Alex: What do you want to know about the online classroom in the U.S.?

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10 ratings
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International learners in U.S. online education

Meet the Instructors

  • Dr. Valeri Chukhlomin
    Dr. Valeri Chukhlomin
    SUNY Empire State College
  • Dr.  Anant Deshpande
    Dr. Anant Deshpande
    Associate Professor
    SUNY Empire State College
  • Dr. Tonka Jokelova
    Dr. Tonka Jokelova
    Coordinator of Curriculum and Instructional Design
    SUNY Empire State College
  • Amy Giaculli
    Amy Giaculli
    Assessment Specialist
    SUNY Empire State College
  • Dr.  Bidhan Chandra
    Dr. Bidhan Chandra
    Business, Management & Economics
  • Dr. Michele Forte
    Dr. Michele Forte
    Assistant Professor, SUNY Empire State College
    Community and Human Services
  • Dr. Dana Gliserman Kopans
    Dr. Dana Gliserman Kopans
    Associate Professor
    Literary and Cultural Studies

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