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學生對 杜克大学 提供的 狗的情感与认知 的評價和反饋

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Dog Emotion and Cognition will introduce you to the exciting new study of dog psychology, what the latest discoveries tell us about how dogs think and feel about us, and how we can use this new knowledge to further strengthen our relationship with our best friends....




Great course with a lot of new information, not just about dogs but even domestication of other species, including humans. The predictability of aggression in humans would be an interesting next topic



I learned valuable information about dogs. I can better understand the thought processes of my own dogs. I really like that the lecture slides were provided after the lectures, so I could review them.


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創建者 Keith S


As a PhD in a completely different area of biology, I found some of this a bit basic but the teacher was charming, and I enjoyed the connection of his own research to the everyday experience of being around dogs. I appreciated how often he acknowledged the contributions of his colleagues, and brought his own experiences into the subject matter. It felt like a course that would have been fun to take in person. There were a few quirks in the wording of the test questions not quite matching the material that was presented orally... but who cares? This was nice and I will certainly be following up on some of what I learned, and perhaps even torture my 13 year old dog with Dognition.

創建者 Wendy M


Dog Emotion and Cognition is a clear, well-structured course with some wonderful 'added extras' that really help round out the MOOC experience. Dr Hare's enthusiasm for the subject is infectious and the material presented is more wide-ranging than I had anticipated -- again, adding to the experience. I have learned a fair amount about my dog, which has been fascinating, but have also learned about dog cognition against a wider species-comparative context, which has strengthened my understanding considerably. A superb course (and the accompanying book, The Genius of Dogs, and citizen science website, Dognition, are wonderful too). Thanks Dr Hare, Duke and Coursera!

創建者 Natália M


O Curso DOG EMOTION AND COGNITION é muito interessante porque não aborda apenas a espécie canina, relacionando-a com outras espécies. Apercebe-mo-nos da lógica que levam à realização de certos experimentos e como são realizados os respectivos controlos. Actualmente, vejo a minha cadela também com um outro olhar, paralelo àquele com que sempre a vi. Quero explorar e compreender ainda mais a sua parte cognitiva e juntar-me ao estudo DOGNITION. Também vejo outras espécies de outra forma, nomeadamente os pássaros, que estão tão perto de nós e ainda assim, tão distantes.

Professor bastante interessado e claro na apresentação do curso! Recomendo vivamente.

創建者 Zhou C


Thanks Professor Hare and Coursera since I do enjoy this amazing course which challenges many stereotypes. For example, dogs evolved from wolves not because of human's intentional domestication but due to "self-domestication" 12 -15000 ago. Also, it is generally regarded that certain breeds of dogs are smarted than other. However, in this course, Professor Hare points out that cognition involves many types of intelligence rather than one and there is even tremendous variation within a dog breed in temperament, behavior and especially cognition. Strongly recommend this course especially when you ca n taste this class with your own dog!

創建者 ANA P A D


Best course I have taken in Coursera. The instructor is great, knowledgeable, eloquent. His didact is excellent. The videos are at the adequate length as are the quizzes. The material is very good. The topic is super interesting not only for those who like dogs but also for those who are interested in animal cognition and evolution. I really like the fact that a lot of experiments and their results are mentioned and showed in videos and imagine which really helps to remember the content learned. I just wish there was a continuation of this course so much I loved it. Thank you professor and Coursera for this wonderful course!

創建者 Laís N


Sou brasileira e vou escrever em português para chamar atenção de outros brasileiros. Comecei o curso sem muita expectativa, para passar o tempo durante a quarentena. Na verdade, nem sabia se conseguiria compreender um curso ministrado em outra língua. Para minha surpresa, passei a me encantar com os experimentos do Dr. Hare e a cada aula eu achava o curso ainda mais interessante. Acabei adquirindo o premium para ter o certificado.

Sobre o idioma, eu tenho noção básica de inglês. Não sou fluente, mas mesmo assim a linguagem do curso foi bastante acessível para mim. Eu adorei e recomendo muito.

創建者 Mallika K


Absolutely fantastic course. Super interesting and so well organized by the professor ofcourse, but also by the app as well. Loved every minute of it and wished it was longer!! Didn't want it to end. Helped me alot since I am a professional Canine Trainer and Behaviourist, and work with Dogs all day and night. So interesting! And Brian Hare is such an amazing professor and human being too. And is so good with explaining his points foward. So humble too! Really happy and glad to have done this course! Looking forward to more interesting courses on Dogs and from Dr. Hare as well! Thank you :)

創建者 Mari T L E


I really enjoyed this course! The work load was well-distributed such that the content in each week's module was just the right amount for it to be digestible and understandable. I like that the way the lectures were given were in such a manner that it was very easy to understand and that the quizzes were short but can really check if the student listened throughout the lecture. Despite my assumption that I already knew a lot about dogs, I still learned so much more about dogs, which is super cool! Every minute I spent on this module is worth it! Thank you Duke University and Dr. Hare! <3

創建者 Sarah W


As someone without a background in science, I found this course extremely accessible and very smooth in its transition from foundations of cognitive behaviour to the specifics of dogs and their behaviour. This course far exceeded my expectations and was more foundational than I thought it would be, which I appreciated. The lectures were chunked appropriately with appropriate time frames and I most appreciated the flexibility about completing tests as I was working full time and missed some deadlines. Thank you for helping me understand my dog more. This was an excellent course to take!

創建者 Alejandro P


This course was great, and I'll do the experiments with a friend's dogs. I love dogs, but don't have one. I do have a cat, and would be interested in a similar course about them.

I believe probably cats don't have the same communicative abilities as dogs, as they don't cooperate that much as wolves, but for instance my cat can differentiate between "give me the paw" (where in one hand I have food, the other is an open palm, and he has to inhibit going to the hand of the food and putting his paw in my other palm), and "eat" (going directly to the hand with the food and eat it).

創建者 Patti R


This course was amazing. I enjoyed the lecture aspect of this course especially. The Dognition addition has proven to be very interesting. I have 20 plus years of understanding human cognition with my Montessori teacher training and years of observation. I am fascinated by the connections between dog cognition and human cognition. Passionate about real science I also found this course refreshing, as the focus was on reliable data and sources. I wish I lived closer to Duke or Yale and my dog could participate in dog labs. Thank you for offering this course.

創建者 Lyliah H


I found this a very interesting course. I learned a lot and also realized that some of what I thought was true really is not. I enjoyed learning about other animals and not just dogs. I found the professor's manner interesting and easy to follow, as well as, he was animated in a way that kept my interest. The number of quizzes along the way helped me to pay closer attention, as well. A very good class. I have taken well over 50 online classes due to being house bound during covid and I would rate this one of my top 5 favorite.

創建者 Maria C J


The delivery of the data was very engaging, having Dr. Hare deliver the content himself with interspersed slides and visuals. In a concise but information-packed way, this course has opened my mind to the possibilities in which I can improve my relationship with my dog. At the same time, the course has given me numerous other topics to explore. I love how the research on dog cognition is related back and forth with cognition of other species, pointing out opportunities and possibilities in understanding them - and us - better.

創建者 Meghan J


I really liked this course. I have owned and trained dogs from a very early time in my life. I found it very interesting how dogs evolved from wolves and how that is apparent in dogs today. I typically like courses to be heavy on the science side, but this class was well presented for mid-level people or people who don't have a science background. Of course people will disagree with some of the material but overall it was an interesting class and the book recommended for the class was a good read. Mahalo from Hawaii

創建者 Deleted A


Wow! I loved every piece of this course! Both the teaching and the content were superb and I couldn't believe how fast I completed this course since I couldn't stop. The content itself follows really logical steps so everything does make absolute sense. Brian is a phenomenal guy, not only because of his outstanding research but he seems like a really cool guy you want to have a beer with! His passion for this topic is contagious and the way he sees the (canine) world is something everyone should be doing more!

創建者 AJ D


Dr. Hare did a great job explaining the results of experiments and what they mean in laymen terms. The information was well presented, and he is an enthusiastic professor. Although the super science-y stuff at the beginning may be a bit of a turnoff or seem boring for people like me without a science background, it really sets a good foundation for the more conventionally interesting material later in the course. I strongly recommend this course, and the accompanying activities via Dognition.

創建者 Kirsteen N


I found this course very absorbing, and Professor Hare very engaging, with an infectious enthusiasm for his subject. I have enjoyed learning more about evolutionary theory, the growing awareness of evolutionary changes due to domestication, and the methodology and techniques used to identify and measure strengths in dogs. I'd have liked to continue to learn more about Dognition and other projects which are studying animal intelligence and behaviour.

Thanks very much for a most enjoyable course.

創建者 Coursera


I love this course so much with a passion. I absolutely loved all the quizzes and the instructor's teaching skills was extremely great and I loved every second of his lectures. I also want to thank him for not making a retarded cat course because I hate hate hate hate cats! Also I want to thank my friend ደ for asking me to take this course. He was right about it being fun. I would love to do this course again sometime, but I have to do the classical music course first. Thanks ደ

創建者 Viktoria R


This course was a positive surprise! Professor Hare is a really good lecturer, you can feel his energy even if it's all recorded and the course is very well structured (and does not take too much time). I'm a dog lover and owner (I have 2 dogs), but I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in extending ones common knowledge, plus, it is a very interesting topic to bring up when networking as well as a conversations starter!

Thanks for an awesome course!

創建者 Cindy-Estelle S


I really enjoyed the course. It was divided into clear parts that were short and thus easy to follow anytime during a quick break. It was not too demanding as there were no assignments or things to write. I felt I was learning interesting information. I would have liked more detailed information though on what dogs can and cannot do... perhaps a follow-up course. As I just adopted my dog a month ago from the shelter not sure if I can already use dognition with him.

創建者 Marianna M


E​xcellent presentations and readings. Throughly enjoyed learning about dogs in general and in particular about my 1 yr old Black Lab. This is my 3rd Black Lab - the first I had from 7wks and had a dog wlker as I worked all of her 14 yrs. The second was a rescue wtih many physical challenges - food allergies, two knee replacemnts at 18 months and 2.5 and died suddenly at 9.5 yrs.

M​y current l have had since 8 wks and am enjoying doing the exercises on Dognition.

創建者 Elise M J


FANTASTIC. This course is a true look into the cognitive capabilities of dogs beyond operant conditioning. Dr. Hare's research and influence will make a huge impact on the dog training community and on the overall welfare of dogs in decades and centuries to come. As a dog trainer, I'm applying this research every day. Thank you Dr. Hare for having this available to educate the people about the amazing potential of their pets! Keep up the good work!

創建者 Virginia O


Enjoyed the videos, slides, and information! I also love that the instructor stated facts and data when one part of the course could've led to bias or an emotional reaction that I have seen in the animal community. Instead of lecturing others on decisions, he merely shared the data in a polite way and ended on a positive note. I signed up for the Dognition games and can't wait to see our results in order to improve our training and relationship!

創建者 Ana F R F


I enjoyed a lot doing this course. I found all the content and research truly interesting and full of surprises. I think all the information was very well condensed, accessible and well delivered. I would have appreciated if there was a discount on Dognition Profile Report for coursera students, as the contribution to the database is very important and not everyone is able to afford it, specially in Covid time. Overall, very well done!

創建者 Marianne A


Estoy satisfecha por haber concluido el curso y por la información adquirida. Aunque se mencionan los capítulos a leer del libro del Dr. Hare, no es obligación adquirirlo ni pagar por los juegos de Dognition. Yo no lo hice, tal vez lo haga más adelante, no lo sé; lo que si sé es que este curso me hizo aprender mucho sobre los perros y otras especies y despertó mi deseo de seguir conociendo más, creo que me ha dado una buena base :)