informative and interactive. I learned so much about my local geology. Thank you for a wonderful experience!

創建者 Kirsten W


very educational and interesting. will be beneficial for me as I want to pursue geology in university.

創建者 Jeremy M


A nice summary of the relevant Earth Science content and pedagogical approach for secondary students.

創建者 sameera g


this is the first course I completed in Coursera and I am happy I choose it in first choice.

創建者 Marc A


I am a geologist, however, I found the course very useful! Very good job! Congratulations!

創建者 Sagar K


Please submission my assignment ...and solve grading in progress... please help me!!